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‘Surprised’ CLAT consortium ‘dismayed’, action TBC, as NLS exits to roll own online entrance test for Rs 150 [UPDATE-1]


NLS starts pre-law online course for high schoolers for Rs 1,875 to 7,500 • No comment on CLAT 2021


Stand down, stand by (for the SC): Cal HC effectively stays 30% NUJS reservation (pending writ) [UPDATE-3] • Bgl HC strikes down NLS’ 25% [READ JUDGMENT]


Is video stored? • Why leak not big deal • NLS confirms / denies, PDF of NLAT Qs goes viral during exam • HC writ to join SC case [NLAT LIVEBLOG]


Foolproof low-tech NLAT cheating confirmed: We just watched someone’s entire NLS admissions test run live via a Zoom screen share • NLS vows to disqualify but likely impossible


Longread: Taking the NLS NLAT mock as Thanos & a deep dive into how some cheats might be impossible to catch, even for a Fortune 500 vendor