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Delhi HC gets 6 new seniors: Mohit Mathur, KK Manan, Rekha Palli, ex-DSK Balbir Singh, Mukul Talwar, Vivek Sood

The Delhi high court has designated six new senior counsel today, according to authoritative sources.

Mohit Mathur, KK Manan, Rekha Palli, Balbir Singh, Mukul Talwar and Vivek Sood.

As reported by Legally India in January, Balbir Singh had left behind partnership at DSK Legal to attempt to become a senior counsel as an independent practitioner.

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Like +23 Object -7 RJ 29 Apr 15, 20:44  interesting  top rated  controversial
Congratulations to Mr. Balbir Singh. Well deserved elevation !!
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Like +15 Object -10 Demoralised 29 Apr 15, 20:57  interesting  controversial
I haven't felt more demoralised...
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Like +7 Object -3 Guest 29 Apr 15, 22:00
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Like +23 Object -4 Guest 29 Apr 15, 21:48  interesting  top rated
Mr. Balbir Singh left DSK to pursue counsel practice just 4 months back!
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Like +7 Object -4 Lt 30 Apr 15, 08:07
Wow only one negative comment! A refreshing change from most posts where all transactional lawyers do is bitch and cry!
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 30 Apr 15, 12:41
Wait for it! ;)
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Like +21 Object -2 anonymous 30 Apr 15, 09:01  interesting  top rated
this is utterly crazy. this system of designation has become a complete joke. of the six who have been designated, i can say the following

one of them made his name by slapping an sho repeatedly during a cross examination and is known as the mr "fixit" of the trial courts. and in the recent past the high courts.

one of them has struggled struggled amd struggled to be designated but was rejected earlier. he then resorted to practices best left undescribed to acheieve his wish.

one of them is related to certain influential persons which explain this absolutely sudden designation. ever heard of anybody being designated with four of going independent as a counsel?

two of them i have never ever heard of even remotely amd neither have two of my friends.

so friends- today the world of litigation is the wild west!!!
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Like +7 Object -4 Guest 30 Apr 15, 14:08
Haven't there been cases of people getting designated even without going independent? I think a couple of Partners of some law firms like ELP were recently designated as Senior Advocate while they were still Partners.
Balbir has been arguing before the Delhi High Court, among other Courts, for donkey years now, even while he was a Partner at DSK; so it really doesn't matter if it's been just 4 months since he ventured out independently.
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Like +5 Object -6 Nonsense 30 Apr 15, 22:05  controversial
Stop casting aspersions! These are all great lawyers. Mr. Manan, for instance, is the former Chairperson of the Delhi Bar Council. In fact, to see what a remarkable advocate he is and his impeccable knowledge of law, please watch his interview on YouTube - . Mr. Manan explains how "the Constitution has three branches..." and why lawyers should dress properly.

The person who is interviewing him is clearly another up and coming star. He will be designated Senior Advocate in 2025.
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Like +0 Object -0 Bravo! 01 May 15, 07:53
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Like +5 Object -0 Anon 30 Apr 15, 12:12  interesting
Surely the ability to string together a complete sentence in Court must be one of the requirements for designation as senior advocate.

At least one of these 6 cannot do this.
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Like +3 Object -1 Vakilsahib 30 Apr 15, 13:20
forget a sentence in english. the guy would not know half the law a decent fresh graduate would know.

What he does know is how to be a fixer.

wow! there was a time, aspirational lawyers went to far away courts to get that senior tag. Now, Delhi High court does it.

The only reason, at least one of these guys became a senior would be his no support to the increase in jurisdiction issue. Or for some other nefarious reason.

Definitely, definitely, definitely not for the reason of his command on law.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anon 01 May 15, 15:56
I meant someone else from these 6. So that makes it at least 2 out of 6 who cannot string together a complete sentence in Court.
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Like +1 Object -3 Guest 30 Apr 15, 13:53
Now, this is not done.
Kian, I suggest you allow people to name the person specifically that they're referring to in the kind of cryptic comments above; or you censor them completely.
Now, how are we supposed to know who are they referring to in the above comments?
One might think Balbir is the fixer, the other might think Vivek is the one who doesn't know law or someone might think x, y or z doesn't know how to speak English.
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Like +0 Object -0 Agree 30 Apr 15, 14:02
I agree. This is worse than naming the individual specifically. This is like a blanket thing, tarnishing the entire batch of the ones designated.
Let it be known who exactly doesn't know the law and who doesn't know English and who is a fixer, if at all such descriptions are to make way in here.
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Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 30 Apr 15, 14:07
Hmm, it's a slightly complicated position legally.

Naming any one individual would be defamatory, not being specific isn't.

But yes, it potentially opens the door for speculation who is and who isn't - but people in the industry would presumably know?

Happy to take suggestions what we should do with that comment - whether it should be unpublished outright or some parts of it severely moderated?
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 30 Apr 15, 14:12
Kian, your website is not only for industry insiders. If that were so, you didn't even have to report such news of these people getting designated, right?
Thousands of lawyers practice at the Delhi High Court and not each one would know these traits in each one of these guys, if at all they exist.
Also, it's not like just Delhi lawyers are reading these comments, right? So, someone in Bombay might know and be interested in say, a Mukul or a Balbir but might not be an industry insider in that sense. Such comments tend to make one think.. Achha, Balbir fixer hai.. Achha Vivek ko law nai pata etc.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 30 Apr 15, 14:15
The point is that such cryptic comments tend to bring about a blanket doubt in the mind of the reader with respect to ALL six.
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Like +1 Object -2 Vakilsahib 30 Apr 15, 17:37
If you don't know who is being talked about. don't fret.

ask anyone if litigation in Delhi. They would know. its "that" obvious.

Two: some time back, it was another batch of advocates, far, far, far capable than some in this present lot who were rejected and not given senior tag. (that time president did create some noise)

and when one of these get it, One can only say that the system is that there is a lot of sycophancy and opaqueness in this. There are names in this list, I have not heard of.

but when a law firm partner, leaves a firm and within months becomes a senior, well.... a real capable person, I must say.

So while only one/ two of the name may be maligned. doubts creeps in about the others.

speaks volumes about transparency.
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Like +0 Object -0 kashi 02 May 15, 22:56
Kian sab ka gamily in laws office background doo
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Like +0 Object -1 Bombay Lawyer 05 May 15, 19:28
Its nice to see all these Dilliwallahs complaining. My High Court has a proud tradition of designating good advocates as seniors. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but I don't remember the last time a persons became a senior only because of his surname.
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