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WHITE ROADS under Article 21 of the CONSTITUTION !!!

Nowadays I have seen my cows tease the buffaloes. The reason is simple. Cows are lighter in colour and can bear the brunt of this heat. Buffaloes are dark and have to suffer. But my buffaloes spend their time lazing around in ponds and have a good time.

Now, when I was taking this road to some place I saw a poor man, with no chappal/ slipper/ footwear walking on the road. It was so hot that his feet might have been roasted. I felt sad. I felt bad. I thought something must be done.

The expression 'life' assured in Article 21 of the Constitution does not connote mere animal existence or continued drudgery through life. It has a much wider meaning which includes right to livelihood, better standard of living...The right to life with human dignity encompasses within its fold, some of the finer facets of human civilisation which makes life worth living. (See Consumer education and research center v. Union of India, AIR1995SC922 para 24). This is for all those who say that my blog doesn't deal with law. Ha!

Now, being without a footwear on a hot Indian road denotes animal existence. Should our engineer brothers come with some material which makes road 'WHITE'. This will reduce some of the pains of the poor in India who cannot afford a footwear. Or maybe there should be an all India footwear program to provide footwear at subsidised rates to the poor.

Please post in your suggestions.

PS- Whiter roads will also be good for the rich. In summers the air pressure in tyres gets uneven and disturbed. This might sometimes lead to road accidents. White roads will also solve this problem. What say?


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