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What are the requirements for enrollment as an advocate under the Advocates Act?

8 years 2 months ago #1 by shouvikkumarguha
Section 24 of the Advocates Act specifies the qualifications of a person entitled to be enrolled into the Bar. The section states that subject to the provisions of this Act, and the rules made there under, a person shall be qualified to be admitted as an advocate on a State roll, if he fulfills the following conditions:

(a) He is a citizen of India, although a national of any other country may be admitted as an advocate on a State roll, if citizens of India, duly qualified, are permitted to practise law in that other country, subject to other restrictions.

(b) He has completed the age of twenty-one years.

(c) He has obtained a degree in law after the 12th day of March, 1967, after undergoing a three years course of study in law from any University in India which is recognised for the purposes of the Advocates Act by the Bar Council of India. In some cases, a lawyer who has obtained a degree from any University outside the territory of India, if the degree is recognised for the purpose of this Act by the Bar Council of India, he may be admitted.

(d) He fulfills such other conditions as may be specified in the rules made the State bar Council under this Chapter;

At present, a person who wants to get enrolled as an advocate has to first clear Bar Council of India exam. Thereafter the person can enroll himself/ herself under any State Bar Council.

Eligible persons are admitted as advocates on the rolls of the State Bar Councils. The Advocates Act, 1961 empowers State Bar Councils to frame their own rules regarding enrolment of advocates.

The Council’s Enrolment Committee may scrutinise a candidate’s application. Those admitted as advocates by any State Bar Council are eligible for a Certificate of Enrolment. All applicants for enrolment as advocates are required under Section 24 (1) (f) of the Advocates Act, 1961 to pay an enrolment fee of Rs.600/- (Rupees Six hundred only) to the respective State Bar Council and Rs.150/- (Rupees One hundred Fifty only) to the Bar Council of India. These payments should be made using separate demand drafts.

Different state bar councils have formulated their own rules regarding enrollment as an advocate. However, most of the State Bar Council requires the candidate to submit an application along with the degree of law and marksheets along with judicial Stamp paper and requisite fees.

However, the amount of money is not confined to the Rs. 750-/ as far as the different state bar councils are concerned. There are several other fees, insurance premiums, Gazette Notification costs, Advocate's Card costs etc. involved, which brings the total amount required close to Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/-, depending on the state where one gets enrolled. Separate information on some of the councils will be forthcoming soon.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous's Avatar
6 years 11 months ago #2 by Anonymous
Sir, but I completed my LLB in KSLU 2012, I try to enroll in bar council of tamilnadu My age was at the time of join the 3year llb couse 33 year in 2009 batch, In kSLU there is no age limit for join the llb, but my application is holding in tamil nadu bar council because of age limit. kindly clarify this.
  • Joginder Singh
  • Joginder Singh's Avatar
6 years 11 months ago #3 by Joginder Singh
Any Indian Citizen who has completed his LLB(Professional) Course by attending 66% or more lectures from any Indian University approved by Bar Council Of India for LLB course is entitled to get himself enrolled with a State Bar Council where he intends to practice if he is above 21 years of age. There is no Upper age limit for enrollment in the Bar Council.
Your application may have been kept pending for some other reasons and not for upper age. Inquire from the concerned State Bar Council for the reasons.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous's Avatar
6 years 7 months ago #4 by Anonymous
I would like to get clarified on the following:

I studied law, as a regular student (three year course) in 1975 -78. But I sat for the exams (II BGL & BL) in 1993. But as I was already employed I did not enroll in BAR.

In the meanwhile I was posted overseas and currently I am British National and holding the status of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI). I am currently 57 years and would like to enter legal practice.

My questions is as a British Citizen and holding the status of OCI, can I enroll in Bar Council of India? What are the procedures? If I enroll in Bar can I practice Law in India?

I would appreciate if some one could help me in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation,

  • Mr govind
  • Mr govind's Avatar
6 years 3 days ago #5 by Mr govind

I completed my LLB 2 years ago. Currently I am a employee in one of the Multy National company(US Based). Can I enroll in BAR Council. Plz suggest if I have any feasibilities to get it enrolled in BAR Council.
5 years 3 months ago #6 by MythiliIyer
The requirements as to the acquisition of professional skill and experience
under section 8(1) of the Act shall be—

(a) in the case of a person specified in section 8(5)(a) of the Act,
attendance of a postgraduate bar course conducted by the Law
Development Centre and award of a diploma in legal practice by
the Law Development Centre on successful completion of the
course; or

(b) in the case of a person specified in section 8(5)(b) of the Act who
has been entered on the roll as a legal practitioner (by whatever
name called) in a country specified in Part I of the First Schedule
to these Regulations, work under the surveillance and in the
chambers of an advocate enrolled under the Act or in the service
of the Government as a State attorney at the commencement of
his or her practice in Uganda for a period of not less than six
months and who satisfies any regulations which may be made
under section 8(7) of the Act.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous's Avatar
5 years 4 days ago #7 by Anonymous
I am an govt. Employee and have a LLB degree. I want to enroll myself for appear in the Judicial examination. Whar is the procedure regarding this matter. Plz rply.
With regards.
  • help
  • help's Avatar
4 years 8 months ago #8 by help
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  • adv.karnish gupta
  • adv.karnish gupta's Avatar
3 years 6 months ago #9 by adv.karnish gupta
We'll by a notification published by bci a few times a person should be less than 30 years of he wants to enroll as an advocate at the time of joining 3 year llb course and coz u were 33 that may be the restriction imposed in your case and the age for ballb is 21 max of the person wants to enroll as advocate
  • adv.karnish gupta
  • adv.karnish gupta's Avatar
3 years 6 months ago #10 by adv.karnish gupta
As a British citizen u cannot not practice law in India unless some other law over rule it and oci that u hold is just another permanent visa and not proof of residence or citizen it's just proof of ur birth or mother land and permanent visa for Indian born foreign nationals or ex citizens of India sorry u may practice as barrister in UK if thr bar recognises ur degree but not in india
  • bhanuprakash
  • bhanuprakash's Avatar
3 years 6 months ago #11 by bhanuprakash
iam age in 35 years i want become a lawyer will complete in 38years then get enrollment
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous's Avatar
7 months 3 weeks ago #12 by Anonymous
I have done my LLB before 3 years. But bar council has reject my enrollment on the basis of my graduation marks below 45%. Now how can i get my enrollment in state bar council.

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