induslaw Suneeth Katarki

Induslaw has created a new career step of principal associate as a one-to-two-year training ground before partnership and has promoted one if its senior associates into the new role.

Around nine-year qualified Hyderabad senior associate Satya Sree Akella will become a principal associate from 1 April 2010, with a view to becoming a partner within a year.

Bangalore co-founding partner Suneeth Katarki (pictured) explained the new principal associate rung: "Our thought is very simple: we are ready to make the person partner today but there we have a kind of breeding space."

He added that the firm had no discretion with respect to whether or not a principal associate would be elevated once that principal associate comes forward.

Katarki said: "We felt there is certainly still a gap in the way law firms are structured between senior associates and partner. We found that from an HR perspective it is nicer and easier for senior associates to deal with principal associates. Senior associates can find it difficult to deal with someone who is a senior associate one moment and then a partner."

He explained that a principal associate would also start to look at the operational side of running a law firm, such as financials and administration, as they would gradually be "groomed" to take on partnership duties.

Induslaw Delhi co-founding partner Gaurav Dani noted that during the transitional period principal associates would also be invited for partners' meetings where necessary.

Akella is heading up the firm's Hyderabad office of five lawyers and specialises in private equity and corporate work. She said: "There are different philosophies: designation follows role or role follows designation. I believe that designation follows role."

Akella added that she was not quite ready for the partner label yet but hoped to get there soon. "If I am partner-in-making I would look forward to client acquisitions and more of client management."

Dani said that the firm was looking to expand its South India significantly with lateral hires.

Induslaw, which rebranded at the beginning of this year from Indus G&D Law, has 53 lawyers, which includes seven co-founding equity partners and around seven senior associates. It was formed by the merger between G&D Law and Indus Law in 2007.

While Induslaw had made one internal partnership promotion in the past that person had left the firm recently, explained Dani.

A principal associate would get promoted to become a salaried partner for a period before becoming an equity partner.

Both Dani and Katarki denied that principal associate position was an alternative to partnership or a parking space to avoid making up new partners.

"We don't believe in having somebody as a counsel who is neither here nor there," said Dani.

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 01:39
it is a really a good move relating to promotion at partnership level ...
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 01:50
how is this different from other firms?

do the job titles mean anything, like managing associate or A1, B10, designate associate at amarchand or group head or whatever at these firms?

I am confused by the job titles and have the suspicion that they are just handed out willy nilly to avoid making new partners. Anyone can shed any light?
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 02:18
Its the real things (money and power) that matter and not the intengibles (designations)...Its high time law firms realize that and not let the real assets leave their firms for lack of the real things...
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 04:37
I am a consultant with a global advisory firm to law firms and see this culture a lot in Indian law firms. Its more like testing waters for the firm and its management. They do this to get 100% sure and many of the progressive and professional firms actually end up promoting principal associates or whatever to the next level, if they find him/her deserving. Now the catch or the subjective part is " if they find him/her deserving" ...where things are still grey. These posts are substitute for partner-in-waiting...and all we can hope for is that this partner in waiting doesnt have to wait for too long!
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Like +0 Object -1 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 04:37
I'm also confused with the titles. Be it a law-firm or any other professionally managed firm. The titles are so confusing that with the change in service lines in BIG4, a manager is also known as 'Associate V-P'. The 'National Team Leader' is also designated as a 'Partner'. I don't know, in admist of so many legislation, why can't SILF draw a code for designation in law firms. At least, we'll get some relief.

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 17 Feb 10, 23:44
Why would the SILF draw a code on this? SILF is composed of the founding and equity partners in the big firms and if the leverage to play around with designations and titles serves them well as managers of their firms, they are not going to regulate this.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 20 Feb 10, 01:57
Nice to know of satya's promotion, an an amazing transactional lawyer without doubt.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 26 Feb 10, 04:54
and what about people leaving delhi office? no efforts to know the reason why people are leaving......congrats to satya...
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