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Based on the discussions on the LI threads, articles and data available online, i have tabulated this to provide easy reference for law freshers:

Trilegal: 13.2 + 2.2
KCO: 14.4 + 1.8
CAM: 13.5 + 1.5
SAM: 15
AZB: 14 + 1.5
L&L: 13.8 + 2.2
JSA: 11 + 2 ( 6 month probation as JA (60k); 8% bill sharing A1 above)
TTA: 13 + upto 40%(usual 10-20%)
S&R: 13.2 + 3
NDA: 16.2 +1.2 ( employees not retainer)
DSK: 10
Induslaw: 12 + 1.2
Lexygen: 15 + bonus (no minimum, up to 1.2L)
LKS: 9
Veritas: 14
Samvad: 10.8 or 4.8 or 7.2
ELP: 9.6 + 1.2 or 7.8 + 20k
Bharucha: 9 + 1
Pioneer: 9.6 + upto 40%
Poovayya: 9
WG: 6.6
HSA: 6
Finsec: 10.8 + 4.5
DMD: 7.8
PDS: 7.8
Rajani: 6-7
Tatva: 6-7
Algo: 6-7.2
Anoma: 4.8 -5.4
Acuity: 9-10
Rajaram: 6-7.2
Juris Legal: 5.4
SpiceRoute: 6
P&A: 12 + 2
Regstreet: 4.8-6
LexConsult: 7.5
Ikigai : 4.8-5.4
Desai & Diwanji: 7.2 + 60k (2% bill sharing A1 above)
KLaw: 4.8
Tuli & Co.: 6
Is it standardised across all practice areas or does it differ?
They conduct multiple rounds of interviews and don't even bother informing the candidates of the outcome of their application. This is so disappointing.
Nonsense. I was selected recently after a 15min interview.
Lies. They have a policy of conducting atleast two rounds before giving an offer.
Is this for their Delhi office? What is the selection process like?
Please explain if CTC, in hand and before tax. We want actual figures, not HR bullshit where they give you 1 rupee and act like they are give you 10.
For in-hand, deduct 10% TDS for monthly (this numbers are before tax). This 10% can be reclaimed post ITR filing. I can confirm the numbers are largely accurate having helped place quite a few people myself.

Lawyers usually are not screwed over by CTC kinda claims. Maybe I am wrong, let me know if you know any with CTC.
KLaw past 4.8??? Most drivers in Delhi get a similar amount. Uber drivers prob make twice as much.
Drivers more skillful than fresher law graduates, uber drivers probably twice as much
So? Look at the sense of entitlement amongst lawyers. What makes you think we lawyers deserve more than uber drivers?
Spending a lot of money on studying for 5 or 6 years in the hope of proportionate returns. Nobody is saying which profession deserves more respect etc. Why are you arguing in bad faith, man?
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Just to clarify, it is 13.8+2.2, with the joining bonus within 2.2
Lol, if this is true, they are misleading students by putting up notices that they pay 16 lpa, without providing the above breakup.
PPT dekh le jo colleges ko diya gaya hai. Wahan saaf shabdon me 50 as part of 2.2 likha hai. Mast Luthra ke stooge ho. Ye package Luthra ka bhi hota tha. Humpe paththar maroge, tumpe bhi girega. Dimaag se dahi aadmi.
Hijacking the top comment just to ask why does ELP have two different salaries listed? πŸ€”
I believe AZB is different for Mumbai v. Delhi v. Bengaluru. Also, different pay across teams?

Any insight into exact details would be of great help.
AZB pays the same across teams (same pay in Capital Markets, Banking, IPR, litigation, gen corp etc). But, not sure about across locations
nope. they dont pay the same to all the teams. not to IPR and Lit.
Spice Route - 6?? The firm in its linkedIn handle said it pays above 10 L for A0
In our college placement talk Spice Route had a slide for pay scales. However, it started with Associate 1.

A1- 13LPA
A2- 18LPA
A3- 20LPA
A4- 24LPA
SA1- 36LPA
This is completely false. The actual pay will be about 60k for a fresher and the rest is discretionary which no one ever gets because you got to bill 5 times your CTC which is impossible considering that they work with mostly smaller start-ups that don't pay so well. I have enough friends who have left that firm so I can vouch for this.
Spiceroute HR seems to be very active on Legally India
As far as I know, Spiceroute only has freshers and 1-2 senior associates. They don't pay more than 50-60k for the first couple years.
To put JSA’s bill share into context-

3x of your cost to the firm is your revenue target. So if 3x of 15 lacs cost is target, and you’ll probably make around 3-4 lacs through bill share which is in addition to your annual bonus.
Spice route is around 13 according to their official salary scale uploaded on linkedin
Does this apply to both disputes and corporate, especially for the tier 1s?
Can anyone throw some light on Jerome Merchant + Partner
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Paisa dekh ke kabhi field mat choose karna law mein. Dispute and Corp are 2 very different beasts; choose only that which you truly wish to do. U will get paid enough eventually anyway.
Thanks for your input. But I just want to have a rough idea, at the end of the day, we all are working for money.
Request to the LI Mods: Is there any way that LI can have a table for this, somewhat similar to the League Tables, that can be updated easily. Since the posts on this message board can't be updated, it must be quite an effort to start a new post every few months based on the new data available.

The table could simply contain three columns viz. Name of the Firm; Pay; Source. For firms that have officially provided the numbers, it will be easier to put down the exact number and the source, while for others, based on people's comments, the pay could be put down as a range (in case of multiple comments with widely varying numbers).

Legallypedia already has a table for this which has not been upated. Can someone update it please?

Here's the link:
Dont u have excel. put it there and make a link. equally applicable to others
They have offered me 4.8L per annum as a fresher/A0 at Samvad, Mumbai. I am from 2022 batch. Others please confirm.
2021 grad at Samvad Mumbai: This is correct. They bumped me up to 60k/month post probation. Still doesn't cover the hazards of working at Samvad
Updated pay for Finsec Law Advisors is 16.5 lacs. No bonus in first year.
Samvad has a different pay for litigation and corporate associates. The former get paid way less than the latter
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As the title suggests.
Subject: Dua AO pay in Mumbai/Bangalore?

Could someone please shed some light on pay of Dua Associates..
I'm hearing that Dua pays between 25k-40k (depending on location of office).
Can anyone please help me with Samvad Partner’s fresher salary in Mumbai office.
Bharucha's payscale for 2023 batch: 10+1 for Delhi, 12+1 for Mumbai & Bangalore
Are you sure? That's more than what KCo and other T1 firms are offering.
What is the salary of an A0 at Advani & Co. in Mumbai? Pl reply, I have an internship lined up here.