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Got a verified info that Gail is recruiting from NLS with a package of 19 lakhs. But is this allowed. As of today Gail is a psu and govt company I believe and all govt companies and departments have to take people from an pool is what I have heard. Can someone enlighten me on this? Does this mean other govt companies can also recruit privately?
It should not have been allowed, since the pool from other NLUs was not even considered at all (So no equal opportunity of employment). Also, as a junior at NLS, what I heard, since at NLS, some students who did not get placed in earlier recritment drives got their jackpot opened by getting placed at Maharatna. GAIL did not look for anything, except grades and that too relatively. So, good you did not do anything except for barely studying.
Barely studying? Lol I dont think. You really know what it takes to get such good grades at NLS, I really mean no offence but, it really is a different ballgame brother.
Context: The comparison of Grades vis-a-vis to the students who got placed in the earlier recruitment drives.

You really can't take grades as a sole criterion when the batch had 1.5 year fully online in COVID. So, the tests were not solely representative of person's intelligence. Instead, the International Moots, Debates, and other extra-cirriculars need to be factored in 'as well'.
Those 1.5 Years of Online exams witnessed one of the greatest number of Year losses in NLS. So, yeah it did take effort to score good marks then.
As someone who is currently at NLS, let me tell you one thing; the grade granting is pretty arbitrary in here. A lot of folks get good marks in internals simply because the teacher likes them and that makes all the difference. Personally seen favouritism in internal assessment at least.
What is their selection criterion? Did they look for many tier-1 law firm internships and publications? Also, is it even legally allowed to pick the students from only NLS at the last moment?
The person selected did not have any of the above. It should not be allowed. There are many students in our NUJS batch looking for placements. So, we should also get opportunity from PSUs. Many of us have done atleast better internships and CV.
Had you really been from NUJS, then you would have been aware of the opportunities.
Okay, tell me how many PSUs came to NUJS this year. Had you commenting straight from the holy corridors of NUJS, then you would have known how many PSUs ventured this year in the campus recruitment drive at NUJS. Period!

The post was restricted to whether there should be equal opportunity to other NLUs as well by Govt owned company GAIL.
Once again, if you're really from NUJS, then you have better forum available to discuss such opportunities. Go to those.
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