A new IP & media firm (name) is born: Priyanka Khimani (left) merges into Anand & Anand, with Pravin Anand and Binny KalraA new IP & media firm (name) is born: Priyanka Khimani (left) merges into Anand & Anand, with Pravin Anand and Binny Kalra

Intellectual property (IP) powerhouse Anand & Anand has merged its Mumbai office with the media and entertainment law practice of Priyanka Khimani, Khimani & Associates, taking on a new avatar in the city carrying both brand names, as Anand and Anand & Khimani.

Anand has 320 professionals, including lawyers, engineers and consultants, across India in Delhi, Noida, Chennai and Mumbai and just under 20 partners. However, the firm has had a relatively small Mumbai presence of around five lawyers, with Khimani’s Mumbai office also having a headcount of five.

From 1 July, Khimani’s firm will then merge into a single new partnership in Mumbai with the Anand brand, with her leading its Mumbai office.

Khimani holds a 2009 degree from Jai Hind College in biotechnology engineering and had worked as a television writer before graduating as a lawyer in 2012.

After leaving Mulla & Mulla in 2014, she set up her own practice focusing primarily on IP, media and entertainment work for musicians, artists and other celebrities, as we reported at the time when she had acted for singer Sonu Nigam.

Anand & Anand managing partner Pravin Anand commented in a statement: “We clicked instantly because of the clear synergy between Priyanka’s firm and ours. We see a tremendous scope to improve service delivery to clients who have long felt the need to work with a local firm that is backed by the solidity of experience and infrastructure of the main Anand and Anand firm and the geographic accessibility, association and expertise offered by a professional firm like Khimani & Associates”.

Senior partner Binny Kalra, who will act as a “mentor for the merged entity” added: “We are raring to go, to make the new Mumbai entity the next big thing with our combined energies. I also believe that in addition to our combined IP services Anand and Anand & Khimani will fast expand into some key non-IP spaces as well for which the ecosystem is ripe”.

Khimani said in the statement: “It just felt like the right move, at the right time. We share a common, grand vision for the Mumbai practice and its growth, and our combined resources and strengths will help us achieve it.”

We have reached out to Khimani for further comment and will update the story when we get through.

The merger was facilitated by legal consultancy Legal League Consulting, whose founder and CEO Bithika Anand commented: “This is a unique merger and will set a precedent. The new partnership firm merging the Mumbai office operations of Anand & Anand with Khimani & Associates will go a long way in sustaining synergies, leading them to tap maximum potential of business growth in Mumbai.”

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Like +11 Object -1 Name1 14 Jun 17, 17:33  interesting
This is pretty big news... very surprising that Praveen Anand agreed to have the name Khimani in the name of the merged entity.
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Like +3 Object -0 nardin 14 Jun 17, 22:20
Thank God u guys did not call it 'celebrity law firm' !
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Like +17 Object -0 Guest 15 Jun 17, 02:27  interesting  top rated
Kian you should do a separate story on Priyanka Khimani's incredible rags to riches story, from growing up in poverty to reaching here at such a young age.

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Like +1 Object -0 Shreya Rao 15 Jun 17, 11:12
What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.
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Like +0 Object -0 Rise and Shine 15 Jun 17, 14:00
I was surprised to read that Anand and Anand has agreed to add Khimani to its name . After reading the yourstory.com story I am impressed . This is a great story of a truly talented individual . I wish them all the very best .
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Like +17 Object -2 Well wisher 15 Jun 17, 03:17  interesting  top rated
I have met Priyanka. The lesson for law students here is that law is not just about getting top grades and mugging up cases. Priyanka just graduated a few years ago, but she gained valuable non-legal experience in the industry while in college. She worked as a scriptwriter for top companies and worked as a model for magazines like Maxim.

Students who whine all the time about faculty and placements should take note.
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Like +6 Object -1 ElCid 15 Jun 17, 12:34  interesting
TBH I have no idea about Khimani as I am not in sync with the IP world, but the mere fact that Anand and Anand made her a named partner is bloody brilliant.

More power to Khimani!
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Like +7 Object -3 Wow 15 Jun 17, 13:33
This is like a fantasy Bollywood movie. A 100-year old highly reputed firm merging with a 2 or 3-member unknown law firm headed by a 27 or 28 year old girl AND taking her name!!! Can we have more details please?
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Like +14 Object -0 Name1Alias 15 Jun 17, 16:10  interesting  top rated
A&A is only Mr. Anand. What 100 year firm are you talking about? The firm doesn't even have a propoer office outside Noida.
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Like +8 Object -0 Okay 15 Jun 17, 19:06  interesting
After a long time I am reading comments on a story without any sarcasm or negativity. Girl is an inspiration!
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Like +3 Object -5 ElCid 15 Jun 17, 23:17
You don't know English then. Read again. :P
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Like +3 Object -0 hmm 16 Jun 17, 01:16
speaks volumes of Khimani if Anand agreed to add her name to the new firm - Rather than absorbing Khimani's firm. Nicely done
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Like +0 Object -1 Manly man 18 Jun 17, 13:20
She studied law from GLC. That ought to be mentioned.
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Like +2 Object -7 ThePhantom 19 Jun 17, 00:41
Yes..you be happy with others personal achievements and be glad about GLC. GLC did not make her, she made herself. Stop taking credit for what others deserve. You look less than a man or a woman. You do not even seem human! You want to show this to momma just to prove you are in a good college/ graduated from a college or make yourself happy on fake promises? NLU's make you, but good GLC grads make themselves! It is no NLU and it will never be and also will it never be comparable. GLC can never take credits for any achievements of their students!! Ummm...do you'll even visit college or even have lectures? Sorry.. we all know the answer to that question...it was just rhetorical.. So stop pointing out GLC here. She wasn't even thinking of law. We all know the 0.1% of good GLC grads who made themselves through their own efforts (half of that 0.1% with contacts) and the rest 99.9% who waste themselves and our lawyer fraternity.
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