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I'm getting like 70 but have a feeling part II was not that great. Is this enough?
If you are getting 70 in this paper, that seems to be better than enough. I am sure Part 2 would have been good too. But then, their process would still remain transparent even if you get through
Same here. Not even crossing 40 in paper 1 (attributable to non-preparation). It appeared to be lengthy. Also the duration was 2.5 hours, 30 minutes less than last year. But overall the questions were of solid standard.
It was difficult. Last year it was easy to score 80/100. This time 50/100 is also difficult. All because of ambiguous options and based on latest judgements
Why was there so much constitution? Question 3 only had landmark judgements like jalikattu etc which nobody reads unless they are preparing for judiciary. Is this all what law is about?

Constitution and shit. Barely any questions from commercial laws like IBC etc.

Because SC is more likely to deal with constitutional issues.
What's the point of this exam? We can still get a clerkship based on contacts if we're from top NLUs right?
Honestly, no one gives a shit about college in courts. It's your contacts or privilege.
it was super tough and lengthy. im scoring about 30. very disappointed. part 2 was easier but part 1 was just traumatic
How's the scores after the revised answer key?? They have given out a lot of marks xD
Anyone feel Part 2 questions being much different than Sample Ques (of this year and last) and even diff than the last year ques paper?

Specially Ques 2. And the new question 3 was much more specific and, might I say, less analytical.
Yes question 3 pf part 2 seemed to be very specific towards judgements rather than requiring a descriptive based answer like the sample
Guys is the process expected to be transparent after last year???
Lol, the exam process has NEVER been transparent. Just pray they follow the timelines.