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Social media prophet Katju is back with torrent of updates on all things, claims to ‘know’ why Justice Shakdher was transferred to Madras (but won’t tell)

Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju, who had in January sort-of announced he would leave Facebook and its ‘stupid and arrogant’ abusing masses behind, came back again in earnest this month with a flood of Facebook and blog posts.

While he briefly came back in February and March with three posts to share pearls of wisdom about the JNU imbroglio (he doesn’t support the students and thinks the institution has produced nothing of value), it was only in May that he began flooding social media timelines with his snackable and much-liked missives.

And, true to form, he’s already attracted mainstream media attention by wading into the most viral of hot topics and adding his usually highly opinionated opinions to it, as he gleefully reposted on Facebook:

Markandey Kajtu: National treasure, social media guru to the masses or in need of a new hobby?
Markandey Kajtu: National treasure, social media guru to the masses or in need of a new hobby?

His latest post pegged off the news of Justice KM Joseph’s transfer from the Uttarakhand high court to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (and the ensuing claims that the transfer must have been politically motivated since Joseph was the judge to have struck down President’s Rule in Uttarakhand).

Katju, however, claimed that the transfers of neither Joseph, nor Justice Rajiv Shakdher (whose transfer from Delhi was opposed by senior lawyers and others), were politically motivated, though he was as ever cryptic and sparse on details:

Transfer of Judges
Health problem was the reason for Chief Justice Joseph's transfer. Justice Shakdher's transfer was for a different reason, which I have been informed by reliable sources, but cannot disclose. But it was not political, and it was on the recommendation of the Supreme Court Collegium, and not at the instance of the Central Govt.

He then slammed Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal (who had tweeted about Joseph’s transfer in a Twitter conversation with senior advocate Indira Jaising: “This raises serious questions abt independence of judiciary”).

Kejriwal should apologize for his own good
Why does Kejriwal not apologize for his baseless comments about the transfer of Judges, and say he made a mistake. We are all human beings, and we all make mistakes.
If he apologizes his image will go up, not down. If he does not, his image will be permanently shattered, and he will be branded as a man who for political mileage will hastily slander and attack anyone without any basis.
I am saying this for his own good. Let him ponder over what I am saying, and remember Kabir's admonition ' Nindak neerey raakhiye, aangan kuti chavaya '

Katju also had a lot to say on other things in the last few days

He’s written snippets on Sabarimala:

Womens entry in Sabarimala and Shani temples
In a comment on my previous post one person
asked for my take on Hindu womens demand to enter Sabarimala temple.
I replied that women should go to engineering colleges, scientific institutions, medical colleges etc instead of wasting their time in temples and mosques, e.g. Sabarimala, Shani temple, etc.
India requires more science and scientific thinking, and less of religion, for its progress

national politics:

I have been critical of our politicians, but as long as the system lasts in India we have to seek the best.
In my opinion the next Prime Minister of India should be Nitish Kumar, with Arvind Kejriwal as his Deputy Prime Minister.
I say so because I have not heard anything against the personal integrity of these two, even though I have sometimes been critical of them.
However, it is for the people of India to judge and decide

Many people have criticized me in their comments on my previous post, and I have taken no offence. I am not infallible, and in a democracy people have a right to criticize, though in polite language.
However, some people abused me, and I have blocked them

state elections:

My predictions for this year's state elections in India :
(1) Jayalalitha will sweep Taminadu elections. There is hardly any Opposition
(2) Mamata will sweep West Bengal elections. There is hardly any Opposition
(3) Position very unclear in Assam and Kerala elections. Possibly hung assemblies.
But I repeat, I am not infallible, and thgis is only my own perception


The day Kashmiris stop demanding azadi ( which is a stupid demand and will never be granted ),, and instead start demanding reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a secular govt. which will not tolerate religious bigotry, whether Hindu or Muslim, I will demand withdrawal of most of our armed forces from Kashmir. But I know Kashmiris will never do that, and persist in their stupid demand


The need for Muslims to become modern

I have always supported Muslims whenever any atrocity or injustice was done to them. But I am an opponent of outdated backward feudal customs and practices among all communities, e.g. the caste system among Hindus and looking down on dalits.

Similarly, I am strongly against oral talaq and burqa among Muslims, and I support the demand of a uniform civil code. [Read more…]


Many people have asked me my view about reservation
I have repeatedly said that I am against all caste based reservation ( they are only for vote bank politics ), but special facilities should be given to poor people of all castes and communities

… and he’s shared a lot of the reader messages that he receives on Facebook supporting him.

For one so used to being listened to and sermonising while he was judge, it’s easy to see why Katju couldn’t stay away from social media for long; his average Facebook post gets hundreds to thousands of likes from his more than 400,000 followers…

It’s bound to be an addictive habit to kick.

Also read: The circus has left town: Any given Katju day, Court Witnessed

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