Legasis Partners has hired Uday Bopshetty as a litigation partner in Mumbai.

Bopshetty has practiced in the Bombay high court and other forums for around 19 years, having previously also worked as a government officer for over 25 years and in the banking, finance, sugar, textiles and public administration sectors.

Managing partner Suhas Tuljapurkar commented in a statement: “Mr Bopshetty’s vast experience will help Legasis immensely, his valuable advice and guidance with respect to any intricate question of law and other issues would enrich Legasis family with higher knowledge quotient.”

Legasis Partners has a headcount of around 30 lawyers now, according to the firm, with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Its other partners are Yogesh Chawak and Apurv Sardeshmukh, with Mustafa Safiyuddin being the chairman of the firm.