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BREAKING NEWS: Nanhe Farishtey to merge with Vivaah!!!

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DISCLAIMER: One and all, the post below is written just for sake of humour and in  no way intended towards any person/firm directly or indirectly. I hope that the post will be appreciated as a work of wittiness. Even then, if anyone feels that it was not in good taste then I apologize for the same. Thank you.

Happy Reading!

"Oye hoye, Eureka!!!!!", "Aaila, ye toh Apple upar se gira bey", "Calligraphy seekh hi leta hu, bachpan se handwriting ke liye murga banta aaya hu", "Sachin, mere bhai, chal tujhe kapde dhona seekhata hu"

Isn't it possible that these were just random ideas and AFTER realizing that it led to something legendary, a story was formed. There is no doubt that everyone gets crazy thoughts (even those people who are non-crazy) but what is strange is the place and time these thoughts strike you. 

Like today morning, I reached office, switched on my PC and I was quietly mourning the departure of weekend when my boss called. He asked me join him in a meeting with his boss regarding some 300 page contract about which, ofcourse, I had no clue. Don't think I'm lazy. No one can understand a super-techie agreement in 2 days.

I did read it but sometimes, I don't know, things just stop going inside your head. But luckily, I do know how to nod perfectly, how to beat hell out of the bush and to make sorry face when asked "any comments?".

You learn all this at law school (its applied science, obviously not given in syllabus). Anyways, while sitting there all sort of random thoughts were popping inside my head - "why Facebook is taboo in office but long-gossips on Ash's child is not? "; "what if a 9/11 kind of attack happens on Parliament when its NOT in session?; "would it be okay if I replace this weird painting with poster of Jism-2?" and then "why the name of law firms are so lame and boring?" I was hooked.

Sometimes when I read "Imeanbusiness Associates", "Lexlegalogicalopedialogymania Partners", "LKNYWAWBJGA and Associates", I feel that the name of a law firms itself proclaims "we squeeze out 'Fun' out of  your life". It's so serious that the Joker gave up before even asking the copyrighted question. It's like Tushar Kapoor's face. There is no excitement, it’s plain and dry.

I know and I agree that Law is a respectable profession. It has to be serious and mature. We are not making a film or its not an "art" related industry that the name should be "catchy" but for humour sake, just what if the law firms were named on movies or are titled as per the area of practice. How about some cheap or B-D grade movies? What if these were some of the names:

"Nanhe Farishtey”: A new, budding law firm

"Hum Saath Saath Hai" : A family-owned firm

"RA.One”: A big-firm's Bubble Burst

"Buddha hoga tera Partner”: An old firm still active in market

"Trimurti”: A firm with three founding partners

"Hakuna Matata: Timon aur Pumbaa”: A big firm partnering with a small firm

"Jakhmi Sanam”: Name of a firm after losing client-base

"Rok sako toh Rok Lo" : Firm of the Partner who stole client-base

"Lootera" : A firm with hefty fee structure

"Vivaah”: A firm dealing with Mergers

"Break ke Baad" : A firm for De-mergers

"Izzat ka rakhwala" : A firm providing protection against Hostile Takeovers

"Hogi Pyar ki Jeet" : A firm providing Arbitration services

"IP-Man" : An IPR Protection firm

"Sadda Haq" : An NGO

"Mujhse Fraandship Karoge" : A foreign firm offering Best-Friend Agreement

And before I could reach Gundaraj, Vasooli, Himmatwala etc., My boss asked me to prepare a note on some query but I know he won't like it until a big-shot firm gives the same opinion, citing same provisions and same cases.

Any ways, enough crazy randomness for today. However, "A little nonsense now and then is, relished by the wisest men."
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