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Yesterday’s CLAT aspirants in a tizzy over difficulty, strange underlines

Post-CLAT hangoverPost-CLAT hangover

The Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT) for 23,875 candidates, has provoked complaints about the unexpected length, difficulty and that a number of answers had been unintentionally underlined in some papers.

According to students on a number of CLAT preparation websites and Facebook pages, the 2011 CLAT was of much higher difficulty than the mock exam preparations they had taken and in some sets of papers around five answers to questions were underlined.

“how could they do this to us. i feel like a betrayed lover,” wrote one CLAT taker on the closed Facebook page of a coaching institute.

Another wrote on CLATGyan: “i m just unable to believe dis….my life is ruined…..wat the helll was dis paper? suchh a lengthy paper..even IITs n PMTs have an easier n brief paper…english n legal were sooooooooo lengthy […] i was not even able to cumplete 160 questions… goooddness…” (sic)

However, another candidate noted: “Okay people I know this is late. Yes the paper was bad, but it was bad for everyone, its frivolous to think about suing CLAT people. They just framed the questions in a different way. I t was difficult for me, it was difficult for everyone. Its all relative, so why worry.Lets hope for the best.”

In respect of five questions that were reportedly underlined in some papers, students argued about whether it would be fairer to award five additional points to everyone or dropping those points from the test altogether. Wrote one: “there was ambiguity , and there was plenty of it, giving 5 marks and not giving 5 marks, both will have its own arguements, its like one of those life saving questions they asked in legal reasoning, just that now its become a real life incident, need to wait and watch what the intellectuals at nujs are going to to, I'm sure they have their hands full of issues !”

CLAThacker predicted only 125 to 135 marks out of 200 as expected cut-offs for getting into the top three colleges.

“I was expecting a correct paper but it was not. The students also criticize sometimes unnecessarily but i am also not happy with this paper since it will not be able to sort out the best talent. The luck factor will prevail,” wrote Clathacker. “There is no problem is setting tougher questions but the amount of time should be appropriate otherwise the luck factor comes. The legal reasoning was very good and the reasoning too. Maths, English and GK was also good. The questions were appropriate but the questions were too many and very lengthy. It makes no sense to give 1 mark to a gk question and 1 mark to a legal reasoning question too.”

Another student wrote on Facebook: “This was the best CLAT paper ever by any standards except the underlined answers. Now, relax, have fun and wait for the 28th.”

The results will be announced on 28 May.

NUJS Kolkata’s CLAT convenors were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

DNA reported that 23,875 students took the CLAT this year.

Picture by umjanedoan

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Like +2 Object -2 Hell 16 May 11, 13:51
This year CLAT was like hell!
Those 2 hours passed like a nightmare.....
i belive the lowest cutt off wud b near about 85-90 for tier III
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Like +13 Object -5 Not so anonymous 16 May 11, 14:36  interesting  controversial
It is sad that the present students expect the questions to be simple and straight forward. They want to be spoon fed. In an entrance exam as prestigious as CLAT one cannot expect all the students to finish all the questions. The aim of setting the question paper like this is to chaff out the students who are smart and can manage time from the ones who are not. Also, they think that the question paper was lengthy because there was no redundant vocab section, which tested how ones mugging up abilities rather than their understanding of English.
Also, since the paper was the same for everyone it is going to be a level playing field. So everyone should relax and keep their fingers crossed till the 28th.
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Like +4 Object -2 gayathri 16 May 11, 16:08
was that a clat paper or a comprehension test
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Like +2 Object -3 LegallyBlind 16 May 11, 16:22
:O Finalllly.
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Like +15 Object -2 Legal Poet II 16 May 11, 17:19  interesting  top rated
Tough. New questions. Lengthy.

Enough to separate wheat from the chaff.

Some underlined answers in one set of the paper? That is worrisome!

But otherwise, thats how entrance tests should be. Tough!
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 CLAT 11 17 May 11, 17:34
It was not tough. It was only lengthy - unreasonably lengthy. The aspirants did not get enough time to read the question otherwise comprehending the question and the application of the concept was not tough at all.

With no provision for negative marking coupled with the unreasonable length of the paper aspirants did loads of random guess work. This brings luck factor into the picture.

Now, how is that enough to separate wheat from the chaff?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Legal Poet II 16 May 11, 17:26
"According to students on a number of CLAT preparation websites and Facebook pages, the 2011 CLAT was of much higher difficulty than the mock exam preparations...".

Since only the rich can afford coaching, poor can't prepare for a test that can be prepared for.

And hence the need for a tough, 'not anything like before' test.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -2 Abhisek 16 May 11, 18:07
A little something I wrote on this year's public genocide :
CLAT 2011, Genocide indeed.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 LLM GUY 16 May 11, 18:16
Hey Kian,

Another news awatis for you.
I have talked to many other candidates who had also given the CLAT (P.G) where the NUJS had made the Big Blunder for them.

in near about 35 questions out of 100 MCQ's there was Mysterious "K" appearing in the question. like in NAAZ foundation case, 377 was questioned, but thanks to NUJS "K" it was K77, K75, K07, K02 ( i exactly dnt remember) but there were enough "K" in the paper. in every Numerical of the IPC, Consti,Contract act There was K making sure that it ruined the Paper of the every LLM candidate fig. and thanks to our so called convenours of the NUJS ( whom i believe were not there to solve any problem/inconvinence but to get the free tour/holiday in the city) overlooked the problem and by not comming to the exam centra depite raising the voice/concern over the gross negligence.

i dont know what the Exam paper proof reader or the Exam committee was doing, did they had the single look over the question paper after getting the print or even after final blue print was fixed or they were partying around and doing their serious job that they were supposed to do.

first i thought i was the 1 who got the wrong question paper where there was printing mistake, when raised nobody gave me different set of question paper because they didnt had the spare. i said bad luck dude.
then after giving the exams 15 friends of mine from 3 different centre( u can read 3 diff state also) confirmed the same.

well u can say a big Notice along with the RTI application( to know about the big hard party of the examination department and their serious alcoholic party ) is being drafted.

Well no doubt questions were CLASS 1, no doubt about it but then those printing errors can cost us, so believe me a great news awaits. :)
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -11 Not so poetic 16 May 11, 18:59  controversial
Legal Poet II will have his reasons to defend the paper since his beloved NUJS has set it.
SO when you have five questions underlined in some sets and in others they are not, is it fair for the latter sets?
What if all the poor students (over whom you go gaga) had that set?
The paper had great flaws too. It was indeed different and the effort toward the right CLAT paper was indeed required and for that we appreciate NUJS but let us not be oblivious to some other gray areas as well, Poet.
P.S. what is it with all these random Noojie [...] blogging nowadays. You were good. But these people need to fne tune themselves. Poet, first teach grammar at your law school and then let's talk of how good CLAT papers were or werent.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -2 Oh man! 16 May 11, 20:21
Oh man! So much frustration. There have been many aspirants from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc. who did well in paper.

A paper is expected to be tough when it is a National Level Entrance Test.

Underlined answers wont be an issue because it had been assured by the VC that it wont be counted. Eg. marks would given out of 195, then converted out of 200.

Your reaction would not have been the same, had it been IIT-JEE. They are expected to be tough. Then, why not CLAT ?

Lengthy, it was same for everyone and not just for you. If you have maintained your accuracy, then you dont need to worry.

Moreover, there should have been negative marking in this kind of paper so that students do not get selected because of their Luck.

If you dont get selected, take CLAT exam seriously next time. It is no more so called exam which can be cracked easily.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -2 subhro 16 May 11, 20:48
There is confirmation that 5 to 10 answers were underlined in set a and b...what will they do about it...scrap the questions?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -3 Legal Poet II 16 May 11, 21:33
Oh yes! My beloved NUJS! I just filed an RTI against it.

Those 5 questions will be taken care of, am sure. And I said, that its definitely not done; its a big blunder and that I am worried why the error crept in.

As far as the standard of the paper is concerned: it was tough and lengthy; a nice way to see who is competitive in a competitive exam.


And well, the editor of this website is impressed by the new bloggers. And as far as I can see, their grammar reads fine!
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -0 Suman Srivastava 16 May 11, 22:12  interesting
"No matter if I get through this exam or thing's for sure..I am soo very glad I wrote it.

I still have long way to go..Work hard and smart..and make my way!

This paper has evoked a passion to master things really necessary n important for law, lawyers n law students. So, you can call it a +ve side effect of paper"- Suman Srivastava, a candidate.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 r 17 May 11, 08:11
my view is that ......the clat syllabus is unreasonable..... This clat cn be said to be a device of preparing the 2G OR 3G lawyers who are not educated but trained. U can even train animals in circus to perform acrobatics. Who can vouch under their hand and say that he who has not cleared the clat or could not mk it to NLU'S has no future in law realm. This is my personal view. No offense please. But then taking notice of the emerging competition ...clat like things seem to be indispensable.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Meerkat 17 May 11, 15:16
If I ever open a CLAT tutorial centre (which I probably will), the first thing I'll insist upon is that the students not rape the language with sms lingo.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Not so anonymous 18 May 11, 11:49
I agree with you, but its not the fault of CLAT alone. Its the fault of our education system and is prevelant in every other prestigious entrance exames, be it the IITJEE, AIEEE, Civil Services Exam or the IIM entrance test. With so many people appearing for the test and with such limited number of seats, even a 0.5 marks can make a lot of difference. Also, with limited number of good colleges present in the country, the person who misses out by this 0.5 marks feel that his career has been ruined and is left with only two options, to sit down and study for another year or join not so good colleges like AMITY or SYMBI. Around 24000 people wrote the exams and there are only 600 seats worth applying for. So the ratio of the students taking the exam to the ones making it is an astonishing 40:1. On the other hand in colleges like MIT, Princeton etc. in USA the intake ratio is as low as 8:1.
The education ministry needs to realise this and open colleges which are good enough to accomodate all the brilliant students sitting for the exams.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Not so anonymous 18 May 11, 11:54
I agree with you. It is surprising to see the would be lawyer students using text speech. Takes me double the time to comprehend what they are saying.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 poetic justice 18 May 11, 20:41
the simple point is, if you'll whine about such papers, there is no place for you in any of the top 3 law schools, viz., NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS. Beyond these top 3, there is no future, even though I know NLU-J and NLIU-Bhopal will get on my case for this. Anyways, let smaller fish fight. The other so-called NLU' Patna, Patiala et al...they're just lousy regional law schools, and dont even deserve mention.

@aspirants: Life with law is tough. Get used to it. Surviving in law school is infinitely tougher than getting in. So, consider CLAT a teaser of life, if you make it through to the top-3. If you make it, savour the moment and gear up for the challenges ahead. If not, know you fought a hard battle and you live to fight another day.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Sidhanth 19 May 11, 20:53
look dude, whoever you are, dont be so irresponsible.
"Beyond these top 3, there is no future"..keep such statements in ur head only..some people might take it seriously..
ps- im guessing ur a student in 1 of the "top 3", and ur getting bullied there everyday..
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 LLM Guy 18 May 11, 22:53
Hey Kian,
Still nO words from you...jago Grahak jago :O
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 nishivan 19 May 11, 15:58
I think basically it has a plus point that that it is raising the clat standard but but the i still consider the 2 hrs time span too short even for an objective question paper.
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