#WTF: It will have taken the BCI & ITES nearly 10 weeks to mark this AIBE#WTF: It will have taken the BCI & ITES nearly 10 weeks to mark this AIBE

The results to the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) 9 will be out on 16 May, announced the Bar Council of India (BCI) on the official bar exam website:

The result for the same would be released tentatively before 16Th May 2016

This follows a Live Law report of postponement from the originally announced date of 15 April (after the exam on 6 March) to an expected April-end, and another expected postponement to around 9 May according to a later Legally India report.

If the results end up being published on 16 May this year, it will equate to a nearly 10-week-period waiting for results. It took six weeks for results to be published to the previous, and eighth AIBE.

The date of this AIBE was postponed by 83 days to 6 March due to a website malfunction by AIBE contractor ITES Horizon Pvt Ltd, whose contract was extended quietly late last year despite consistent delays and underperformance by the contractor (as well as serious question marks surrounding the allocation of the contract to the company in light of more qualified and more competitively priced bidders).

Full disclosure: BCI chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has sent a defamation legal notice to Legally India regarding stories published pointing out the problems with the AIBE Legally India in its response had denied [https://www.legallyindia.com/Bar-Bench-Litigation/li-responds-to-manan-kumar-mishra-legal-notice defaming the BCI or its chairman since all reports were based on facts.

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Like +6 Object -0 Scrap the BCI now 10 May 16, 23:24  interesting
and introduce a body like the SRA with greater participation of law firms and industry. These delays are only expected with an organisation as institutionally unaccountable, corrupt and mummified with red-tape as the BCI. It comes as no surprise that until yesterday, the website still said that the results were expected on the 15th of April.
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Like +3 Object -0 Prude 11 May 16, 10:34
Kian, it is of course entirely your editorial prerogative to set the tone etc for your publication, but personally I wonder whether the caption to the photograph needs to include "#WTF"?
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Like +2 Object -0 A law aspirant 12 May 16, 10:40
Sir, a humble request--- every year some students turn down lower-ranked NLUs (Raipur, Patna etc) for colleges like Symbiosis, ILS and Jindal. When you publish the preferences of those who cleared CLAT, can you also tell us the CLAT ranks of people who chose these colleges over lower-ranked NLUs? This will be very helpful for us and our parents. It is a very nervous time for us and we are not sure how to select a college if we don't make it to the top NLUs. Also, we would like to know other factors like infrastructure, faculty quality, campus proximity to city, quality of accommodation, safety etc. It would be great if you can take videos of the different campuses and show us the inside story,maybe interview students as well.

Sir, it is a very nervous time for us and we lack proper career guidance and get confusing info from coaching centres. Please help us!
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Like +1 Object -0 WTF 16 May 16, 00:20
Eevn 16th may has passed now :P
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Like +1 Object -0 llb 16 May 16, 06:17
AIBE exam will be declared after 10 September, 2016.
The cause of delay: massive corruption in AIBE Exam where staff is fudging the answer sheet and PASS result is being sold for Rs. 20,000/--
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Like +1 Object -0 Rinku 16 May 16, 16:29
BCI fails again to deliver the result on said date. There Excuse is that there are 40000 candidates and it take time to make the result. I afraid if there were mor then 100000 then it will take year to display. they are saying will display result on 17th evening.
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Like +0 Object -0 VMS 17 May 16, 08:59

BCI, if incompetent to conduct the exams and declare results as per schedule, they should say so and stop playing with the young lawyers. Incompetence of BCI in conducting the exams and declaring the results is now a well known fact. Instead of protecting the interest of lawyers, they are involved in making money from the young lawyers, who are yet to begin their carrier. The original resolution was to conduct 2 exams a year and look at their performance, they are not even competent to complete 1 exam a year.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 17 May 16, 13:22
Any information on when they'll actually come out? All their contact numbers are busy.
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