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9 NUJS students accused of violent brawl: 3 suspended from uni, 5 from hostel, 1 reprimanded

NUJS suspension notice of eight studentsNUJS suspension notice of eight students

NUJS Kolkata has suspended three male students, including two in their final year of the LLB, from the law school, and five male students from the NUJS hostels, for an alleged brawl that had broken out on campus last month. The suspension is effective for one semester.

Correction 18:45: We have been informed that the incident was not of ragging but an allegation of a brawl between students during an event that had resulted in injuries.

The law school notified this order on 11 October after an inquiry initiated on 25 September noted that “very serious acts of physical violence [were] committed by [the accused] students” on the intervening night of 19 September and 20 September on campus resulting in a “complete breakdown of discipline and serious threat to safety of students with multiple rounds of scuffle and assault”.

The law school notified the following penalties from the committee

  • Three students, including two final year LLB students, were suspended from the university for the winter semester this year. The two final year students will be allowed to complete their 10th semester next year
  • Four students, including one LLM student, were suspended from the hostel for the winter semester this year
  • These seven students suspended from the hostels and the university were also all debarred from all student societies and extra curricular activities for varied periods
  • One student was suspended from the hostel for December 2018
  • One student was reprimanded for his “abusive post on Facebook” and for his “role in roaming wsith sticks on the balcony of the boys hostel”.

NUJS suspension notice (part 2)NUJS suspension notice (part 2)

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Like +2 Object -5 Fact Check 16 Oct 18, 18:36
Where did ragging come into the picture?
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Like +9 Object -1 RMLNLU 2012 batch 16 Oct 18, 18:45  interesting
Good move. Reminds me of my own time in clg. If only people knew what all the RMLNLU 2012 batch pulled off during their 5 years.

We had everything - (1) knife/sticks/ rods/thali/juta-chappal fights, (2) hair ripping, (3) gamla (flowerpot) bursting, etc. - to name a few.

Scuffles still happen their (boys will be boys) - but nothing compared to the wars of 2007-2012.
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Like +15 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 21:23  interesting  top rated
and ur proud of it?
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Like +5 Object -3 RMLNLU 2012 batch 16 Oct 18, 22:03
Just sharing the story. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Like +3 Object -0 UMLZXU 2076 Batch 26 Oct 18, 13:58
Wars? You clearly have a highly inflated opinion of the stupidity that you and your fellow sheep used to indulge in.
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Like +0 Object -0 eyylmao 11 Dec 18, 16:17
Would you be kind enough to give a first hand account of such events? I for one would like to know.
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Like +26 Object -4 Guest 16 Oct 18, 19:25  interesting  top rated
Too much mollycoddling by admin. Most of these animals should have just been thrown out of the university. What they did is nothing short of unpardonable. After every event like this, people keep whining about how rustication will damage their careers for ever etc. But by allowing these people to roam around the world with a law degree, universities are actually doing the society a disservice. NUJS boys' hostel is just a den of vice now. I would urge every person reading this to reconsider while advising people they know to come to NUJS and stay at the hostel. Violence, bullying, harassment, drugs, booze, lack of hygiene. You name it, it is there. Students are far better off staying off campus in affordable PGs.
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Like +13 Object -5 Vishwamitra 16 Oct 18, 20:10  interesting  controversial
Pity these suspended fools. We will see their manliness when their corporate clients (i.e. if they ever work in such a set-up) shove the 24 hr document closure deadline down their throat or the other way. We will see how mighty their manly squeaks are when a senior at their future chamber or firm rob them of the list bit of dignity on grounds of their abject impoverishment when it comes to practice of law.

But until then glory to Hanuman!!
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Like +7 Object -2 Bewildered 16 Oct 18, 23:28  interesting
Sure "Hanuman" has anything to do with it?
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Like +12 Object -2 Well Wisher 16 Oct 18, 21:06  interesting
I don't agree with "boys will be boys" excuse. We all know how problematic that can be.

Congratulations SJA for standing firm even when Lord Taluk was trying to play politics by attempting to go soft on some students. It is to the credit of the SJA Prez and Veep that they reminded Lord Taluk that he had not taken any effective steps for the alleged ragging incident reported earlier. The Justice League followed the lead of Lord Taluk in playing politics but could not wiggle itself out of the inquiry.

Sure we can debate whether certain aspects of the punishment was disproportionate to the offence committed. If only the bickering faculty and Lord Taluk could learn from the maturity of the SJA which maintained neutrality despite the pressure. This incident also says a lot about Lord Taluk who very much like PIB crawled when he was only asked to bend by someone in Raj Bhavan.

Now that the offending students will appeal to Lord Taluk let's see how that goes. Here is a tried and tested tip. Get AG or his mentor KB to make a call to Lord Taluk.
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Like +11 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 22:22  interesting
What pressure was there on the SJA exactly? To side with people who try to maim others? What SJA has done is the basic minimum expected from a student representative body and that too only because there was a huge outcry against the violence all over the GB. But I agree with you that things are so sad that even this basic duty when done correctly appears to be a huge initiative. SJA should now ensure that the ridiculous omerta that exists in the hostel gets bunked and every bit of violence, harassment, ragging and vandalism gets reported and the strictest action taken against the offenders. If that means people need to be thrown out of the college, so be it. More than the teachers and the admin, these students are the ones who will represent NUJS to the outside world and one must ensure to kick the rotten apples out of the barrel.
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Like +10 Object -1 Guest 16 Oct 18, 22:36  interesting
Just so we don't forget it while decrying all the inaction of the admin et al, it is the students who had started this and not anyone else. Having booze and drug fests inside campus on every possible occasion in the name of freedom, calling every attempt to curb vandalism as moral policing (not that moral policing does not happen, it very much does, but that doesn't mean that the danger posed by reckless student actions is any less real), going all around the Academic Block like rabbits who spent a decade in prison and getting into Bollywood-style fights at the drop of a hat, including throwing alcohol bottles down from five-story buildings on other people's heads. It has now come to this that the students who have actually come here to study in peace and know the value of the hard-earned money of their parents have become very much the minority and find the campus to be unsafe. Very much a product of admin inaction and degenerate student behaviour. Apparently any kind of moderation and restraint translates into old-fashioned, cliched and uncool these days. I wonder how the parents of the students would feel about that, but then they only visit the campus to plead on behalf of their children when the latter go out of control. All these parties truly deserve each other. I just feel sad for those handful minority who just want to get a good education and nothing else.
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Like +1 Object -3 Symbi 17 Oct 18, 00:51
I was too busy partying in my law days..
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Like +5 Object -1 NLU Collective 17 Oct 18, 10:32
We understand. Its ok. Nothing much you could have done...
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Like +1 Object -0 Woo 10 Dec 18, 18:48
That's a good way to be..
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Like +6 Object -1 Nliu alumni 17 Oct 18, 01:06  interesting
Great job NUJS. Time to do the same at NLIU old boys . Some of the residents at the hostels were/are animals.
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Like +1 Object -0 Nliuite 17 Oct 18, 09:22
Agree these ba*** are worse than animals a no of these should be restigated .They openly indulge in criminal activities spoil the atmosphere of the College.
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Like +3 Object -1 Guest 17 Oct 18, 04:24
Has anyone uploaded the fight on LiveLeak? Keen to see it.
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Like +8 Object -7 Guest 17 Oct 18, 04:32  controversial
Aggressive North Indian culture. Emblematic of what is happening in the country today.
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Like +10 Object -0 Janaab 17 Oct 18, 10:21  interesting
Nice to see an unbiased and non-racist comment here
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Like +1 Object -0 Nujs1 17 Oct 18, 16:13
This is what happens when there is no good VC to lead the college towards something to look forward to
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Like +4 Object -0 Alumnus 17 Oct 18, 17:22
Its sad to read about this. back in our day, in the first few batches, sure there was solidarity, but i remember students stopping other students from throwing bottles etc. If you allow basic discipline to break down, then not only does the hostel environment suffer, but the overall education quality suffers, not to mention the reputation of the college. As grown adults, its each students duty to ensure that basic decorum is maintained. Someone doing something in the privacy of their own room, fine.. but the moment it endangers the health and safety of other students, by remaining silent, you are only harming yourself.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 21 Oct 18, 01:57
is this something to be reported
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Like +8 Object -1 Guest 25 Oct 18, 22:41  interesting
The root cause of the fight was caste, which no one will admit. People with low CLAT marks from SC/ST quota are not liked by those from general quota who get in with higher marks. There are divisions from Day 1. The divide worsens once quota students struggle with their English, lack of contacts etc. Even girls, for all their feminism, will not want to date people from certain backgrounds, skin colour etc. Barbs are exchanged, gangs are formed. Then you have such fights.
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Like +1 Object -0 Feminism 10 Dec 18, 18:50
So a feminist woman has to date any rando?
Are you even going to a law school?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 10 Dec 18, 20:09
No, a feminist woman, like every other person, can make her own choice about whom to date. However, if such choices do get obviously coloured by caste or body colour considerations, then yes, that is indeed disappointing, not because of any other reason than the fact that chances are she's better aware of the problematic implications of such bias than most other people. I'm of course assuming that being a part of the feminist movement implies that she's more aware of differences and deep-seated prejudices than most. That still doesn't mean she has to date somebody from a specific background or can't refuse people though.
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Like +0 Object -0 eyylmao 11 Dec 18, 16:23
This. The Colleges need to provide adequate help to those who arrive from non sheltered lower caste backgrounds. However, the same should also be extended to people from Economically Weaker sections.
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Like +0 Object -1 Shame 25 Oct 18, 22:43
All major newspapers have reported this. Shame on the students for brining a bad name. They must be expelled. SJA must also demand expulsion.
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Like +3 Object -1 Johny Walker 26 Oct 18, 04:51
This out in leading newspapers

Three boys who had allegedly initiated and instigated a hostel brawl at the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), have been suspended for an academic year.

One student, who sustained grievous injuries but was also responsible for fanning the violence on September 19, has been suspended for a month. There are at least 15 others who have been reprimanded for their involvement

A member of the NUJS students' body said it will examine the notice and decide the future course of action after the Puja vacation.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 26 Oct 18, 14:14
Disgraceful and shocking. Expulsion is the only answer.
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Like +1 Object -0 Insight 10 Dec 18, 18:51
I heard they eat Sweet water fish over there.

But the water at NUJS is very salty.
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Like +0 Object -0 eyylmao 11 Dec 18, 16:25
lmao what...
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Like +0 Object -0 appalled 11 Dec 18, 16:02
I was the second batch at NUJS and am very sad to see the college like this. IN our days the campus policing and discipline was strict and ppl were there to get an education. The things that I am reading about NUJS are shocking to say the least. Are law firms even recruiting from NUJS after all this?
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Like +0 Object -1 eyylmao 11 Dec 18, 16:24
From what I know NUJS hides their placement records so it is not possible to comment accurately on it, but why would firms not recruit from there?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 11 Dec 18, 22:55
NUJS doesn't hide its placement records. We simply prefer for a batch to graduate before releasing their recruitment data, instead of the eager beaver upstart mentality of shouting day zero results from our rooftop from day one onward. If you have a problem with that, we don't really care. FYI, the numbers when released usually turn out to be equal to or better than any NLU at present in the country.
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