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I will be joining as an A0 at a firm next year. I've had a negligible social life and have avoided social interaction during my college life. I am a husk of my former, joyful self. College life broke me somehow. I know that having social anxiety while being a lawyer is ironic. But somehow I'm still working in this field, but struggling. I lack basic conversational skills and I struggle to make friends. Is there anyone who can relate to my situation or even guide me? I've considered counselling but never had the time for it.
Bhai start conversing to understand human psychology warma law firm partner or associate tera game bjaa denge manipulation karke.
You're going there to work. Let your work speak volumes. Social butterflies don't get too far.
I see your point but the loneliness really gets to me. I don't want to be the most charismatic person in the firm, or a social butterfly. I can't be in a shell and just keep working.
Then stop wasting time here and go talk to your colleagues. It starts with a simple Hey how are you doing ..I'm .....
If you are not gonna speak for yourself, no one will.

Don't be a conformist, people pleaser. Partner/seniors will gobble you up.

Do your work diligently, only speak when needed and communicate as clearly as you can.
I do get that. I've understood the work ethic I should have. But I'm not talking about sucking up. I'm talking about having real friends and people who look after you.
I'm trying but I feel that the partners/seniors will disregard my work. That's what I felt while interning. The team which I worked with judged me because I was "weird" according to them and I couldn't open up to them, so they didn't give me work at all or even substantial work. And I know it's just an internship but my colleagues were getting work at least, and much better and substantial work.
You have identified the problem, now start working towards the solution. Take small steps - start counseling at the earliest. Find time - no excuses.

Being an introvert won't harm you in initial years but it is a factor which will be considered at the time of elevation to partnership.
I empathise with you as I too suffer from social anxiety. My view is that law firm life may be pretty harmful for you if you are assigned to a toxic team. If that happens, work hard and keep your sanity intact for a year. After 1 year, think about a different profession, like think tanks or judicial service or academia.
Same bruh, it's crippling sometimes and at times idgaf about my surroundings (which feels dangerously powerful for some reason). Wonder if I should've gone for finance lol.
I can relate to this. It may be a question of degree of anxiety that I face. Fortunately for me, I joined a small office which had some very nice people. Because I was half decent at work and was earnest, I rose up the ranks. I'm now a partner at the same firm.

Making conversation is still a little daunting, and I prefer email/text over meeting or phone calls. I'm still quite surprised that I have made it to where I have.

I don't think having a negligible social life will affect you in any way professionally, at least not for the first few years.

Hopefully, things will work out for you too. All the best.
Wow. It's admirable that you've been able to reach such a stage despite having this issue. Gives me a glimmer of hope. Thank you for your advice.