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Hi I don’t think 29 is that late of an age for a decent MBA in ISB or an excellent MBA abroad. Infact this has been the norm internationally. For IIMs the average age ranges from 24-26 while for ISB it has been 27 plus for the last 4 years. You can also check several LinkedIn posts in support of this! So age should not be an issue at all!

However I can’t counter your argument of disturbed mind as that’s fairly a personal issue. But you still have a lot of time. Don’t get occupied by negativity. You can also opt for accelerated MBA programmes if you well academically! All the best brother/sister ❤️
Aaye don’t thank anyone. See that’s what LI is known for. Couple of minutes back you were suspicious of doing a quality MBA. Now you seem much more confident am I right? Try to take baby steps and work on them. You will do remarkably well trust me you will. I don’t wanna act like some self-appointed psychologist , but you will do better if you have faith more :)
I don't know what this line means: "So I am considering to take sanyas after my mother's demise."

If it means what I think, 29 is still soooo young! You talk as if you are 50!!! Just go to ISB, find your life partner, found a startup, become a millionaire.