NUJS admin stresses, in so many words: We had nothing to do with students going out and fighting for human rightsNUJS admin stresses, in so many words: We had nothing to do with students going out and fighting for human rights

The NUJS Kolkata administration has distanced itself from the Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) initiative, following press reports of a brutal assault on NUJS students while they were leading an IDIA legal initiative to stop a construction proceeding in contempt of court.

Commenting on NUJS' stand on the molestation and brutal assault of its students by goons, in the aftermath of their confrontation with a government contractor, who had illegally demolished slums in violation of a Calcutta high court order obtained by IDIA, NUJS acting registrar Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan told us: “Our students are our students so on that respect we have taken all care. We went to police, we went to hospital, I was there with the students all night. But we are not IDIA.”

Khan declined to comment further when asked why the university was distancing itself from the students' initiative, just adding: “NUJS is not IDIA. IDIA is a separate entity.”

In a press release signed by Khan, which was released yesterday, the NUJS administration begins with the point that the students who were “involved in the incidents and were beaten up in the process did not have any prior approval from the WBNUJS authorities, neither did WBNUJS authorities had any prior knowledge of involvement of its students in the incident.”

The press release adds that the students involved in the incident were volunteers of IDIA - “initiative aimed at empowering underprivileged students through legal education towards making legal education in India more diverse, inclusive and impactful” - and had acted on their own in the high court and the events leading up to the proceedings.

The alleged assault was condemned by the NUJS student association, as well as a number of other student bodies, including NLSIU Bangalore's, Nalsar Hyderabad's, HNLU Raipur's and others.

Official NUJS admin statement (PDF)

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Like +9 Object -1 Tweety 12 Sep 17, 20:06  interesting
Kian, as for why Bhat wants to wash his hands off this entirely, the reason is that the ruling party's councilor is involved in this. And it is now no secret that Bhat did a deal with the state government for support of renewal of his term in exchange of sops such as increasing student strength and having satellite campuses with state domicile etc. Plus, every single account about this guy clearly shows that he lacks a spine and is afraid to stand up to literally anybody. Add to this the fact the Judicial Review Commission is visiting NUJS next week and he wishes to show that everything is hunky-dory in his fiefdom, and you have plenty of motives. I'd understand if you choose not to publish this, but every single word is unvarnished truth. I mean, he will not allow those people to approach the Commission who can say anything bad about him/his admin.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 13 Sep 17, 02:27  interesting
Spot on. Well said. The SJA should stage a protest or at least submit a petition to the commission members. Surely the RMLNLU, NLU Ranchi and NLU Assam cases should be a lesson?
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Like +5 Object -1 Guest 12 Sep 17, 20:08
The statement is poorly drafted, very insensitive and also condemns the media instead of the goons. And why is the VC quiet? Just because IDIA was founded by his rival Shamnad? Really shameful and petty.

The students are furious about this. Just wait...the next big protest will be at NUJS.
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Like +4 Object -0 I hate Bhat 13 Sep 17, 02:42
Flashback video of Bhat avoiding uncomfortable questions by the media. Expect a replay of this.

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Like +1 Object -0 Bhaiya 15 Sep 17, 09:46
The Review Commission isn't gonna actually investigate much. They aren't even allowing individuals to approach them. In groups of designated people only, most having no link with Noojieland. I saw the schedule. It has stuff like meeting with intellectuals, meeting with civil society members etc. What do those people know about what's happening down here at NUJS? Plus, Ishwara and the Acting Registrar are actually screening people including parents before they are allowed to appear before the commission. This is just one big circus! Looks like something like RMLNLU or NUSRAL has to be pulled before this guy leaves us in peace and quits.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 15 Sep 17, 23:44
Prachi please keep tracking this development. We should ambush the review committee and hand them a petition, and then video record it. Then their is a record of them having received it.
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