Fresh amendments approved in the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill allow mutual waiver of mandatory 6 month “cool-off” period pre-divorce and gives wife and children clearly defined share in enstranged husband’s “immovable residential property” [Firstpost]

Copyright Amendment Bill 2010 passed in the Rajya Sabha yesterday entitles lyricists and composers to royalty from music companies and film producers using their work [Deccan Herald]

Del HC refuses support to an appellant who had knowingly registered his spa business trademark as “Ananda” which is a Hindi word in public domain from long before appellant’s 10 year old business [Spicy IP]

Del HC website bears brunt of arbitrary banning of vimeo, dailymotion, piratebay et al by nearly all Indian ISPs as hacker group Anonymous OpIndia interrupts operations for a few hours [Spicy IP]

Federal district court judge takes up woes of more than 200,000 US citizens stopped-and-frisked in racist checks by New York city police in the first quarter of 2012 [New York Times Blogs]