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Hey guys, I would like to share  my views about improper , unequal economic development taking place in our country. I would also request you all to share your experiences and ideas to find a remedy for this disease. In this blog, I will throw some light on regional disparities especially comparing the eastern belt that is BIhar,Jharkhand with comparitvely much developed Maharastra and Gujarat.

Its been more than six decades  since,  we got independence but it seems it will take us another six decades to realise what indepence means to us.  On one side. our country is launching a shuttle on Moon whereas on the other people are still living in the Dark stone age starving, there mere existence is just a game of survival.

Its difficult to carry the hopes and aspirations of more than hundred crore diverse people  but ain't impossible.  The western region of the counrty is more developed than eastern and thus, gives rise to a unhealthy India which is full of disparities and discrimination.
There are many reasons for this disparity which can be classified as primary and secondary.
One of the Primary reason in eastern India is political instability and illiteracy. Political instability gives rise to ineffective administration thus, corruption arises . Bihar and Jharkhand are best examples. Now education comes into picture, the mass iliteracy among these areas doesnot help the cause either. Migration of skilled workers from Bihar and Jharkhand towards west, deprived the state from enjoying the fruits of development . The workers migrating are also helpless, its not that they want to go 1000 miles away from there home but they are compelled due to the situations prevailing in these most backward state of country. If we imagine, India as a human body then if one hand is not working consequently the other hand has to bear the extra work, now can we call India a healthy and developing country?

Political instability and lack of education led to very small infrastructure developments of these states followed by low Industrilization in Bihar and Jharkhand and not much Urbainsation  .  Thus, there is no foreing direct investements but thats a distant dream which depends upon the ramifications of primary reasons .

One interesting concept comes into my mind and I appeal with you all to come with your ideas for this situation. Md. Younus the "BANKER OF THE POOR" came to India in 2009 to give a lecture in parliament. He stressed upon his theory of "SOCIAL BUSINESS" and "GRAMEEN BANKS" which are very appealing to me. Economics is always perceived in terms of utility and statisfaction gained by the consumer on ever rupee which he pr she spends.  I doubt this theory. What about the social satisfaction we get by doing a good deed towards society which sometimes do requires monetary support.
 Microfinance, theory of social buisness and concept of grameen banks could be used as an effective machinery in these two states.  Mr. Younus in his lecture clearly stated that the concept of grameen banks did not follow the conventional laws of economics but still it was successful. This shows some hidden theory which is being missed by our policy makers or even though if it is taken into consideration then improper implementation  leads it to fail.

I propose our policy makers should seriously think of developing the villages and towns of these states by following the concept of grameen bank and social buisness. Micro finance should be encouraged in these two states. Even NREGA has not created a significant impact on the rural areas of these two states. Incoroprating grameen banks on the blue print laid down by Md. Younus in these areas  might be an effective and positive change. 
In my next edition I will write the concept and hoe does a Grameen banks work and what basically is social buiseness and how it can be incorporated. I hope all of you would contribute your valuable suggestions .


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