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Being Republic

     A Republic is a form of Government in which the citizen choose their leaders and the people have an impact on its Government. It is from two Latin words "Res" (things) and "Publica" (public). Translated from the Latin it means "the Public thing". Inida is a  Parliamentary Republic. Every year, we celebrate the 26 th January as Republic Day because on the 26 th day of January, 1950 our Constitution has been implemented. From the 26 th day of January, 1950 We the people of India got the right to be Governed by the Constitution and not by any monarch. We the people of India got the right to elect and form our Government by our own free will, choice and vote.

     The actual meaning of Republic is that in the formation of Government there shall be no selection on the ground of heredity, succession, etc. The people shall have the right to elect any person from amongst the member of the society as their elected representative to form their government.

     On 26 th January, 2011 we celebrated our 62 nd Republic Day. BUT the real question is that even after passing of 61 year of adopting Republic, "are we really Republic" .

     Under the Constitution we the people have been given the  supreme power to form government and our Fundamental rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. Supreme court of India has been given the role of Guardian of the Constitution.

     Let see the ground reality, We have Election commission who conducts Elections in the country, which is an autonomous body. The entire procedure of Election of Peoples Representatives are Governed by the "Representation of  the People Act 1951' . We should look into the case of former Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Sheshan, whose innovative and transparent idea of electoral reform lead him to the division of his post.

     For the years we have witnessed that after being elected most of the elected representatives do not keep connection with the local people, they favour only their obedient people, worker and family members. They ignore the mass members of society who elects them. And the political leaders choose their successor from their family members and we the people also support them. Actually our political system is full of Favouritism, discrimination, partiality, etc.

     Under the "Representation of Peoples Act 1951" we have not been given the right to call back an elected members, if they fail to fullfill their commitment, this is mainly because the laws are made in the legislatures by those elected members. Moreover, elections are so costlier that a common man can't afford to contest an election. Mainly, peoples either from the Richer section Or Criminal background can afford to invest their money to contest an election.

     At present almost every States in India are facing internal struggle e.g. in Assam there are ULFA, BODO, Black Widow, DHD, etc militant groups, in Manipur there are PLA, etc, in Arunachal Pradesh there is Maoist, etc, in Nagaland there are NSCN, etc, in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, there are Maoist problems. Every North Eastern States are facing extremist problems. In U.P, Bihar, M.P., Rajasthan local mafias are dominant.  Recently on 25 th January We have witnessed one heinous crime, that Oil Mafia burned alive in broad day light one IAS, Officer, namely Yashwant Sonawane,  who was Additional Deputy Collector in Nasik District of Maharashtra. If the life of an IAS officer is not safe in a prosperous State like Maharashtra then how the life of common man be Safe !!!!!!

     Police Personnel of every state are non-co-operative to the Common masses, they serve mainly their political masters and the richer sections of the society.

     The Hawala scam, Stock market scam, Telecom scam, 2G scam, Adarssh Society scams, CWG scams, etccccccccc...  are the glimpse of the prosperity of Corruption in our Country. Almost in every states there are innumerable scams. We also came to know that billions of dollars of black money are deposited in Swiss bank and other Foreign Banks. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 is a total failure and has no impact on curbing the corruption.

     In Jammu and Kashmir, there looks no signs of stopping of internal struggle.

     In our Capital city, Delhi life is not safe and secured with growing numbers of crime like rape, robbery, kidnapping, etc.

     The, draconian law like TADA, POTA, Armed Forces (Special Power) Act 1958 could do nothing but harassing the innocent people.

     Every day, whenever we turn Zews Channel On, we come to know that rape, theft, dacoity, molestation, murder, kidnapping, corruption, etc are happening every moment in every corner of the Country.

     We know India is growing faster and is one of the best economy in the World BUT in reality more than 40% of the people are still living below poverty line, wich is a shame for a Republic country like us. Our economic prosperity is confined in the hands of richer sections of the society and the poorers are deprived. The Rich becoming Richer and the Poor becoming Poorer. Every year in every Sates thousand of poor Agriculturists commits suicide due to growing debt burdens, which is mainly because of political inefficency of policy makers.

     Government makes and implements various plans in the name of Welfare of the common people but in actual practice all the funds of those schemes are illegally grab by the elected leader and their workers, party-men. And the common people gets nothing but the peanut out of huge funds.

      Population of India is growing in a horrifying pace mainly due to political malafide intention.  In a democracy number of people counts in election and due to this reason every political leader tries to grow the number of their supporter. Moreover, with the increase of population miseries of common people will grow and the political leaders will take advantage out the miseries of the common masses. No Active Population Policy and Act are being tried to be adopted and implemented by the political leader mainly due to their malafide intention.

      Our natural Environment are degrading due to improper implementation of Environment Laws.

     We are proud to be Republic. We are economically prospering but our prosperity is being negativated by our backlogs, unequal distribution of wealth, Failure of law and Order and failure of  Political System. We, the people of India, mainly from the legal community should take the responsibility to make India a better place to live with our commitment to fight for justice, emphasizing the Political Reform and  establishment of Rules of Law .  The real meaning and intention of Democracy and Republic can only be achieved by establishing the Rules of Law.



Pronoy Kumar Ghose, Advocate


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