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The Law School Diva - ooh law law

All right let me confess.. the title is bit weird, it was hurriedly chosen. I know I know it makes me sound like a bimbette, but then you know a bimbette when you see one..

And this blog is not about law either.. as of now .. at least.

So this is why I wrote it.. (yes yes, under this stupid title)

Hmm.. so like every law school student I also feel morally obliged and professionally committed to poke my nose in anything related to legal world. It was almost four months ago that I quite enthusiastically joined this site and swore that now I will be up to date with every legal news. And right from next day I forgot about this promise to myself. No worries, as for few weeks I had email newsletters which I conveniently promised (again!) to read it when i have some time (read 'mood'), then finally I connected myself to this site, and the motivating factor for this was Legal Poet's some funny poem on 5 th year passouts. Kudos to you Poet!!

After reading his poem I was again morally obliged and professionally committed to read other 'serious' blogs and legal news. And it was then when it striked to me, hey, there is no space for international legal issues out here. Since I always had this urgent urge to comment on issues I know nothing about, (I attribute this habit of mine to the fact that I am youngest at my home, so I always had to poke my nose in matters I understood nothing of!)  I decided to take this matter in my hands. So from now on I will banter about international happenings, of which I know little (courtsey newspapers!) and about international legal issues of which I know nothing (courtsey.. lawschool?? thats the safest person to blame :P ) and will expect everyone to take me seriously. 

'LAW' ve you all!!

muah muah



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