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Comments of the week: Building Balaji temple | Power to the people | Alien terrorists in law | Corp Pride march

LI 2.0 COTW: Like web 2.0 but less lame
LI 2.0 COTW: Like web 2.0 but less lame

Again this week, LI’s readers got to excavating the bizarre, fecund and true layers beneath LI stories. Here’s the best of the best.

Comment of the week: Foreign law firms make pious temple offerings at the feet of senior deities. (“Can we come in now, please?” - “No, fly out!”)

BCI opens aggressively v foreign law firms in apex court Balaji appeal
Confused Zeus Says… - 4 July 2012 at 17:46

Respondents’ counsels will make a royal killing here (Balaji appeal). Too much easy money to be made.

High profile law firms appearing for the respondents will engage expensive senior counsels for each hearing. Over half of them will not have to utter a single word during the proceedings.

After the case is decided, all of them will build their own “Balaji” temple at home.

Runner-up: BELIEVING in the power of the individual. Wishful thinking or the nightmare of institutions?

Fox's Sumes Dewan bolsters Desai & Diwanji Delhi, says clients will join
Justice League! writes on July 06 2012 at 10:27

Clients always come to a lawyer and NOT to a firm. A client, if he/ she is happy with his/her lawyer will ALWAYS stick with the same guy. If the lawyer is attached to a firm then it is the firms good luck because in the end, they will benefit from the lawyers clients.

Now, if the firm does not appreciate the lawyer and the work that he does and moreover rides him over then it most definitely a stark indication of the firms falling levels of integrity and if in such scenario the lawyer does move... with his clients... then it is the firms bad luck..

What was i saying in the first place.. i lost track but you get the gist!

Now, back to "loving" what i do and where i do it!!!

3. But surely foreign lawyers’ comments are very annoying!

BCI opens aggressively v foreign law firms in apex court Balaji appeal; Service in 10 weeks
I think BCI is actually funny – 5 July 2012 at 00:04

“with the Bar Council of India (BCI) arguing that the law should prohibit foreign lawyers from even temporarily travelling to India to advise clients.”

An absolute low point, serious... what are we talking about... terrorists? ISI agents? Nuclear scientists? No! Foreign lawyers! An absolute danger for society, I agree, with their laptops and comments all the time, ban them!
Thanks BCI! You saved the country against these dangerous aliens :o)

Honourable mention: Standing up for one’s lifestyle choices: - Corporate Pride march coming to a metro near you soon

Love, Lust, Lucre. Where's the Law?
By Balram Halwai

[..] Why has NLU-bashing become such a fashion statement these days? […]

I am a student in one of India's top NLUs, and it pains me no end to see everyone dictating morality on us for choosing to be corporate professionals. Just as you find litigation an avenue most suited to your needs; people like me find the corporate work-culture best for us.

I have no qualms in telling people that I fully intend working with a major corporate house or law firm after graduating (and mind you; I've interned in a District Court, two High Courts and the Supreme Court; just in case you've put me off as a corporate sell-out); and that I am not looking forward to the money for spending on having a good time; but to see pride & happiness on the faces of my parents.

Any person who works in a law firm right after graduation deserves respect; and rightly so.

Yes; we love the 'lucre' and the accompanying comforts; and it is only our right because of the hard work we put in for five long years. No one pushes a Moot down our throats; or a research paper for that matter. We do these things at our own free will.

We passed CLAT to get into these 'elite' institutes. And we work everyday.

Some of us are very keen to get into litigation or the Civil Services; so please do not demonize anyone who wants a plush job. Because all said and done, Law may be a lot of things with a lot of facets; but it definitely is not a 'yardstick of morality'.

So kindly stop judging people on the choices they make once they graduate. They have every right to work in the corporate sector; and just because they have AC-ed offices and swanky cafeterias doesn't in any manner mean that they deserve any 'less' respect than those who fight for 'justice' (Huh!) in Courts.

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