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Khaitan now confirms that senior competition partner Avaantika Kakkar is indeed leaving after ‘wonderful 13-year journey’

Competition lawyer Kakkar move to CAM now clearedCompetition lawyer Kakkar move to CAM now cleared

Khaitan & Co has now confirmed that competition partner Avaantika Kakkar will be leaving the firm. She will be going to Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas as its national competition head, as we had first reported (by a few minutes) on Saturday.

Khaitan executive director for HR, Amar Sinhji, said: “Avaantika Kakkar, our partner from the competition practice based at Mumbai has decided to leave the firm and pursue her career elsewhere.

“She joined the Firm in 2005 and made Partnership in 2011. We very much value her contribution to the firm and wish her all the very best in her future endeavours.”

Update 19:46: Kakkar commented: “I cannot help but feel sadness at leaving KCO - my home for 13 years. What a wonderful journey this has been! Equally, I look forward to the next adventure!”

It is understood that internal discussions were still taking place after the news first broke late on Friday that Khaitan associate partner Pooja Patel and executive director Daksha Baxi would be joining CAM.

We have reached out to Kakkar and CAM for comment.

On Friday, Sinhji had said that Kakkar had not resigned, having told Bar & Bench: “The rumours about Avaantika Kakkar (Partner – Competition) leaving the Firm are just rumours!”

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Like +10 Object -5 Nackz 16 Apr 18, 19:31  interesting  controversial
Her CAM stint likely to be like her Udwadia and Nishith stints. Under two years. Pan Parag and strong women don’t gel!
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Like +16 Object -1 Aur mere liye? 16 Apr 18, 20:50  interesting  top rated
Did you know that AVK likes Pan Parag as well as Paan? She sure is a tough gal. Go for it, Tikka!
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Like +3 Object -0 Barati 16 Apr 18, 21:49
Pardon my ignorance, but who exactly is Pan Parag? Hint?
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Like +2 Object -0 The Real Baraati 20 Apr 18, 12:41
This -->
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Like +3 Object -3 babagiri 16 Apr 18, 19:54
Are aashiye se ke kaike BA , are bachwa humaar competition deta.
MA mein leke admission, competition deta.
are bachwa humaar competition deta.
MA mein leke admission, competition deta.
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Like +1 Object -3 NKU 16 Apr 18, 20:30
Eureka! A move to Khaitan would do it!
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Like +0 Object -4 H Sandhu 16 Apr 18, 21:42
Mujhe Bhi Le Lo yaar. Heard Avantika is taking two associates. Is Reliance moving with her or staying with Haigreve and Manas.
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Like +1 Object -0 Chai Ki Dukan Wala 17 Apr 18, 11:43
Ok....what is your book size?
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Like +4 Object -0 What goes of your dad 16 Apr 18, 22:32
How does it matter if she or she doesn’t take reliance. It’s not like Mukesh Bhai is your client. Go play house somewhere
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Like +9 Object -3 Guest 17 Apr 18, 10:28  interesting
Dear Colleagues

1. I don’t really know what’s going on.

2. I think you think I know what’s going on.

3. Swapnakant we miss you.

Warm Regards

Mr dispensable.
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Like +6 Object -4 Guest 17 Apr 18, 10:36
What was Sinhji smoking on to give a statement like that when the whole world knew she was leaving..
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Like +5 Object -1 SkyChoubey 17 Apr 18, 14:16
KCO will hire and promote more women to ensure gender parity
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 17 Apr 18, 17:05
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Like +0 Object -0 Mort 17 Apr 18, 16:58
All the best!
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Like +4 Object -3 TEAM KCO 17 Apr 18, 18:19
It seems Khaitan's old competition team has been slowly eaten up by CAMS. They first absorbed Anushman Sakle and Anisha Chand and have now roped in the big fish- Avantika who will be heading the Competition practice. These three have a positive attitude and should enjoy their time together, again.
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Like +0 Object -0 Choice 17 Apr 18, 18:52
Who is a better lawyer and why , AK or NKU?
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Like +0 Object -0 HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 17 Apr 18, 19:30
Waiting to hear answers to this!!!
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Like +0 Object -0 Choice 17 Apr 18, 18:52
Who is a better lawyer and why , AK or NKU?
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Like +4 Object -0 Sammie 17 Apr 18, 21:16
NKU and AK are public enemy #1 and #2. Both strong women.
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Like +3 Object -0 Haan Ki Naa? 17 Apr 18, 22:02
Who is stronger? Spider-man or Iron Man? Who is prettier - Aishwarya or Anjelina? Who is smarter? Einstein or Dylan? What is nicer? Sugar or Spice...?
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Like +1 Object -0 Both 18 Apr 18, 18:35
This person loves both and can’t make up his mind
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Like +1 Object -1 Competition landscape 25 Apr 18, 16:16
There are lot of good lawyers, be it Naval, NK, AK, Manas etc. Second rung would be smart people like Bharat, Choukse, Karan, Gaggar, Abir v difficult to say whos the best of the lot
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Weed 25 Apr 18, 19:58
Tier 1: you missed the two best competition lawyers in the country
Second rung: seriously? of the set you've listed, it's extremely easy to say who is the best of the lot (Karan), but this isn't the entire second tier either.

Tier 1: Pallavi Shroff, NKU, Samir, Shweta,
Second Rung: AK, Karan, Harman, Gaggar, Naval, Manas, Ravi
Tier three: Bharat, Sakle, Sonam, Abir, Kanika
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Like +0 Object -0 Weed? 04 May 18, 22:36
Defending the CCI's orders before the Appellate Tribunal does not require unparalleled knowledge and skill as a competition lawyer. There are plenty of generalist lawyers of the CCI doing a decent job defending its orders.
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Like +1 Object -0 KKS boi 21 Sep 18, 04:57
No one named KK Sharma amongst the top competition stalwarts? Insane.
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