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I am having an interview for internship at Khaitan & Co. (Delhi) in a few days. While I am pretty nervous with this upcoming challenge, I have got words of reassurance from one of my law school seniors that an interview at Khaitan or so is just a part of formality and if I've been shortlisted for the interview in the first place then it's pretty much confirmed in the first place. I wanted to know if it's actually true or not? Also, how does the interview process works at Tier 1s?
Lmao not true, am from a T1 NLU and have come across plenty of people who were eliminated in the interview round. If you're from a T1, your chances are 50 - 50. Also, be prepared to answer questions on every single pointer on your CV.

Some T1 firms do not take interviews but KCO does almost always, even in instances of referrals. Their interviews are also among the toughest.
Come on , it is no tough. Just basics from your CV (assignments taken during previous internships, Articles/papers published and maybe a question regarding a moot court comp that u mentioned in your CV) + any contemporary issue of importance in the practice area you are taking the interview for.
It's def tougher in comparison to almost any other tier one firm interview. Only boutiques like NDA and Lexygen grill more
It's not true, brush up your cv and basics, or else you gonna get screwed.
I have it scheduled for the GC team. What all can they ask me?
Hey Guys! Thanks for you suggestions and insights. I have given the above mentioned interview and to say that it was tough, I would not say so. It was very short and simple, the SA was very chill and it was almost like having a conversation rather than an interview. I gave my best. Seemed that the SA was pretty impressed by my perspective on non-technical questions. I hope things will go well and I'll get confirmed for the internship. I'll try to update when I hear back from the HR. Peace!!✌🏻