Read 44 comments as:
SAM - 15 = 15
CAM - 14.4 + 1.6 = 16
Khaitan - 15.6 + 1.8 = 17.4
AZB Mumbai - 15 + 2 = 17
Trilegal - 14.35 + 2.25 = 16.6
Luthra - 13.8 + 2.2 = 16
Saraf - 13.8 + 2.2 = 16
Indus - 13.2 + 2.4 = 15.6
ICUL - 13.8 + 3.5 = 17.3
Finsec - 16.5 = 16.5
S&R - 18 + 4 = 22
Touchstone - 15 + 3 = 18
TTA - 14 + 4 = 18
Someone please highlight what is the pay at IndusLaw like - A0 Corporate Team.
Scam will do anything to not pay well it seems. Old habits die hard
Well to add CAM will find ways to deduct your salary like late timesheet deduction etc
Please tell me out of the 1.6L bonus, how much is realistically paid
Bump. For example, my firm states that at an A0 level bonus up to 4 lakhs can be given. Now tell me how much is actually given. Is bonus even given? 😭 those extra lakhs really matter to me given I spend 50 percent of my salary on Mumbai rent :)
Fixed part is accurate, no idea about bonus, seems accurate at first glance.
TTA is 14+2 even for 2023 batch. I have received a PPO and its mentioned clearly in my mail. Touchstone, S&R also seem a bit inflated.
Hi can attest this is true for A0 after a month or so, I mean you will be getting this after the first month.
Tbh kco. should also pay signing bonus. I'll have to shell out so much for the first month :(
Any idea what's the pay for AZB Bangalore and AZB Delhi A0s?
I’ve heard that salaries across the different AZB officers vary widely. AZB Bangalore A0 salary was 15 last year. AZB Delhi pay scale is the same as AZB Mumbai.
Yes, Khaitan is paying the mentioned amount. TTA is inflated but S&R has paid this salary to grads to top 5 NLUs
L&l litigation people are getting 10.5L per annum and it is inclusive of bonus.
I think there is a wrong placement of the decimal for ICUL :)
All the new 2022 joinees from law schools in Mumbai office of ICUL have joined at 13 lakh fixed plus 3.5 lakh bonus totalling to a package of 16.5 lakh. The package to 2023 batch across law schools being offered is 17.5 lakh. The numbers may vary depending upon their office/city location. Numbers are verified and accurate.
22L for freshers S&R? xD who are you kidding? Its 16 for A0s currently. And if it got to 22, do you really think SCAM won’t follow ? Atleast be realistic.
Offered 19 L. So 16 fixed + the rest bonus (although for top performers it does reach 20-21)
Depends on the team largely but the pay at an JA level varies from 50k to 60k and at an A0 level that is post 6 month, it becomes 65k to 75k.

- Former JSA Bangalore Attorney.
These are all CTC figures right? How much will it come to in hand?
S&R is giving 16.5 fixed plus 3 variable to the batch of 2022. This all pre-tax, not in hand.
Post revision in April, Batch of 2022 will be effectively paid 17.4 lakhs + 3 lakhs by the end of 2023.
SAM was 16.5 for 2022, pay scale revised so likely to be 17/17.5 at minimum