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Not worth current fees + Mumbai rents. You're better off looking at GLC/PGCL/KC in Mumbai, placement scene and college environment is similar but fees are nominal.

Can't speak for other campuses as they've sprung up in the past year or so.
Well, I do agree that fees is on the higher side but comparing it with GLC/PG/KC can't be justified. KPMSoL is affiliated with NMIMS and has great faculty, a better course structure, and provides overall more facilities than the institutes you have mentioned. Not to mention GLC has no college life and an alumni base who couldn't care less.
> overall more facilities than the institutes you have mentioned.

LMAO kapamsol is just 8 classrooms in a obscure corner of 9th Floor of the Mithibai building. We didn't have a dedicated corridor, and yet somehow overall more facilities than GLC/PG/KC? Hell PGLC is on 8th floor of the Mithibai but at least they have a dedicated library and moot court room.
There are like 5 sections now for the new batches, I am sure they are not going to fit 500+ student in "just 8 classrooms" also, funny of you to mention GLC and PG, people don't even bother attending classes there.
Pray tell me what all physical infrastructure is available now at kapamsol
just 8 classrooms? mate are you really from kpmsol? also, why would a building have 2 libraries and 2 moot courts when both are from the same parent institute?
are yโ€™all defenders from the newer batches? Who have not seen the campus at all? Iโ€™m assuming you donโ€™t even know that the 9th floor is illegal. Water leaks from the fucking roof. Iโ€™ll tell you how theyโ€™ll fit you, theyโ€™re going to call you after 12.30 when the senior classes get over. Your lectures will continue till evening, midnight or next day and you will have no time to enjoy your college life. Good luck, stop defending this college before itโ€™s too late
Call 700+ students of first to third year together after 12:30 to fit in 8 classrooms, okay troll
I wonder if you're actually a "Kapamsol Grad", I see your cries on every NMIMS thread. Did you not make it to the main campus?
So funny to see these private law college kids considering themselves superior because of the campus, bro at the end of the day you are still at NMIMS. Stay humble
To โ€œLmaooโ€- Stay humble, Period. Doesnโ€™t matter what university (NLU or not).

Calling us โ€œthese private law college kidsโ€ shows a lot about how humble you can be.
Kapamsol is main Mumbai campus only. Other campuses will be named after different Gujaratis in the years to come.
its pretty good, when i came here, i had second thoughts and had regret over nlu yada yada, but its a great institution, but at the end of the day you have to make the best out of it, which is again same for even top nlus
it is sasta jindal. Amazing life experience, If you dont get top 5, this is the place to be
Dude, definitely not sasta considering the fees + Mumbai rents. Gets to around 5L min. per year (2L fees and Mumbai Rent of around 3L min if you're sharing)
SLS-P has been stagnant in the last few years and Nirma is clearly deteriorating day by day. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

No no no no no

It's the Sasta Jindal in the same way Redmi is Sasta iPhone.
NMIMS- way too below average students (talking of Mumbai where I'm at), nil exposure to international moots (yes), campus placements are a pain in the eye. People who want to get hired end up doing so against the system due to the mumbai location. Only suggest you if your dad earns as much as an A3 at a tier 2 rest it's a big waste of resources. SLS Pune is better and GLC is clearly the best package.
A lot of students want to consider placements while determining their law school choice, and in that light, do note that KPM's placements have been horrible. Even if you do get placed, you're likely to earn lesser than you would have paid per annum as the fees and rent to study there, which makes it a worse prospect than lesser known colleges.

Undoubtedly, GLC, ILS, MNLUs etc have better reputation and likely to get you better entries five years from now, even if MNLU Mumbai didn't have great placements in their first batch.

However, even other lesser known traditional colleges like Rizvi or KC are more likely to get you more time to intern etc, which could land in better PPOs.

That said, if you don't care about internships & PPOs as much, have money to burn, and do not wish to go outside Mumbai to clearly better options such as Symbi - Pune/Noida, Jindal, or NIRMA, then NMIMS Law would be a good option for you.

Just don't go there expecting to get good professors, industry name, help in good internships, or placements.

Personally, however, I don't see why you'd want to study law at a college that has a 'institute of management studies' in its name โ€” it shows that not only is the law school not well established/respected in the outside world, but even within the NM group of institutions, the law school is neither a priority nor likely to see a lot of development.

All the best, nevertheless!
How is Symbi Noida and NIRMA "clearly better"? While one is famous for its rowdy students, the other is hanging by a thread after the director and most of the professors left.
Name me the top 10 private law colleges, I don't think apart from SLS pune anything features in the NIRF Top 30? Private colleges are a sham and shame.
Symbi at 9, KIIT at 10, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences at 13, Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy at 17, Christ at 19, Lovely Professional University at 24, UPES at 25, ICFAI Hyderabad at 29. At least do a basic google search before commenting. I am not vouching for their quality though, just the NIRF ranking.
One should prefer SLS-p over jindal, Jamia over NLUJ, IPU over NLIU, and LPU over NUALS and DSNLU because of the NIRF ranking. ๐Ÿคก
If one prefers NLUD over NALSAR solely because of NIRF ranking, then extending the same rationale, they should do what you said too. You can't pick and choose which parts of the ranking to accept at random. Either throw it out entirely, or abide by it in toto, because the same methodology is used for its entirety.
Frankly all 4 campuses of Symbiosis together can't match Jindal. Let's not be unfair because of this foolish ranking. If you can't afford the cost, go to GLC or DU.
"GLC, ILS, MNLUs etc have better reputation"

The only thing these institutes are famous for is being an easy entry for Maharashtra students. There is no diversity or any competition whatsoever.
Im seeing this troll for quite a while, without being moderated or not being allowed in the first place.....R are you.......
See, I got a mid 3k-ish rank in clat 2019 and got in NMIMS Mumbai (as I was a general category student so only thing I was getting was Lower NLUs). The exposure is no doubt good, as one of the comments above says no exposure to International moots, they definitely don't know that NMIMS does all the reputed international moots every year (winning or not is a different tangent altogether).
Placements- yes, you'll have to work on your own for the most of it as the cell has started to get more active in the recent years only. 3 people got in SAM on Day 0 this year, some got in Bharucha, Argus, WG, DSK, etc. Tier 1 placements mostly depend on your own work and self as the college has started the Day 0 process just this year itself.
Speaking of faculty, just like any other college, some are great while some are just meh.
Mumbai is the biggest advantage of this college. During the 5th year we have classes for only 2 hours daily as the college wants you to intern throughout the year in the final year. 4th year classes stretch for about just 4 hours (getting over by 1) so that gives you ample chance to intern in the last 2 years.
If you have better options do go there and I won't act as the prospectus of my college. Whereas if you don't have the conventional top 8-10 colleges in hand, then yes this would be a good choice.
Dude, if you think that the college placement is starting to get active, you might want to burst your bubble!

Sure the 5th years had day zero this year, but do you know how many firms came? Youโ€™ll be surprised. Also for the ones placed, theyโ€™re some of the best from the batch, which says a lot about the students in college, rather than the placement cell itself.

As far as faculty is concerned, yes some of them are the best one can have, and others are decent.

International moots? Yes you can participate, and so can any student from any college whatsoever, but is there enough guidance available in preparation? Mentors? Nothing. Whatโ€™s the point in such participation?

In all, itโ€™s a decent college, but only if youโ€™re willing to work super super hard. Do not depend on the placement cell no matter what they say or how many placement figures they come up with. Take advises from your seniors, theyโ€™re some of the best youโ€™ll have.
>is there enough guidance available in preparation? Mentors?
Yes, we have a clinical moot court course for a semester and the moot court teacher herself guides students in preparation for tournaments.
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Of course a troll here will feel a teacher who did nothing but moots, is hired for it, and literally teaches its nuances "isn't qualified."
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Who are these NMIMS faculty who are "the best that one can have"?
most of our faculties are better than faculties at nluj atleast.
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Sorry my comment will come across as shallow and stupid. I admit that I don't have anything valuable to contribute to your question either. But I have to say, NMIMS has the hottest college kids in Mumbai. The energy in the college with its multi disciplines is just amazing to be a part of.
Nope man. Worse than SymB (P).

I've first hand seen SymB and can tell you they atleast have a better PC than us. (2023 Batch)
nluj ppl commenting that their faculties are so bad that our(Nmims's) reputation would go down if we compared w them.

Such lovely lovely ppl
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Taking admission in this college was the worst decision of my life, if I had filled vacancy lists for NLUs I might have had MNLU or even Raipur, but owing to my stupidity I ended up here, my batch has not had a Day 0, nor will it have one this year, no firms are ready to offer placements or even internship through the placement cell, the old faculty has left the college and left the students with sub-par visiting faculties that know little to nothing about their areas of so called expertise.

If you still have the option to go for better colleges, please do so. Do not make the mistake of coming here. At the time this thread was published the college was better off than it is today (admittedly still pretty garbage), but the status quo remains and you could possibly end up jeopardising your career.

After the batch of 2023 passes out, thereโ€™s hope for only a few out of the million kids that have been admitted in the tiny, one corridor college. The administration will wear you down to the point of no return. There is nothing in the name of facilities, so do not expect anything they are promising you. There is no locational advantage - their attendance policy is horrible and the change in leadership has the facultyโ€™s hands tied.

Placement rate is 0% by the way (and no, PPOs donโ€™t count, this college doesnโ€™t get to claim our hard earned PPOs as THEIR placement success).

To the juniors: please donโ€™t defend this college to inflate your ego in public. Demand accountability. Work better at your internships instead of showing off pictures of tier 1 firms on instagram. Be respectful and professional at work. Your only chance at redemption is to show recruiters you are capable of being hired despite the reputation in the market.

I work with a large Mumbai law firm now. And general perception in office is NMIMS interns arenโ€™t the brightest. They are kids wanted to move to Mumbai and whose parent is a crorepati businessman in someplace like Indore or Udaipur or Ranchi. Now if you set to inherit millions, you donโ€™t need placements and T1 hours anyway. Youโ€™ll get a job /PPO through a parentโ€™s phone call. You can work at Amarchand for few years before joining the family business.

But if you do need placement assistance or you need student loans to study in NMIMS, this college is not for you. NMIMS simply doesnโ€™t offer return on investment youโ€™ll need to pay off those loans. And youโ€™ll have to work harder than everyone else to dispel reputation of NMIMS students in law firms. You are much better off paying nominal fees at Mumbai Uni colleges and interning your ass off.

Additional context: My fees were 5lakhs total for the course. First job (no thanks to placement cell) after graduation was 4.8lpa. You do your ROI calculations.
Fees has increased fourfold for the current batch of โ€˜27 and ROI has decreased fourfoldโ€ฆ yโ€™all do the math.
Despite having four tier 1 internships in my preferred practice area and being the batch rank 3, I have faced a lot of law school discrimination while I had been to these places as an intern. The general perception is that after the top 6-7 NLUs, other great colleges which have a reputed standing are Symbi (Pune), JGLS and GLC. By far its only SLSP and JGLS of high standing since GLC kids also these days are looked down as articled clerks and/or paralegals since MU college kids are left to simply intern without having a requisite academic rigour. Day 0s are a joke at our college since even the batch rankers are unable to find a job. Law firms dont even come and Axis Bank was our only recruiter which again took only 2 kids from the 2023 batch for 3.5l p.a. Barring that, there were 2 PPOs for an A0 position at two tier 1 law firms just because their parents knew their Managing Partner and 1 PPO for a paralegal position at a tier 2. Please do not come here if you are someone who is placement oriented, SLSP and JGLS are the safer bets if not NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, NLUD, NLUJ, GNLU, NLIU/NLUO. Baaki masti karna hai toh aajao, padhai toh nahi hoti hai idhar and professors bhi kaafi sub standard hai.
Who got Axis?
TBH, from the people who got their PPO's, (BA and BBA), all worked hard (talking about those placed with: AZB(2), Khaitan(2), L&L (1), SAM (1), WG (2). I dont think anything related to parents knowing the Managing Partner is true.

Very true as far as recommendation is concerned for SLSP and JGLS. Much Much better as far as placements are concerned.
Who got WG?

The Placement Cell is shit and the Student Heads of the PC don't do anything except giving false hopes.
true that we i am from the Hyderabad campus my rank in class was 3000s and it was my worst decision to come to this college
Axis??? Are you from some other campus? KPMSOL is just mumbai campus, all other campuses are just SOL โ€ฆ
Must be from Navi Mumbai (no other campus has 5th years).

In case you are from 9th floor, letting you know that in no way has anyone been placed via college.

The irony is that the โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ sends across job opportunities as sales executive.


Repeat a year / choose GLC or Jindal or Symb Pune.
The couple who made it to L&L and KCO both had contacts and did not have to crack a sweat. WG is anyways a tier 4 so nothing special about it, SAM wont even consider KPMSOL for internships so again a kid who is making it over there will be through a very big reference which again doesn't count. AZB ka pata nahi kisko mila but I am sure its via connections only. Our faculty is not even well versed with the basic subjects like Consti, IPC, CPC etc and placements ke liye no guidance is there. Choosing this college was a nightmare while I had an option to go to Symbi Pune. Please do not repeat my mistake guys, Mumbai mat aao unless GLC mila hai tumhe.
Only 2 out of the huge batch of KPMSOL have made it for A0 positions at tier 1 firms (KCO and Luthra - both of which are nepo kids), 1 girl who made it to SAM has been given a paralegal spot which is no big deal, WG is a declining firm anyways so doesnt matter and AZB waaale dono ka pata nahi mujhe. While I look at my peers from SLSP, 35 kids have landed a tier 1 job and 15-20 other kids have made it to prestigious in-house roles. JGLS on the other hand have also done reasonably well but their batch size is a problem. Safe to say SLSP is the best viable option in this regard. Avoid KPMSOL at all costs. Good luck!
Please get your facts checked before commenting anything. Offer letter attach kru kya A0 position ki? Meet me in college will definitely show you.

Oh also, I DON'T have any contact in SAM, just saying before you allege ki ye bhi contact se mila hai.

Point being, everyone who is placed right now is by their own hard work and months of efforts, so please apna frustration kahin aur nikal lo.
Why is this thread turning into an ugly fight all of a sudden. KPMSOL kids have barely been able to accomplish anything in life i.e. 0 marquee moot wins, 0 vacation schemes, 0 prestigious LLMs and the list goes on. On top of that, tier 1s also don't even have an active hiring trend as far as campus placements are concerned from KPMSOL so on what means can it be compared to Symbiosis (Pune) or JGLS? And placements ki baat mat karo please, 5-6 kids can ofcourse get placed at a tier 1 kyunki diversity chahiye yeh bade firms ko - which means that Amity, KPMSOL aur tier 5 colleges ke bacho ko chance bhi toh dena hai hume. Just end this discussion right here and start prepping for CLAT/SLAT/LSAT again.
I don't know which rock you are living under, the "couple" worked hard for their place, even the ones who got into WG worked extremely hard. While I can understand your sentiments regarding placement and trust me I am facing the brunt of it, you can't malign all the hard work done by these individuals, I know all of them personally and have seen them breaking down under the work stress. So please keep your comments limited to the inefficiency of KPMSOL and placement cell.

~ :)
KPMSOL admin is trash. How do they expect us to intern if they have such nonsense attendance policies? No wonder why kids are unable to land a tier 1 internship, jobs toh dur ki baat hai. SLSP is way more liberal in this regard which is why their placements are top notch (albeit udhar bhi college pc takes credit of kids who secure PPOs but its an institution which still continues to thrive unlike ours). We have no locational advantage since the recruiters nowadays prefer SLSP than MNLU/GLC/KPMSOL despite it being outside Mumbai due to the pedigree it produces year by year. Taking this college was a mistake, work hard and give the CLAT/SLAT next year for your own good. Best of Luck!
Just stumbled across this thread while scrolling on LI and I cannot believe that how mismanaged this university was until today. My personal interaction in an interview with a KPMSOL fifth year student were also on the same lines a few weeks ago. Discrepancies highlighted are:

1. No commercial astuteness on the black letter law despite having two Tier 1 internships.

2. Unable to explain the range of work covered in past internships.

3. Some random posts in a fest called Meraki mentioned in extra curricular activities instead of Moot Courts (Oralist, Researcher &/or Research Assistant positions) or Publications.

4. Numerous typos made in the cover letter as well as the CV.

For those who have "made it" are by far the ones that clearly get through the door via references or the likewise. My peers at other Tier 1s also do not consider KPMSOL for internships so thats how it is. Nmims has a great MBA programme though, law is just not the same.

No wonder why we recruit from Symbiosis, JGLS, MNLU, GLC and so on.
Youโ€™re clearly not a tier 1 recruiter, what is this generic nonsense? Pick any student from your carefully curated choices of colleges and majority of them are as described by you. Do not equate the calibre of a candidate based on the college they are from. This thread is to highlight the variety of issues the college has and not to malign somebodyโ€™s character basis your observation of a singular student.

Despite the adverse environment we have received, some of the alumni/students have managed to considerably upskill themselves to be at par with (or better than) their peers from other colleges.

Must you be so daft to engage in this argument in 2023?
While I completely agree with the state of affairs at KPMSOL and it's been the worst decision of my life, these generalised perceptions of people getting PPOs through contacts and references is not true.

50% of the batch is interning without any contacts at all tier one places including KCO, SAM, CAM, AZB and NDA. Of the 9 people who have got PPOs yet at AZB (2), KCO (2), SAM (1), L&L (1), Spice Route (1), WG (2), have worked months off, gone through assessments and multiple rounds of interviews to finally be given the offer.

Please don't malign their hard work by saying that it is all by contacts, because IT IS NOT. It takes a lot to prove yourself amongst the top NLU crowd and otherwise without ANY assistance from college, PC and otherwise, perform exceptionally along with managing unreasonable attendande and internals policies, and then bag a place in any firm.

There are still atleast 10 people who are working too hard to get a position across firms, despite the odds including a hiring freeze across top tier firms. Can personally vouch for it. SO PLEASE, COME OUT OF THE FACADE OF CONNECTIONS AND REFERENCES. There are people making it on merit and kindly respect that if not anything else.
Bereft of the context akin to whats the tussle all about herein above:

I graduated from Symbi, Pune in 2014 and am doing fairly well in the Banking and Finance team of a Peninsula Corporate Park lala Mumbai law firm. A few months ago while I had gone to grab myself a cup of coffee when the hours got rough, I had a parent of this KPMSOL chap approach me with a chunk of cash (yes I mean it ran multiple thousands) to get her an internship at the firm urgently. Told the frustrated father to get in touch with the partners directly since the HRs do not give a damn but he refused to make any amends. Now she works at a tier 1 at One World since her dad tested the waters yet again (and hit bulls eye).

All I'm saying is that the law school (KPMSOL) has a very bad name across the swanky law firms which you'll whine about. While I am nobody to judge you guys, your college tag matters and securing SLSP, JGLS or GLC (if not the top 6-7 NLUs) would make more sense than fighting on threads like these.

Best of luck!!
I don't understand why everyone here is being hostile towards each other. Can't we just view each other as peers, take feedback in stread and just move on. As someone from NMIMS, I can assure you that while the admin and the placement cell is absolutely unbearable, the current batch has worked extremely hard for their PPOs. The girl in L&L worked herself off for over two years. The girls in AZB & KCO are hands down the smartest people I know. The guy in KCO was smart enough to get PPOs from two tier 1s. You can question the merit of the admin but let's not undermine the hard work these guys have put in.
Placements nahi hua toh idhar aake ladhke kuch nahi hoga. This is a true testament of a college in shambles. No wonder why you guys don't stand a chance against us SymB (Pune) and Jindal kids.
I started this thread to get insights, please dont fight here and Fellow Nm students please take this as feedback instead of fighting with these people as they are right about most of the things. SO MUCH WE CAN WORK ON AND YOU GUYS ARE HERE ATTACKING PPL
I think the fact that a certain person is attributing the PPOs of some of the smartest people I know to their contacts is very telling of their abilities. Khud ki capacity nahi hai Bina contacts ke PPO hasil karne ki to fir kaise lagega koi aur capable hai.
It is completely fair to say that KPMSOL is worst decision of my life. No placements, no quality education, no regard for practical knowledge.

However, everyone who has been placed in the current graduating batch has worked their asses off for it, very silently for 4 years of law school. Most of them have high GPAs, great co-curricular achievements, and high ranking publications.

The โ€œnepoโ€ girl at KCO has merits your logic canโ€™t even fathom. The โ€œcoupleโ€ at L&L and KCO come from medical and pharmaceutical backgrounds respectively. These people have more than 25 internships on their CV out of which the most recent ones are in Tier 1 firms. Theyโ€™ve worked their way from the ground up. I know each of them personally and have seen their troubles, efforts, breakdowns, and achievements with my own eyes.

Surely a better college would have made it much easier for them. But stop living under a rock. They are self made people who have hustled nights on end for every opportunity they have gotten. Stop with the self-pity and the false self-assurances that they have made it through contacts because each of them have worked hard for endless hours to crack every interview and every internship opportunity.
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If you're defending yourself, why say I know them personally. Just ๐Ÿ˜‚