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Write like Kerouac for 3 days and win NUJS fiction compo

Crazy fast writing big books
Crazy fast writing big books
Only three more days to bash out prize-winning fiction for the NUJS fiction writing competition, which closes on Sunday midnight (18 April).

The theme for this year: "Choose one of the five famous fiction novels (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/Robinson Crusoe/Five Point Someone/The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy/A Christmas Carol) and base your story around it, borrowing any identifiable character(s) or theme or concept or event (or even a combination of these), such that it is obvious which story you’ve borrowed from."

The judge in the competition is Kolkata writer and advertising consultant Anjana Basu, who has written two novels and several collections of short stories and poems.

Last year's winners were absolutely brilliant and surprising.

Have a read of the stories, guaranteed to enjoy and inspire.

I know that this post comes slightly late in the day but do not let deadlines stand in the way of literary greatness, if you have not yet completed your (3,000-word) magnum opus.

I'm NOT suggesting you hit the benzedrine like Jack Kerouac and spend days and nights abusing a typewriter (On the Road was like totally overrated anyway), but lawyers thrive under time pressure, nah?

Great training for Indian/US/UK BigLaw all-nighters.

I digress.

Very much looking forward to reading the winning entries. Good luck!

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