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Equal opportunity for lawyers

The Indian judiciary and the hierarchy of courts is a perfect solution for such a huge and diverse democracy. In present case, I am talking about Punjab, Haryana and U.T. Chandigarh. The Capital of Punjab and Haryana i.e. Chandigarh, has almost all the Tribunals and appellate courts i.e. High Court, DRT, SCDRC, AFT, ITAT, CAT etc. for the said states.

The solution was establishing all such tribunals and appellate courts in one city and dealing with all the related work at one junction. But the solution is turning to be a problem more severe than it is felt. Establishing the appellate courts/tribunals in a single city tends to create opportunities for lawyers practicing at such city at the expense of denial to other lawyers of other districts in that state. Now, when work flows people tend to flock the said town in search of work, which further creates innumerable problems for the said town in terms of housing, traffic, infrastructure etc. 

My point here is if the government decides to establish all these tribunals, appellate courts in different towns of the state, the same will ensure dual benefits. Firstly, it will offer equal opportunity of work to lawyers in all the districts of that state. Secondly, the problems of traffic, migration and infrastructure will be reduced drastically and will ensure uniform growth for whole of the state rather than over burdening a single town and concentration of work at the hands of few. The increasing number of lawyers and shrinking amount of work, makes it even more important to provide equal opportunity to each lawyer in every district, rather than making it monopoly of few.

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