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Not much value addition. Not many experts in that field to teach. A couple of additional courses that you can pick up by yourself outside too. But it is not any different from the normal BA LLB either, so you can go for it if you get it without extra fees etc.
Kindly let me know how is BSc LLB Cybersecurity at NLIU Bhopal. Will it be a better choice than BA LLB

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate.
It is a new course without a single batch having graduated. So far, it is just another LLB degree with a few different elective papers, that's all.
As someone who has thoroughly researched about the course, I think that it's a bit overrated.

There are 13 All-India unreserved seats, other 47 seats are reserved in this course. This particular batch matrix drastically decreases the quality, other than that it's a decent course since NLIU has had a background in specialised LLM in cybersecurity. If any NLU is qualified enough to start this course it is NLIU, they even have Rajiv Gandhi National Cyber Law Centre.

I placed it above B.A. LL.B. in NLIU as I had conviction in myself that I'll do good regardless of my batch and an inherent interest in the subjects concerned, if you're sceptical about the prospects then B.A. LL.B. in NLIU would be a safer bet. Goodluck!
Kudos for the interesting question!

From a statistical perspective, the average rank for the top 10 admitted students for the BA LLB course is 342, whereas for the BSc LLB Cybersecurity, it is around 743. For context, the closest such average for any other NLU is that of NLUO, which is around 671. So, we can say that, at least statistically, BSc LLB Cybersecurity at NLIU Bhopal is considered to be close to BA LLB at NLUO by students this year.

Hope this helps!
As someone who is currently in ILS pune, should I go for the bsc course?
In short, YES!

Although there are some requisites that you need to satisfy before making the decision, you should be genuinely interested in the course apart from all the hype. Even if it's the most dead thing in the world, if you're passionate about it, you should follow it, so try to see past the hype.

NLIU is by far a better institution to study at; if you believe that BSc LLB is not as good as BA LLB, you may be mistaken, as GNLU also offers BCom LLB, BBA LLB, BSW LLB, and BSc LLB, and it doesn't have any problems placing its batch despite the diverse courses offered.

At the end of the day, your interest in the subject is paramount, and there is no substitute for it.

PS: Sorry for the delay; I already wrote the comment before, but to my surprise, I forgot to post it ;D
What were the placement statistics for gnlu in bsc courses? Also I opted for this course thinking cybersecurity would be huge in the upcoming years.Thank you for your input
Do you know any faculty in GNLU that teach the cyber related subjects??
Is it right to say that if I want to pursue my PhD in cyberspace, cyber security, cyber crime, AI etc NLIU has good faculty and facilities to facilitate a good research? Should I try since there are no other institutions with cred, maybe probably IITD/IITkgp outside of NLUs.
For the above, no better place than NFSU. State NLUs are not designed for higher degree programs (master's and doctorate). They are primarily UG teaching universities. They lack the research culture. Moreover, for a doctorate you need funding, resources, data, and labs in these areas you have mentioned. These subjects (i.e. cyberspace, cybersecurity, and cybercrime) don't fall within NLU expertise anyway. State NLUs are more skewed humanities-oriented traditional law. There is a reason why NLUs still give more importance to BA.LLB, than to any other combination. Think of it - being located in Bangalore (India's tech capital) one would expect NLS to build a niche in these areas, but it hasn't. Its flagship program is still the outdated BA.LLB.
Even as we speak, here's the latest.

CyberPeace and NFSU get into a strategic partnership to pursue practical research in the area of cyber security, cyber crimes, AI, machine learning, and digital forensics.
Khyber, can you cite any law paper written by NFSU faculty in this domain, preferably published in a decent journal? The faculty's publication profiles are not fully provided in their website. I would like to read those and compare with those written by others from other law schools.
Could you provide faculty names that I could contact for a research on an intersection of AI and HR?
Are you aware of the faculties that teach the major cyber related subjects??