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Defining Law in my words

The large part of law consist of various behavioral perspectives in the form of 'Duty' that is, mode of conduct to which people must confirm and by which their actual behavior is judged. Thus, the very concept of 'is' law is composed of 'ought'. it is the ought that acquires the character of law, which has filtered through certain criteria of validity.  Natural lawyers would assert that a proposition is law not because it has pass through few formalities but for being a moral consideration and by virtue of  an additional moral content .

Now the point is what is moral is a debatable topic and that is why there is a provision of amendment in our constitution it self. The content of the morals keeps on changing. It changes with the time and changing needs of the society. Thus, the growth and development of the society is essential. Law emanates from the society and it differs from one to another. The needs of the society would fill the content of the 'morals' which later transforms into law.

Take the example of 'Right to Education' , the need of the hour is to educate people of India at large. But the question is how? Now the framers of the law have been looking into the matter since long and they have formulated many measures which will encourage the growth of literacy rate. Even  there were steps taken to improve the surroundings which in a way helps in the way of promoting education. There were many affirmative actions taken by the government. The right to education is a fundamental right under Article 21A was incorporated in 2002 and in the year of 2010 the Right to education Act has passed.

I am not taking the aspect of why being so late because that is different aspect alltogether. I am concerned with the point that the importance of sociological approach in the making of positive law.Thus, to sum up this point I must say that law is nothing but a compilation of every seeds of social, cultural and moral values which is presented to the people in a bunch of papers with a sanction attached to it.

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