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Just look at the dick-measuring contests on LI and in law firm conversations in general....

"My watch is Patek Philippe, so I am better than you".

"You must use Armani perfumes if you work in a Tier 1 firm"

"I have bought a fancy car, so I will date and marry the hottest girl associate"

"I only have coffee at the Taj. I wouldn't even look at a Starbucks".

Anyone who has worked in a law firm will relate to such remarks and show-off culture. But what's incredible is that many of these people are from very simple backgrounds. Prior to joining NLUs, they could barely speak in English. They were educated in govt schools in small towns, rather than elite schools in metro cities. Their parents work as low-ranking managers in government offices and can't even dream of entering the Taj. In fact, some of these "brand bros" are actually from SC/ST/OBC backgrounds and entered NLUs through legitimate reservation (non-creamy lawyer and genuinely poor).

So what accounts for such behaviour? Why do people turn into such douchebags when they join law firms? Is it peer pressure? Shouldn't those from less privileged backgrounds actually have more empathy?
Lack of family culture, upbringing. People who have that, from families humble or rich, don't acquire such toxic traits even after law school.
Only the nouveau riche or those who have experienced abject poverty talk about brands or show off what they are wearing. Most of these people are not worth talking to or bothering about. They may work in T1 firms, but they still don't know how to behave like the wealthy. Class can't be bought; you are either born into it or you learn it. If you don't understand how a Patek is made, what's the point of spending so much on it? It's just a bad financial idea. The problem with law firms is that they have a structure that forcefully turns you into a well's frog. So, the next time someone talks about what they are wearing and they are doing it only because they want to flaunt the brand, just smirk and move on.
Well op who is apparently talking about noveau rich is somehow turned who line of argument into a classist thing which is abhoring only point is this whole thread want ot make that fake show off is never good it was never about class cant be bought or you have to born it. You just sound like generation wealth waale buffon.
A Patel (unlike a car) is actually not a bad financial idea. They almost always appreciate in value. Good luck getting one right now though.
I know its true because a friend of mine at a tier 1 in NCR experienced this BS.
Not just law firms. Brand awareness happens throughout the corporate sector. Nothing wrong in it. In the West even Uber drivers drive Mercs and regular people buy brands like Cartier. Congress socialism kept Indians suppressed for many years and now people just want to live decently.
Does wearing a Patec give you an additional two hours in the day to nap? Otherwise one fails to understand how that's called living well. Living pretentiously, yes.
I think you answered your own question in the post. People from genuinely posh backgrounds don't have an inferiority complex and don't engage in apparently show-offy behaviour (mostly considered classless), It's all much more subtle...
My dear, permit me to dish out a spoonful of unsolicited enlightenment. For some, education is more than just a door to wisdom; it’s the golden ticket to a larger life, one peppered with more zest and fewer yawns. Think of it as a transformation – from mundane shirts to suave tailored suits, from watches that demand monthly battery bribes to ones that shimmer without interruptions. Now, if they wish to swap the memories of past struggles, be it their own or their ancestors, for a splash of material luxury, who are we to judge?

Witnessing someone morph into a Patek-wielding, "Taj-only" espresso elitist might seem like watching a Cinderella story. But, while it's easy to dismiss such displays as cries for "look-at-me" validation, don't we all, at some level, yearn for something deeper amidst life's clamor? So the next time you're tempted to side-eye those flashy lawyers, remember, beneath those polished shoes and power ties, beats a heart, perhaps yearning for a smidgen of recognition in the courtroom of life. If that means shedding humble beginnings for a touch of Armani elegance, then so be it. After all, life’s a stage with its own set of dramas and the hallowed halls of law firms? Oh, they’re just another theater.

It's all rather amusing - the debate, I mean. Materialism is as good as spiritualism/asceticism/minimalism, and it’s really just a matter of choice. If a Seamaster or Yacht-master sets your heart aflutter like a teenager with a crush, by all means, splurge. But if your soul resonates with the simple ticks of an HMT Janta or a Casio, then rock that watch with every ounce of your being.

Let those with the material shine in their glory, and those without, have the empathy to appreciate the spectrum's other end.
As most of these people are seeing money for the first time, it is getting to their head. They want attention and validation. It is unfortunate since the quickest way of losing money is spending money to seek validation, or to show people that you are rich. In my experience, law firm peeps have very little understanding of personal finance and often end up miserable and financially ruined because of overspending.
This is an interesting thread. What I don’t get it is, where is all this money coming from? Law firms don’t pay well enough for extravagant items unless you are an equity partner. Even most equity partners can’t comfortably buy very high end watches or cars (not entry level luxury cars or watches). If you look at tier 1 firms, only a handful of partners have equity. Out of that, there are different ranges of equity.

Firms like Trilegal may give equity to all but new equity holders would have less. It would be interesting if someone can tell me, what is the expensive range of watches and cars that they think lawyers can buy. I am not talking about big founders of law firms (or guys like AR, RM, etc., who are not the norm).
Most Partners in law firms are over leveraged. Their lifestyle inflation far exceeds their rise in income level, so they may be cash flow rich, but by no means wealthy. So they become dependent on the firms, get exploited themselves, and try to pass on the exploitation to juniors.
its interesting that Patek has become the favourite brand in Legally india, looks like lawyers gravitate to patek
They (even the partners) anyways make much less than what one would expect from such an illustrious/ lavish looking job. Average construction contractors in tier 3 cities make 2x what the salaried partners at T1 make.

Better save some money and live a simple life instead of getting a sense of fulfillment from such needless material things.
Sir this kind comparison and looking down on other people I have been facing whole life.

Earlier it was just family relatives. Who would indirectly (sometimes even directly) show disrespect/insult for what i was wearing.

Now I am litigating in district court. I dont get paid much (between 5-7K per month and even from that I pay for fuel, emergency spends and all) . I have been using a fastrack watch of β‚Ή1299 for 5 years now.

Once I was waiting in court for my turn. I heard 2 other advocates of similar age giggle at me and say "saala bada nahi hua hai ? Iske paas ghadi khareedne ka bhi paisa nahi h". One of these two advocates is a son of a famous advocate here and he is 2022 graduate (I am 2020 graduate). Other advocate was his friend.

Its true I really cant afford anything . My laptop is bad for more than 1 year now. I am just trying to get by and work as much as possible so that one day I can purchase what I have been waiting for since childhood.

And aapke paas paise nai honge aur weak family se aayenge toh aapko sab aur exploit hi krte hain be it law firm aur chamber. Because they now know ur weakness and that u have no option left in life.

So, it is everywhere sir.

Duniya ko aapke paise , ghar , gaadi se matlab hai bas.
Your post is truly sad. The punks who made those comments against you are toxic nepo kids and symbolise everything wrong with the profession. I feel sorry for you and wish you strength. But perhaps you can also think about quitting law and doing an MBA?
Not sure about MBA,

Getting inside reputed good College is much more competitive.

I m 29 at this time. Plus I have no resources to pay for heavy fees of Mba and living expenses.
29 is a good age for an MBA abroad or at ISB. You can also try SP Jain and MICA. If it’s all beyond your budget then I guess you will have to keep persevering as an advocate. ☹️
Yes sir,

I m just continuing. No hope, no dreams, no plans of marriage , no excitement of anything has reamined now.

Life has become much monotonous , and finances are so low that it is akin to Sanyas. So I am considering to take sanyas after my mother's demise.
I don't know what this line means: "So I am considering to take sanyas after my mother's demise."

If it means what I think, 29 is still soooo young! You talk as if you are 50!!! Just go to ISB, find your life partner, found a startup, become a millionaire.
About MBA -- At this age , circusmtances and disturbed mind I am not sure that I can compete with young guns.

Pretty much resigned my life to fate finally.
Hi I don’t think 29 is that late of an age for a decent MBA in ISB or an excellent MBA abroad. Infact this has been the norm internationally. For IIMs the average age ranges from 24-26 while for ISB it has been 27 plus for the last 4 years. You can also check several LinkedIn posts in support of this! So age should not be an issue at all!

However I can’t counter your argument of disturbed mind as that’s fairly a personal issue. But you still have a lot of time. Don’t get occupied by negativity. You can also opt for accelerated MBA programmes if you well academically! All the best brother/sister ❀️
Thank you for your motivation and insights.

I will consider doing ISB MBA and/or CA . Save up till mid 40s and get back to litigation in Supreme court. But man proposes, god disposes. I m not very enthusiastic and hopeful for anything for past several years .

Thanking you again.
Aaye don’t thank anyone. See that’s what LI is known for. Couple of minutes back you were suspicious of doing a quality MBA. Now you seem much more confident am I right? Try to take baby steps and work on them. You will do remarkably well trust me you will. I don’t wanna act like some self-appointed psychologist , but you will do better if you have faith more :)

Checked ISB fees. Plan dropped.

Next up maybe CA . Not sure if I can devote 3-5 years in that too.

I will continue to write on this website with same username though (user-01).
Take edu loan or maybe dip into your savings the returns in the long run would be worth it
@user01 Can totally relate to the point of people coming from financial weak background like lower Middle class. Though i am not litigation totally understand your pain These so called rich or middle class pretending ti be rich from t1 cities wont be understanding the struggle their life is all about partying heavy on weekends with hard substances, buying unnecessary stuff to be fiting in with their flamboyant peers, going to very very expensive places. Living in fairy world etc. Not everyone has come from same background. These t1 cities or t2 cities people sith affluent background or upper middle class dont have to fulfil family meeds like buying own house,paying loans etc
Yes sir

Sir In district court, paying capacity client is also not much . Junior lawyers and unestablished lawyers run whole day hoping that they earn maybe β‚Ή200 at bare minimum.
Let me tell you one thing, not a single person who has logged in on this website has a patek phillipe or a richard millie
I swear. I dont know where these people are. My T1 Equity partner furnishes their house with IKEA. Another partner uses Mi smart watch. I'm PA, i use 28k Garmin. Wear Raymond Shirts. We're supposed to be T1. Like top chain crack team. Biggest bonuses our team gets in the firm. I dont know what or who these people are. All of us have upper middle class origins.

2 thoughts come to mind reading your rant.

1. Your salty rant sounds like you're a member a former or current feudal family which has seen its serfs becoming richer.

2. The quote: When you're accustomed to privelege, Equality feels like oppression or something like that.

Bonus: you're lying and exaggerating about brand names and boasts by people in your post. People are getting a taste of the good materialistic life. Go find sweeter grapes.

Acc to my assessment you ran into some brand fanbois or people who really research products before purchase.
Do people in T-1 Law firms make enough to afford a Patek Philippe (costs 50 lac minimum) or they just bluff considering non- equity partners make 1 crore in a year and equity partners make 4 crores?
1 cr is just the start, plus if you have been investing your assets would have multipled a lot more by that time. So surely doesn’t seem unfathomable to have people splurging on 50L watches
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