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██████ ██████ partner ██████ ██████ resigns

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About Legally India: Our goals and mission

Legally India reports news and information relevant to Indian law firms, the Indian legal profession, Indian lawyers, law students, and international law firms and lawyers doing business in India.

Started in March 2009, Legally India was the first publication to cover the Indian legal market in a regular, impartial and timely manner, and it continues to be the market leader in the field.

Our editorial principles

  • Our reporting aims to be balanced, independent and as accurate as possible at all times, adhering to the highest possible journalistic and ethical standards.
  • We endeavour to fact check published stories with as many sources as reasonably possible and necessary in each case.
  • We will never accept payment or benefits in kind in exchange for articles written and published by us as part of our editorial content.
  • Legally India is editorially independent and does not serve to advance one point of view over another. We strive at all times to report the facts clearly and for all of our commentary on these facts to be fair.

Transparent ads, sponsored posts & knowledge partnerships

  • Legally India occasionally accepts paid-for advertisements, which are published as graphical banner or button ads in clearly demarcated and obvious positions on the site.
  • From time to time Legally India may publish sponsored posts by advertisers or content by Legally India’s knowledge partners as articles on the site. Sponsored content will always be clearly marked as sponsored content or as coming from a knowledge partner. If you have any complaints about how sponsored content is identified, please let us know.
  • Any money received by Legally India from any third parties will not be allowed to dilute our editorial principles above.

Corrections & feedback

If you have any corrections, suggestions or complaints please get in touch with us directly. We will be happy to hear from you.

Interactivity & you

We want Legally India’s message boards, blogs, social network and comments to be a forum for open and inclusive discussion. Messages posted by readers are therefore generally not moderated.

However, please use your judgement before posting as we may edit comments that are overtly offensive or inappropriate. If you are unhappy with a reader’s comment please send us a short email about it (), or use the “report” button next to the comment, and if appropriate we will take action as soon as reasonably possible.

Finally, please enjoy Legally India. We are happy to hear your thoughts any time on how to make the site better ().

Our editorial team

Kian Ganz, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

Kian is Legally India’s founder and publishing editor, an ex-magic circle lawyer, former journalist at The Lawyer magazine in the UK and an Oxford University law graduate. He is mostly based in Mumbai but also shuffles between Delhi and Bangalore. He currently also writes about the Indian legal market for Indian business daily paper Mint and a number of international publications.

Please get in touch with us any time, or send Kian an email directly ( ) or call him on +91 900 405 6651 to introduce yourself or just for a friendly chat.

Prachi Shrivastava, Delhi

Prachi looks after Legally India’s editorial with Kian. She graduated from Amity Delhi as a lawyer in 2011 and joined Legally India in January 2012 as a reporter covering stories across all beats.

Prachi is based in Delhi and would love to hear from you on any matter directly or incidentally related to our editorial, on 09810 483 059. Or you can email her at .


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