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Hi everyone!
I am a 2nd year law student and just want to skill up myself along with looking an opportunity to earn. I hve come across some of the courses( on contract drafting and freelancing) which seems good to take but their prices are very high for me. So I am really confused is it worth it? and the claims which they are making are genuine or not?
plzz give your honest reviews...
If you ask here you will get a lot of people who will tell you no, like I was told when i asked in my college about lawsikho people were very discouraging

But question is have they actually used it? Or they just sharing general opinion?

Will they give you any opportunities?

I have taken a lawsikho course and absolutely loved it, absolutely amazing classes, have got many internships in decent law firms with their help

Lawsikho is documented to provide thousands of jobs, internships and freelance work to their learners and I have personally seen many of my batchmates apart from me benefit immensely

My advice will be go to LinkedIn, find people who have written posts about doing courses from lawsikho, DM them and ask for feedback- anon platforms like legalyIndia are not reliable for something like this
A very good idea to go through this link, it has hundreds of video interviews of lawsikho students who got various degree of success after taking up their courses. Also many were law students like you:

You have to decide if any of this resonates with you
This girl did LLM from harvard and then joined lawsikho, and she managed to start her own law firm after that, that too in LA

Lawsikho is astoundingly good, do your research before shitting on them with your usualy prejudice and contempt for everything that is not called NLS
cant understand why someone will downvote this - he has simply shared the link of people actually sharing their experience on camera, what could be your objection to that
In my college we all follow to be notfied on opportunities

very useful

our placement sir showed us
This is another wonderful initiative of lawsikho, and can be used by everyone free of cost

I also absolutely love superlawyer follow it regularly
I've taken some. LawSikho courses are excellent if you are serious about learning and earning. They teach you practical work skills and help you find opportunities to earn by using those skills. It's a bit intense, but it's a shortcut to success.
When I graduated from my law school and entered the professional realm, I was shocked that whatever theory I learned at college was redundant in the real world (except for knowing what needs to be done and lacking how it needs to be done). Then a friend recommended me a LawSikho course, which I was skeptical about as it was heavy on my pocket as I was a fresh graduate. I still took their course as they advertised earning money back through freelance work and internships.

I requested my father to give me some money for the course and told them I will return it back once I start earning decently.

I took the course, did the class exercises and outreach exercises diligently and within 4 months of joining, I got my first gig which gave me some 2-figure US Dollars. Even though the money was less but I took pride as I was saving it for giving it back to my father.

Slowly slowly, I started earning more with freelance and meanwhile I got a job offer at a tier 2 firm after showcasing them my drafts and other exercises that I created at LawSikho. I earned enough from freelancing that not only I covered my course fee but also saved extra to take up an additional course as the initial one was really helpful for me.

Cut to today, I am working in a tier 1 law firm and have a decent salary and all this is because of LawSikho. I will always be indebted to them for giving me extra push and the right training and direction in honing me as a decent legal professional.

Hope this helps
As a law student, I constantly felt overwhelmed by the vast array of practice areas in the field and their specific practicalities. By attending the first few classes of my law school, I had grasped that what I was being taught in college was not going to be enough for me to be able to make my place in an overwhelmingly saturated profession.

This is what led me to take one of LawSikhoโ€™s courses as the organisation promotes itself as a facilitator of imbibement of useful practical skills. I was sceptical at first but once I was onboarded into the course, I was thoroughly impressed by not only the extensive content but also the teaching methodology that LawSikho adopts. The course was very hands-on and gave me the opportunity to learn by doing and getting inline feedback which provided me with a lot of confidence. Since then, I have interned with multiple firms where the skills learnt through my course were very helpful.

My advice to you would be to think carefully which field of law would you be interested in pursuing and then take up the relevant course. I believe the student counsellors they have do help with this as well.
I've taken the contract drafting course and it's actually good because you have industry experts teaching you stuff. They are very upfront about the fact that you need to do their assignments to learn 100% of the skills. Also, they separate teams helping you with freelance and placements, so that's there. Only con is that they try to cover too many things in 12 months so that can be pretty overwhelming.
The Placements Team used to be good once. Even bring T1 and T2 internships some times. But now all you get is some random BD internships or some low-grade internships.
Not true tbh, some people from my batch have gotten into tier 1/2 firms. Rest are quite stupid as they are so I don't think it has anything to do with LawSikho and more to do with students themselves.
This is because now they cater to not just law students

Plus their is a demand amongst law students for such internships- not everyone is interested in going to tier 1 cities in tier 1 firms

You have to appreciate that there are many people interested in remote internships where they can earn money

And small law firms have a lot of BD, content writing type work to give and they are ready to pay for it
It seems to be a conflict between what NLU grads want and what other law students from smaller places want

of course working in city law firms is not the dream of every law student or lawyer out there, many have entirely different set of ambitions

Lawsikho has a reach in the law students who do not not to top law schools, and naturally their internship opportunities increasingly reflect that

but even last month I applied to several banaglore law firms through lawsikho
This is so true

Advice that works for law students in tier 1 cities just doesnโ€™t apply to kids who are in small cities and towns

And these elitists will never acknowledge that

They are just worried about losing their competitive advantage since lawsikho levels the field
Whether lawsikho levels the field or not just the idea that they might be doing it make these people lose their sleep

Their entire worldview is constructed based on how they are more superior than all other lawyers because they cracked an exam called CLAT
As a final year law student, I was very keen on getting a job with top tier law firms in India. Most of the days, I would find myself writing hundreds of job applications (and that did not help at all)

One day, I came across an advertisement of Lawsikho, announcing a bootcamp on how to get a job at a lawfirm! I wasnโ€™t really sure about the whole idea, but I decided to give it a try. The bootcamp was a 3 day virtual event where we were taught some skills for free. It is then, when I was introduced to the Diploma in Law firm course.

The course was a game changer for me. It teaches a lot of skills - how to approach law firms, client management, negotiation skills, insights about different practice areas etc.

Also it was not just the course, it was the whole experience for me that shaped my career goals. Their classes, weekly assignments and placement support is well curated.

The only thing they need from you is consistency & hardwork. It might get a little overwhelming, but definitely worth the efforts!

Lastly so did I get a job? Oh, yes I did :)
Mod note:- Post might contain some possible PR by the concerned course provider. Reader's discretion is advised.
If you find lawsikho courses expensive try asking them for EMI options- usually such option is available on request

Honestly for a 1 year program where you have a lot of personal coaching and live classes its not expensive at all

You barely for 2-3k per month effectively and there is no alternative at present where you can learn the same skills with handholding

Privileged people will give you inane advice like just keep applying but after the 50th rejection you will want an edge over others
One thing is that they do not give direct EMI but insist on going through BNPL NBFCs

I wish they could just take EMI without having to apply for a loan

but I am glad I did

I was able to earn back the money in 4-5 months through online internships and freelance work

what is most awesome is that when I had trouble paying my EMI the placement team found me some easy virtual assistantship work so I could easily pay my EMIs
Based on anecdotal evidence, nobody praised their courses to me in person. And please take LinkedIn posts / praises with a grain (rather, dollop) of salt. Remember, its the platform where people thank their employers after being laid off by said employers for the laying off. In that platform, people do / say things for optics.

Save your money. If you want to learn, try courses from resources like Coursera or others which have ties with universities. Better, intern in small set ups where lawyers actually rely on interns to get work done. Your chances of learning will be very high there. Do those internships during ongoing semesters - as such lawyers will be happy even to onboard you virtually.
Guess what, you order food from your favourite food joint and posted 5 star review in zomato. And you see 10+ reviews are positive. But another customer said that he found hair strands on the food and bashed your favourite food joint and rated -1 and probably hand few have posted negative comments. Now you decide that whether you want to go ahead with the multiple 5 star review or the hand few negative comments, not knowing the exact reason for the negative comments but you have several success stories and customers to go and ask and check on your own why they have posted positive reviews. Decide on your own without getting influenced by such negativity.
I see lot of trolls saying negative things about LawSikho here coz in reality they donโ€™t have the guts to give them a feedback directly to them. If they are so dissatisfied with a course they took at LawSikho, why didnโ€™t they file a consumer case?

Anyway, keeping the negative feedback aside, all the want to say is that if you do not belong to top tier college (top 5 NLUs or private college), there are high chances that you are not getting taught anything (be it theory or the actual practical law) and there are higher chances that you wonโ€™t get placed unless you top your university and/or have exceptional CV to impress recruiters. I would suggest you to take LS courses as not only they teach you decent practical skills that will be useful in your professional career but also give you opportunities like internships, freelance work, article publication etc which will help you in making your CV better. Not only this, youโ€™ll also get to sit for placements/internships and will also get a roadmap for your career (in case you were a confused soul like me, itโ€™ll be of great use).

Just go for it once atleast? Take a less-expensive course of theirs if need be, to see what they actually offer! I believe no knowledge is ever a bad knowledge so even if you take a different course, thereโ€™ll be something that youโ€™ll learn! And based on your experience, you can then decide to take the โ€œexpensiveโ€ course
They have a ton of free material which is available on their website and more YT videos. If you like the content there, just take the course. The comment section is pure garbage and hateful for no apparent reason than trying to sound cool for hating LawSikho lol.
2300+ jobs in 2023 calendar year, surely you donโ€™t think all were in tier 1

But a handful, surely
The amount of โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ on this thread is ridiculous and quite evident to anyone possessing a rational mind. I'm not here to cast any aspersions onto the veracity of the quality of the courses offered by LawSikho and how they've helped supposedly helped many, yet I'd recommend reading the comments here with a grain of salt. I'm sure people would be grateful to them if they were truly as helpful as they have been purported to be on this thread yet even taking that into account, some of the comments on this thread are sycophantic to the point of warranting ridicule.
A perfectly factual comment highlighting some of the โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ claims from LS does not get published here by the mods, whereas the hundreds of โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ comments including derogatory ones about universities and faculty are getting the nod. Good to see how LI mods are โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ.
Can you share some opportunities one can get in online mode, considering he does't have very impressive CV but is ready to learn and do hardwork.
Hit up every firm having a corporate law profile you can find, scour the shit Outta LinkedIn. If you cannot find one. Try and intern under some person, any person, build contacts, connections. Most importantly don't sit still, work and try to improve yourself.
Jo hai wo hai.

Youโ€™re looking for a magic pill that gets you into firms, makes your contacts and keep you satisfied (read busy and somewhat rich) with life.

That magic pill exists, thats called โ€œnot sitting stillโ€. Your mind works best when youโ€™re working.

Take it from us mid level senior guys. You may scoff at us rn but youโ€™ll realise that we had been right all along.
Everyone tries this

works for noobody

I guess you did you law 10-15 years back you have no idea how it is now for law students :)
Even Ramanujโ€™s free content is way better than this crappy advice

Learn it for free, apply, put these elitists in their place, come share your review here on this thread after that
Or how it is for lawyers either, most of us are struggling and lawsikho is a blessing
I am not that old my friend ;).

I was also lost post graduation not knowing what to do. Started working at no name firms but pushed myself (read destroyed personal life) till I reached where i am (i am still not as senior as i should be at my age).

Just grab what you can find and give it your all. You will learn and you will get noticed
Yes spamming law firms work but donโ€™t join a govt approved highly rated skill development course

Great advice
Many of LawSikho courses are certified by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and LawSikho is listed as a partner of NSDC.
A 34-word comment posted 2 weeks ago was not published.
Lawsikho has thousands of public reviews on all the usual platforms and itโ€™s overwhelmingly positive
The poor person is asking for genuine feedback and people are trying to do that.

I don't know who is biased.

But the person above has given some genuine suggestions. Anyone can go and check posts on LinkedIn. People are real or not and they actually got what they claim or not can also be verified.

Not sure why someone will call it praises posted by the organisation unless the person himself/ herself is intentionally trying to manipulate and misguide due to some ulterior motives.
I saw this thread because it was circulated in some internal groups of lawsikho alumni

I am working in a malaysian law firm these days, and I got this job with the help of lawsikho

Lawsikho has been instrumental in my career, do not hesitate just jump in


- you will learn a lot of new skills that are not taught in college, nobody will teach you in internship either

- wide variety of options and subjects to learn

- you can get feedback on your assignments

- theyhelp you to write and publish articles

- they share hundreds of opportunities every month that are exclusive for lawsikho learners

- the faculty is mostly from top law firms, people who quit and now teaching, there are some judges who took voluntary reiterement and now teaching at LS


- it can be very hectic and overwhelming at times

- their pedagogy is very different compared to what you are used to

- if you do not attend classes or do assignments on time you will get calls from coaches and it can get unpleasant

- if you do not take action and keep posponing the work you will miss a lot, and catching up in the middle of the batch may not be possible

- half of my batchmates gave up after a few months. they said they will rejoin in a future batch but I am not so sure they actually did that (LS allows you to migrate to future batches without any charges)
This comment contains one basic โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ, which is that Lawsikho people have circulated this thread and asked others to post these comments.
You can find thousands of 5 star reviews on google, Facebook, appstores, detailed reviews in quora, LinkedIn, YouTube- its not like good reviews of lawsikho is unusual

What is unusual about legallyindia is that people here can pretend to be someone who knows about lawsikho and or someone important in the legal market whose opinion matters, such as you
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A 55-word comment posted 1 week ago was not published.
If you are looking for a magic band that you will take lawsikho courses and land up in your dream job without any hard work, that is not the case. The courses and resources are as genuine till you put your hard work to it and genuinely follow the steps. It's intense, can be overwhelming but definitely worth doing. They provide live classes in contract drafting, doubt clearing sessions, CV making sessions, assignment checks and feedbacks, freelance opportunities, hand holding whenever you need throughout the tenure. All you have to do is with dedication do the course without any shortcuts. You will learn 100+ industrial contracts which will definitely help you in a long way. Since you a student you will face difficulties, hardships to understand the details of contract drafting, but if you do it with full dedication nothing will be impossible.
Not true, lawsikho has shifted the overton window on what law graduates are expected to know and how they can learn new skills

Sure one way is to spend 5 years under the feet of a mentor - its not a bad way but not every one has that luxury

People who are privileged should stop advising people who are struggling against massive odds

I love to read free content from lawsikho, ipleaders blog is amazing resource for research

The quality is very evident from the free content they share over emails, social media, free ebooks etc
I think the best thing about lawsikho is freelancing

Is there any other edtech company that teaches you how to get freelance work?

I shared my story here, how as a CS and law grad lawsikho helped me to break into media and entertainment law

Always grateful to lawsikho
I have attended many free bootcamps, while a part of the content can be repetitive there is always something new to learn

I have not taken any course yet but I probably will
Donโ€™t listen to all these randos

If your college does not have great placement, which is most law colleges except a few top NLUs, lawsikho is your best bet

There is one problem though, most classes have high number of older lawyers too, who learn fast and young law students can feel overwhelmed to keep pace with class
Lets talk data.

LawSikho has provided 6600 internships, 2300+ jobs in 2023 calendar year alone. It gave 4 cr worth of freelance work to its learners

LawSikho published this data with specific learners names. Can you dispute or debunk that data? If not, you should not say things in the air.

I did my research, and all the information is available on public domain. Instead of writing fake comments anonymously you should file a case against lawsikho if you think all this data is wrong.

Now coming to my subjective experience of the courses:

LawSikho actually teaches cutting edge skills like how to use AI to draft contracts or petitions, which alone makes the courses worth it

Just go through the syllabus of any course, see the assignments list, the list of skills taught, you will soon realise that doing even a small part of this will set you aside from other law students and even most graduate lawyers

It would take you years to learn a fraction of that much on your own or on the job

It is the only organization in legal edtech space that gives you personalised feedback on one on one basis, not just a bunch of recorded classes or reading material like the rest

For example you are given assignments to draft, and you get personal feedback on what you did well, what you did badly, and what you have improved since last time, this is priceless to be honest

When I took lawsikho courses I got a safe space to make mistakes so that I do not make them in my real job

This kind of programs track record is exactly why a government body like NSDC recognised lawsikho courses

The fact that the certificates are govt recognised matters a lot to me

That said, I do not expect to land jobs or internships just based on that certificate but based on my merit. I have learned skills, and it shows during my internships.

I am a different person today compared to who I was when I signed up for my lawsikho course
I am a legal team and I can tell you that lawskkho is often my go to platform to hire, simply because they provide recruitment services to legal recruiters for free

They simply say we will do what a recruiter does for you, give you suitable CVs, shortlisted as per your customised requirements so you spend time only with promising candidates and you don't have to pay us anything

Now this means I will go to them before I go to a recruiter to whom I have to pay

They do the same thing for internships too, they are always following up on if we need any interns

They have a very large placement team and follow up is superb

So I can understand why they are able to get opportunities for so many people

Lawsikho is playing a smarter game than most people here can understand
This is true but if you do not understand something then you can schedule a one on one call with the teacher or your performance coach, which I think is absolutely awesome

I specially want to thank Minha my performance coach, having her by my side has made a huge difference to me - I call her every time I have a breakdown

Swatilekha ma'aam is another very good course anchor
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The founders are much occupied to upskill the courses and make the students earn through what they learn. This kind of publicity Ramanuj or Lawsikho doesn't need. I wonder what had made you so negative about the organisation. Connect with Lawsikho and check if they actually help or not instead of jeopardizing this student's thread with your one sided opinion.
Lawsikho has over 600 full time people if all of them come on this thread imagine what it would look like

Donโ€™t delude yourself
In your imagination, but ramanuj has better things to do

We love lawsikho and will not allow you to ruin their reputation here like this
This is my story, they do not need to pay me

I earn enough, moved to UAE from Kolkata thanks to LawSikho
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Tujhe kya problem hay bhai

You can go on the YouTube link and find a few hundred people from different backgrounds testifying that lawsikho courses helped them

Lawsikho is a community, a revolution not just a course company

Why do you have to insult and put down lawsikho

What did they do to hurt you
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