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The Times of India has lowered quality, says committee

Just 4-6 articles sans spelling mistakes a week, rising instances of sensationalism, alleged sex and drinking amongst journalists, and indifference to journalists sucking up to the Radias in the world seems to suggest a serious decline in the standards of journalism.


This is the dismal state of affairs at the Times of India, one of India's premier news and media agencies, as painted by the many commenters that assessed the 168 year old group .


Observing that ToI has moved away from the phase of 'journalism and honesty' to 'sensationalism and yellow journalism', the commenters noted the drastic dilution injournalistic standards. "I think its time we filed a complaint with the Press Council of India. Its time these journos are taken to task. Fancy, printing such lies about a law school!" said commenter Darth Vader, on the ToI website, perhaps when noticing that certain portions added as quotes to a Times of India article on the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, were unattributed to any specific person or document.


The committee of students from the National Law School reviewing this media agency were quick to point out that the reporter in question was unable to even discern whether the body appointed to review the functioning of NLSIU was a committee or a commission, both of which are decidedly different entities.


The committee of students are posting their report and opinions of the agency in real time, pointing out that this is in direct contrast to the ToI publicising a report that was made about two years ago. They also feel that exclusive access be damned, they want people to know that the reporters at ToI are in the crossfires for not figuring out how to report properly and making such absurd statements as there being only 4-6 hours of classes a week - something which the students often feel they'd very much like to have. Or stating that teachers never turn up, which they often do (again, often against the wishes of the students).


The report states that ToI reporters are often ignorant of and most indifferent to the concept of 'context' and knowing how to read dates and know when it would be of relevance, when it comes to news reports submitted by staff reporters. Also, clearly editors don't love their job or are just plain terrible at them. Further, appointment of 4 year olds (of lowered intellectual ability and no journalistic experience) to handle reporting (journalists) and absence of a formal way to get them to check their facts before going to press has drawn flak.


PS: - 1. Based on the ToI article here - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Law-School-has-lowered-quality-says-CJI-committee/articleshow/7289201.cms


2. For excellent reasons to IGNORE the above article, see the amazing Legal Poet - //www.legallyindia.com/toi-report-lambasts-nlsiu-inaccurate-cursory-reporting-link-to-reservation-demands


3. This is obviously completely tongue in cheek. I mean, it seems obvious to me that ToI's standards are falling/fallen, but that's my opinion. And I'm expressing it. And yes, I know things are probably not perfect at NLSIU - but where are they perfect? And if someone has to point out the flaws, perhaps they wouldn't do it quite so stupidly next time?


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