Senior LKS partner S Seetharaman retires from firm where he was for 17 yearsSenior LKS partner S Seetharaman retires from firm where he was for 17 years

Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (LKS) equity partner of 17 years S Seetharaman left the firm today to pursue other interests while continuing to practise independently.

Seetharaman, who used to head the firm’s competition, international trade and corporate law practices, commented: “It is a voluntary retirement. I will be having an independent practice but that is something on the fringes.”

He was based in Delhi but also oversaw the firm's Geneva office.

Seetharamn is a 1982 arts graduate who began his career at the Indian Civil Accounts Service as the Deputy Controller General of Accounts (DCGA) until 2000 when he joined the LKS partnership. He graduated in law from the Delhi University in 2003.

He is a well-recognised international trade lawyers specialising in GATT and other WTO agreements, and has represented international clients in over 200 trade remedy cases initiated by India and several other countries, has represented India in various countervailing duty investigations and safeguard duty investigations, and in India he has also appeared before the CESTAT, the high courts and the Supreme Court, according to his profile on LKS' website.

He said that there was no official resignation by him at the firm but that he had discussed his desire to leave, and today was his last day of work at the firm.

Seetharaman's exit leaves LKS with nine equity partners.

We have reached out to LKS for comment.

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Like +15 Object -13 Well wishes 05 Oct 17, 17:15  controversial
Gem of a person and gem of a lawyer. All the best.
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Like +13 Object -13 Agree 05 Oct 17, 17:43  controversial
Totally agree. One of the best in trade-remedy matters in India.
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Like +16 Object -1 Tyrion Lannister 05 Oct 17, 18:06  interesting  top rated
inconsistency between the two websites?? please clarify and tell us the truth?? something fishy??
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Like +1 Object -3 kianganz 05 Oct 17, 18:09
What's fishy exactly?
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Like +12 Object -0 Insider 05 Oct 17, 18:17  interesting  top rated
The bar and bench is saying that he is doing in-depth religious readings and writing books while you are saying that he will do independent practice. Which is correct?
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Like +2 Object -5 kianganz 05 Oct 17, 18:30
Hehe, don't think that's necessarily incompatible. If in doubt, trying to be objective in this case, I'd go with our story since the man himself should know best what his plans are.

I don't doubt that like LKS comment to B&B suggests, his plans will also include religious study and other hobbies, but I have yet to meet a senior lawyer who manages to retire without continuing any legal work whatsoever (barring Thakker & Thakker perhaps? :)
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Like +17 Object -1 Insider 05 Oct 17, 18:48  interesting  top rated
So assuming that LI version is that of Seetharaman, will it be safe to conclude that the man himself has contradicted his Managing Partner?? Clear divide and rift then between the two. Lets not cover up a forced resignation and term it a voluntary one please! LI is known for its honesty and I do not think LKS is a firm worth lying for..
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Like +0 Object -1 kianganz 05 Oct 17, 18:57
I'm really not sure there is cause to suspect conspiracy or lies here, is there?
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Like +21 Object -1 Well wisher 05 Oct 17, 19:44  interesting  top rated
Of course there is.. clearly it's a fall out of Shafaq and Sumesh with Seetharaman.. same reason why Vijaya Sampath also left
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Like +12 Object -0 Sherlock Holmes 05 Oct 17, 18:12  interesting  top rated
Elementary my dear Watson!! ouch!! an investigation needs to be done immediately!!
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Like +15 Object -0 Sahanubhuti 06 Oct 17, 16:21  interesting  top rated
Yes. You have correctly smelt the rat! There is much more than what meets the eye. The question of continuation of Mr. Seetharaman in L&S has been brewing for over 6 months (forget about the stories that are being put out by the Firm that he expressed his desire to pursue Bhagwat Gita etc. etc.) all on matters of revenue generation. As Mr. Seetharaman was being assigned various non-revenue generating assignments, naturally to expect revenue generation of the level which he achieved in International Trade Practice is quite unfair. The move by Mr. Seetharaman, insiders say, is not at all voluntary but a forced one. That's why he will be practising of his own after leaving L&S.
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Like +26 Object -0 GRRM 05 Oct 17, 18:19  interesting  top rated
Rumours abound in the seven kingdoms that the King beyond the Wall (London) is responsible for this.. He is whispering into the ears of the King sitting on the Iron Throne. Beware of the Mad King now!!
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Like +7 Object -0 ha ha 06 Oct 17, 10:23  interesting

on SS's move, no surprises though. this was long in the offing. with so many oldies crowding the space for the prince's beckoning, many other puppets will phase out from public view.
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Like +5 Object -0 Mumbaikar 06 Oct 17, 14:20  interesting
I agree.

I beg to differ on the character nomenclature though. King Beyond The Wall is actually Jamie and Cersie is drunk with power in Mumbai.
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Like +19 Object -0 The Real GST Firm 05 Oct 17, 18:31  interesting  top rated
What of Sundar Ramanathan now? [...]
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Like +15 Object -0 Loyalist 05 Oct 17, 18:36  interesting  top rated
AR Madhava Rao, Vijaya Sampath, Seetharaman... the death toll rises.. LKS losing its old charm? VLK [...] finally?
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Like +14 Object -0 Well wisher 05 Oct 17, 19:43  interesting  top rated
Not to forget Karan Talwar and MP Devnath.. Ram Naam Satya Hain time for VLK?
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Like +19 Object -11 Guest 05 Oct 17, 21:49  interesting  controversial
This man has the same tika on his forehead as Mr Lakshmikumaran. Is this a symbol of some South Indian religious sect that all the partners belong to?
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Like +18 Object -16 Respect 06 Oct 17, 10:54  controversial
One of the best lawyers in the world on trade remedy matters and one of the best person I have come across. I wish you all luck happiness and success in whatever you do Sir
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Like +13 Object -0 Sahanubhuti 09 Oct 17, 18:58  interesting  top rated
Mr. Seetharam is reported to have opened his office at Safdarjung Enclave on Saturday the 7.10.2017 and Mr. Lakshmikumaran also reported to have attended the inauguration ceremony. Therefore, as already stated, if it was purely the question of pursuing Bhagwat Gita etc., the question of hurriedly opening the office on 7.10.2017 just one day after resigning would not have arisen. Therefore, something is rotten in the State of Denmark!
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Like +18 Object -0 Insider 13 Oct 17, 10:07  interesting  top rated
Did he take his team? Or did he go alone? Also since you seem to have a lot of knowledge, what is the scene between Ravi Raghavan and Shivadass? Apparently there has been a fight between the two.
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Like +2 Object -1 Insider retort 16 Oct 17, 13:26
Insider - since you know some interesting facts - what do you know about Shivadass' son having left the firm?
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Like +6 Object -0 Snakes & Ladders 27 Oct 17, 18:59  interesting
And after attending the inauguration, L&S revised its Chambers & Partners International Trade practice page to reflect this message:
“Since publication, Seetharaman Sampath has retired from this practice.”
So, on the one hand you shake the hand of Mr. Seetharaman and wish him well, and with the other you stab him by spreading a totally opposite message. No client is foolish to believe that Mr. Seetharaman has retired.
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Like +9 Object -2 Sahanubhuti 16 Oct 17, 10:30  interesting
Yes, Mr. Atul Sharma did go with him. 2 Other partner level attorneys were also ready and willing to move along with him but Mr. Seetharaman dissuaded them for the present and hence they did not move out.
Entire L&S including the top management knows about the fight between the quintessential Ravi Raghavan and Shivadass. Shivadass has his own stooges to do his bidding and also to keep a watch on the activities of others and to report back! Shivadas has been cocking a snook at Lakshmi Kumaran for long. Now that Shivadass is trying to gain a senior gown from Karnataka High Court, probably that will be utilised an an opportunity to get rid of him. In any case, Ravi Raghavan is a fighting cock and will not be able to carry a team with him. Therefore, every one believes that even in the event of exit of Shivadas, Ravi Raghavan will not be asked to head Bangalore office, unless Mr. Lakshmi Kumaran commits another blunder!
To put it mildly, things are not hunky dory in L&S.
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Like +11 Object -0 RayRahul 16 Oct 17, 13:52  interesting
Laxmi with his input about Sitharman leaving practice for indepth study of Gita might conitune his practice for getting knowledge of Quran
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