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Symbi Hyd suspends students who posted about campus sex harassment, claims were ‘maligning institution’

Symbi Hyderabad publishes ‘statement of truth’ on website, which 2 students denySymbi Hyderabad publishes ‘statement of truth’ on website, which 2 students deny

Symbiosis Law School (SLS) Hyderabad has attracted the threat of a nationwide agitation after it suspended two female students who had complained of sexual harassment on the law school’s campus, reported Firstpost and others.

The Students Federation of India published a notice stating that it “will launch a nation-wide agitation in the interest of students” if Symbiosis did not withdraw the suspension of the complainants immediately.

The complainants allege that they are being targeted by Symbiosis for calling out sexual harassment on campus.

However, the law school alleges that the complainants were being suspended in order to take disciplinary action against them for issues unrelated to their sexual harassment complaints, and has posted a “statement of truth”, that pops up on the law school website’s frontpage (see excerpt above).

Complainants’ complaints

The complainants had written to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the National Commission for Women and other organisations in April detailing several incidents of sexual harassment on campus, including the case of an assistant professor against whom 60 students had complained in 2015 about behavior such as ogling at their bodies.

The complainants had also alleged that Symbiosis responded to sexual harassment complaints by asking students to give undertakings that what they had experienced was in fact not sexual harassment, and that there was no properly constituted Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on campus.

After the letters they sent in April, one of the complainants acted again on 10 October by sharing a screenshot of an Instagram page by another female student at Symbiosis detailing her own account of sexual harassment by the assistant professor, who had been accused by 60 students. In this post the complainant expressed her lack of faith in the credibility of the law school’s sexual harassment inquiry against the accused assistant professor, as he was continuing as part of the law school’s grievance redressal committee even after the administration had allegedly “severely reprimanded” him for his harassing behavior.

On 13 October, this complainant again posted publicly on her Facebook page that:

[sexually harassed] women students have been to both Director and [an ICC member] multiple times and nothing has been done, even though institution has accepted to reprimanding him. Students are already intimidated about being individually targeted, there is no space for reapproaching the institution. The institution has itself shutdown the doors. Now it has to create the confidence again in students. Otherwise I see an agenda in place in protecting this individual and shutting doors on us. SYMBIOSIS needs to approach its students on its own, we will one day tell the world of all the mishaps. There will be was of #metoo for years to come.

On 15 October she posted about “moral policing in Symbiosis” by the administration instructing guards to shoot videos of students found indulging in “unhealthy, undesirable and indecent activity” and alleged that the law school was continuing to “slutshame women, manhandle students and dehumanise them”.

Another Facebook post by the complainants after this had called the director “immature, dictatorial and a compulsive liar”.

Allegations against two students from SLS websiteAllegations against two students from SLS website


Symbiosis’ dean asked the complainants on 25 October to take down these Facebook posts about the law school and sign an undertaking stating that they would not publish posts like these in the future, failing which they will be rusticated, according to the joint statement of the two complainants on Facebook.

The Facebook posts are still live and publicly accessible and on 26 October the complainants were rusticated.

Symbiosis principle director Dr Vidya Yeravdekar told Firstpost: “These girls have been writing terrible things about the institute, about the director; they even had issues with other students. Their posts were not only maligning the institution but also maligning the careers of so many students. There is a whole batch of students who are going to be placed this December, what happens to their careers? You can’t go on social media and start writing what you feel and spoil the careers of other 1,000 students.”

SLS’ director Dr Sukhvinder Singh Dari told Firstpost, “Their expulsion is not related to that (flagging sexual harassment in the campus), it is something different. For the last two years, these two students have been found guilty in disciplinary issues. Now they have joined this with #MeToo movement, which is not correct.”

The complainants, who were now in their fourth year of law school, stated in their joint statement that a disciplinary committee had been constituted against them after their sixth semester end exams allegedly for hostel rules violations. They allege in their statement that to date they have not been given a copy of the charge sheet in those disciplinary proceedings and were not called to even a single hearing of the proceedings.

We have reached out to one of the complainants for further comment.

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Like +7 Object -1 Shocked@Shamirpet 29 Oct 18, 17:38  interesting
"For the last two years, these two students have been found guilty in disciplinary issues. Now they have joined this with #MeToo movement, which is not correct.”"

Even assuming what they are saying is true, do they think that people who have committed disciplinary infractions should not come out against sexual harassment?

"Their posts were not only maligning the institution but also maligning the careers of so many students. There is a whole batch of students who are going to be placed this December, what happens to their careers?"

NLS and NALSAR have multiple people who have come out with their stories over the last year or so, and their placements have not been affected by that. Perhaps the director should care about improving standards (which are nothing to be proud of, from what I hear) instead of blaming everything else for terrible placements.

It is incredible that even if you take the admin's viewpoint at face value they are still completely in the wrong. Shameful behavior by Symbiosis. This is not the first or last time that university administrations try and crack down on people who have been victims of sexual harassment, either for 'maintaining the reputation" of the college or "protecting the careers" of the alleged perpetrators. I suppose they are doing a stellar job of making sure their reputation is spotless now.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -24 REAL NEWS 29 Oct 18, 17:49
I would like to point out something about one of the girls (whose name Legally India has blacked out but other media have reported her name and you can see on the SLS-H site). This girl is a total leftist. SFI is also a wing of CPIM party. If you see this girl's Facebook page, she is posting all the time in favour of leftists and against BJP and patriots. On Kashmir she posted biased news against India. She also made posts supporting JNU students. And she made various sarcastic posts about SLS-H. I cannot understand how this can be linked to ME TOO.

Of course we all have free speech, but I just wanted to point it so that everyone knows the full facts.
Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -3 Shocked@Shamirpet 29 Oct 18, 19:14  interesting
How is that relevant to conversation at hand? As you say, "I cannot understand how this can be linked to ME TOO". Not everything is about nationalism...
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -0 Guest 29 Oct 18, 19:51  interesting
No what fact? That you dislike people who hold and air opinions against your own?

So what if someone supports SFI/CPIM. Last I checked those are not banned organizations. Being Left supportive, or Leftist is not a problem. It is very similar to yourself being a person who ascribes to a Right-wing philosophy. It is her right to chose a leaning much in the same it is your to chose yours.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 29 Oct 18, 19:54
@Kian - what is 'sex' harassment? Kindly correct that headline.
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Like +3 Object -3 Oh please 30 Oct 18, 00:41
This girl is a total leftist.
Most Indians especially fellow patriots and bjp supporters are leftists i.e. they love gov't intervention/nosy netas, protectionism, hate free trade/competition, personal freedom, free speech, crave/demand bans etc.

Here's an article that proves my points
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Real Real news 31 Oct 18, 13:50
@REAL NEWS. this is not your typical facebook page where you will get like from your troll accounts for hate news. Stay in your limits, you have no authority to impose your beliefs on others. Now shutup and focus on spreading your trolls on whatsapp and facebook
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -2 Guest 29 Oct 18, 18:02
It's not a wise move from the complainants, not sure what sort of advice/counsel they got. They could have kept the #MeToo posts and the problems faced by them, which are factual and taken down the directly defamatory posts about the Director being a liar etc. Then the admin would have rightly been in a soup, as they couldn't have said rustication is being done not because of the #MeToo posts, but on other grounds. As it is, rustication for 'prior disciplinary issues' sounds way fishy on admin's part anyway!
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -3 Guest 29 Oct 18, 19:13
There is a Symbi in Hyderabad now??!! The govt really needs to stop so many law schools mushrooming.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 29 Oct 18, 23:58
Really disappointed in Symbiosis, Hyderabad. By suspending these two students it has created worse press for themselves than any "maligning" that the studnets may have undertaken.
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Like +0 Object -0 Symbi Pune 02 Nov 18, 14:39
Kian I have posted twice on this article in relation to the administration and management of Symbiosis but it has not yet been published - please clarify.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 03 Nov 18, 13:13 LI subscriber
Hi, sorry for the delay - I just had a look but can only see one comment not published, but that one was not referring to the administration and management. Can you please repost?
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