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Amity Law School Delhi disafilliated by parent GGSIP University

Amity Law School (ALS) Delhi has been disaffiliated from its parent institution, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), according to a notification dated 9 June 2018.

The notification by ALS Delhi (see above) stated that Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) - the umbrella body for all Amity Institutions - has decided to disaffiliate ALS Delhi from GGSIPU, notifying the law school of this on 4 May 2018 in a letter.

Correction: The notice specifies that RBEF has decided to disaffiliate Amity. According to its website, “Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF), a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Act-1860, is the umbrella body for all Amity institutions. Driven by the dream to create a world of knowledge par excellence, the foundation is spearheading the activities of the AKC Group of Companies in the field of education.”

ALS was one of 81 private institutions that took its affiliation from GGSIPU, which also acts the umbrella university to 35 government institutes, according to its GGSIPU’s website.

One effect of this will be that ALS Delhi will not be participating in GGSIPU’s counselling and admissions process that has traditionally been offered to ALS Delhi by the umbrella institution.

At the time of going to press, we could not confirm what other knock-on effects the disaffiliation might have on current and future students’ degrees.

On 5 June, we had reported that ALS students had challenged the college’s attendance norms in the Delhi high court, in turn after a Bar Council of India (BCI) inspection had found that ALS was in violation of the mandated minimum hours.

In 2016, the college had hit headlines and controversy after student Sushant Rohilla killed himself, allegedly after harassment by the university authorities over attendance.

We have reached out to ALS Delhi founder and chairman Dr Ashok Chauhan and president Atul Chauhan for comment via email yesterday.

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Like +16 Object -9 ALiaS 12 Jun 18, 17:59  interesting  controversial
This is unfortunate for ALS. What set them apart from the private Amity (which is looked down upon with great disdain in most corporate circles) is the quality of students getting the top ranks in the CET. With that gone, they're going to become the degree mill that is private Amity. Sad.
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Like +3 Object -2 Guest 13 Jun 18, 22:41
LOL. 50% people see "great disdain" and "degree milll' and want to upvote the comment. Then, another 50% they see the post is actually praising Amity Law School and want to downvote it.
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Like +5 Object -1 Guest 17 Jun 18, 11:05
Its truly unfortunate - To our experience, Amity Law School Delhi (under IP university) was attracting great talent, in particular from Delhi / North India . Looking at interns in our firm from this law school, seems that these are students who could not make it to TOP NLUs and opted for Amity Law School/GGSIP uni rather than moving to lower rated NLUs.

Sincerely wish that these students are not to any disadvantage.
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Like +22 Object -4 Umm 13 Jun 18, 01:29  interesting  top rated
I studied there for a year before shifting out to another college. Trust me, nothing about the students is "top" apart from the connections they have.
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Like +15 Object -5 Guest 13 Jun 18, 04:04  interesting  controversial
Amity Law School is a complete sham. I'm glad this has happened. No one will take admission here now.
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Like +20 Object -0 @LI 13 Jun 18, 06:03  interesting  top rated
"The notification by ALS Delhi (see above) stated that GGSIPU has decided to disaffiliate ALS Delhi, notifying the law school of this on 4 May 2018 in a letter" - How did you interpret this from the notification? The notification says exactly the opposite, the decision is of RBEF, not IP University!! This is quite fundamental error in reporting Kian!!!
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Like +7 Object -1 Alumni 13 Jun 18, 09:53  interesting
Yes the Article misinterprets thenotification. Amity choose not to seek affiliation.

Not that it makes any difference
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Like +6 Object -0 @LI 13 Jun 18, 13:31  interesting
Still no correction?
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Like +4 Object -1 kianganz 15 Jun 18, 14:18 LI subscriber
Thanks for pointing out, and sorry for the delay in correction, we had some internet issues the last few days...
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Like +1 Object -1 ALSD Victim 13 Jun 18, 10:16
Alright, so being here 5 years, we all saw this coming. Also, just to clarify, this notification came up because ALSD wanted to show off in the court how they are (they think they are) being wrongly treated for giving any advantage to the students. It was IP University which had warned them several times of severe consequences since March.

The surprising fact is that the university wants the alleged detainees to pass, and so does the court, but ALSD is so against the students passing, the students who were Sushant’s batch, to not pass, that they brought out an LPA name’s ALSD vs Their Students challenging the court order in the favour of the students.

Coincidence is it?
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Like +11 Object -1 Unknown2512 13 Jun 18, 17:25  interesting
Damn! This horrible institution will go to any extent to harass the students. The administration has already killed one student and now they want more blood on their hands.
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Like +12 Object -7 Guest 13 Jun 18, 23:59  interesting  controversial
Amity and GLC are the two biggest sham law schools that should be shut down
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Like +7 Object -6 GLC 15 Jun 18, 07:14  controversial
Comparing GLC to Amity? You high, bro?
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Like +2 Object -2 Advocate Delhi 18 Jun 18, 07:23
Amity has already made the name and money it wanted to make through its affiliation to IP University. It could be a big loss for the students who wish to study there as IP University College but not to Amity people.
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Like +1 Object -0 AG 30 Jun 18, 14:27
I taught at AIB for an year and due to how horrendous it was I left as soon as my circumstances permitted, they harassed me for months and could have almost murdered me. It's the most utterly nightmarish place I have come across and full of abusive and nasty people from top to bottom who will go to any extent at the slightest instigation or even just to prove their point. I am still recovering from all that happened after 8 years and never will. Hope this organization gets their just deserts some day.
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