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Of the Tongue, Law School and the Job!

It hurts, it really really hurts (like getting your ass pinched by a professional wrestler in the Delhi metro) to look back and see how the sweet innocent language that I spoke in law school has taken devilish meanings after I started working. My job (I feel) had the same effect on my language as watching Japanese hentai – complete bastardisation of the tongue and mind.

Here are some examples for you:



Then (In law school)

Now (at the job)



“Ok, pakka deal hai, this Saturday Old Monk rum and coke at Pecos.”

“Popat, has the deal fallen through or are they still re-negotiating the commercials?”



“Oh ho, these college people, cant they get a ISP with good bandwidth?”

“Hey Popat, if you have some bandwith can you find some Supreme Court Judgement on...”




“Did you submit your Constitutional Law project on time?”

“When do you go for the diligence to Mumbai for Project Marimba?”




“Oye Popat, run and come fast, the hostel doors are closing

“Popat, make sure all the CP’s have been adhered to prior to closing.”



“Popat, pitch the ball short. We 3rdyear guys have to win this match.”

“Popat, we are pitching in for the deal on derivatives, please ensure that you are well read.”



“Yahoo!, exams over, party time.”

“…VIP Macho and Lux Cozy are hereinafter individually referred to as the “Party” and collectively as the…”


Best Friend

“Billoo is turning out to be my best friend. We even share our undies these days”

“Kian, believe me Bombay High Court judgment has nothing to do with best friend’ relationships.



“Popat, he hit you right where it hurts the most, look your Berries have turned Black!”

“Damn Blackberry keeps ringing off the hook, God, help me out of this flurry of e-mails”

 Agree? Disagree? If you know any other similar words, write ‘em here.

[p.s. the (nerdy) purists don’t get mad at this post, smile a little and you may do some good to yourself!]


Squawk Squawk



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