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I am in this category. Plan is to have 20 cr in my bank account by the time I am 60, which should hopeful see me through till 80-85 years, accounting for inflation. Plan to live in my family apartment alone, signing up for an elderly support agency to send a helper. Don't want to live in a retirement home and hope that doesn't happen. Hoping AI advices to a stage that we can have robot helpers take are of us at home 24x7. But we are probably 100 years away from there?
Bhai chill kar, koi 1 crore ko cash jaise nahi rakata, you can easily beat inflation even with FD lol
Already have 75 crore plus. In 40s, thanks to stock revival (COVID, black swan event).
Itte paise hote toh daily apna demat check kr rha hota yaha aake timepass nai krta.. go get a job
By making a lot of money and finding some poor young girl who's financially not as stable and marrying her at the end
If she’s marrying you for money then she’ll divorce you and take your money as well. manipulate her and keep her dependent on your money and then blame her when she takes half of it in divorce?
What an interesting question. I belong to this tribe. I am 40, live by myself, still feel like it is a long way to retirement/old age and haven't given this much thought. Perhaps I ought to! As an aside, when I was much younger, I thought 40 year olds were old. Not so, it turn out.
Lawyers don't get fat pensions like MPs, Judges and IAS officers, so it's important to have a large saving corpus once you retire. Remember also that health costs will be huge in the future.
Yea just hoping india would allow mercy killing when I am too old to manage life on my own. Sad question. I'm 41 single now with not a lot of money in the bank
Fellow 41 year old here. Also single and most likely will remain so. I too have wondered about mercy killing etc but not sure India will reach that point. But I do think about retirement and what life will be like at that point. I find it interesting that in the handful of replies here already 3-4 people identified themselves as just about 40 or so and are single and considering retirement related issues.
I’m single and most of the times I feel lonely. This is also affecting my work performance now. How do you guys cope with loneliness?
The usual advice people give is to play sports, or do some activity like painting or photography or playing an instrument. Unlike in the West, sports clubs are few in India and not easily accessible. Also, adult learning is not a big thing in India. So, as an alternative, you could simply go jogging or do yoga, or learn new skills from YouTube or an online tutor.

Honestly, law firms should be paying attention to employee well-being and do fun activities for them.
Spend on experience not in materials. Travel, food and medical. Those are the only three I'm seeking for.
Ver my good point. I expect to remain single, but will find some solace if I can travel to lots of places.
Supposing one is born in 1990 and plans to retire at 60 in 2050. To live till 2070 you will need about 2 crores a year, because everything will be very expensive then. So a retirement fund should be 60 to 80 crores.
Let's not jump to conclusions. If you need around 60-80 crores for retirement then 99% of Indians will have a hard time. Also it would mean that India's economy has tanked !!
Lawyers are more likely to remain single, because most of the people we meet with are other lawyers and they are the most toxic people around --- right from law school days.
Tons of money but no one to spend it on and to share happiness with. This is what happens if you obsess over money and become a law firm bro (or female equivalent). This includes people who were married but divorced because they put careers over spending time with their spouses or having kids.

I am sorry to say that LI, over the many years of its existence, has played a major role in the glamorisation of law firm careers. Many years ago, Kian compiled a law school ranking where a CAM/SAM etc job gave a law school a certain number of points, but a job with an NGO or lawyer's chamber gave less points, while an LLM admit (even if with scholarship) or a UPSC rank gave zero points. This contributed to a toxic culture in law schools where students only pursued law firm jobs and money. In some law schools, this also led to tolerance of mediocre profs who awarded generous grades. Even now, there is a ranking fight every single day on LI and most commenters say that a worth of a law school is to be judged solely by the number of tier 1 law firm placements. πŸ˜”
So basically LI is reason for all this toxicity.

#BoycottLegallyIndia #GoBackKian
Just because you're single doesn't mean you need to be alone.

Efforts must be made to create a community or network of people.

There are plenty of people who are married/with kids who feel lonely too.

By the time you reach old age there is no guarantee that your kids will be looking after you or that your partner will be around. Trying to say one is better than the other is pointless. You can be happy potentially if youre single or with family. It takes effort in both cases.

Try not to create large space for negativity. This talk of mercy killing is just unnecessary as I forsee things will be improved in the future. If it is still something in your mind, just consider Dignitas and go on a final Swiss holiday. Most likely you won't.

I have currently gotten health insurance and barely use it, so getting no claims bonuses right now. Will continue renewing it, because procuring similar insurance later in life would be expensive.
I wonder if lawyers have a higher probability of being single compared with doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, journalists, fashion designers, filmmakers etc. Maybe it's because lawyers take longer to be financially successful and stable? Or because the profession has a skewed gender ratio? Or because lawyers are usually looked down upon in India and people don't want to date lawyers?
It's because noone wants to associate with such professionals who are considered to go to courts and defend criminals. Yes 90 percent people think all lawyers do this and rightfully 90 percent lawyers do do that.
It's not stigma of criminal defending to be honest. It's the thought that "lawyers make a living through lies"
@everyone in this thread.

I have close to three year in litigation , but now hating it. I have paused it. I am non nlu person. And no internships. I belong to smaller place with almost zero exposure. I am trying to get into a corporate law firm

So, If you are willing to help and guide a bit, pls mail me --

Thank You
Luck has to be in favor to have a partner who loves you and is with you through all the vicissitudes.

Here in law school, some are into casual, some not serious, some are breadcrumbling, some are dropping hints while having a partner, and some only want sex.

How difficult is it to find a woman with values! Perhaps, with such design, I will remain single and would prefer it that way.
Be a man with such values, look after your cleanliness and learn to do basic human chores and dont think of women as some karen aliens, most women will be happy to date you if you talk to them properly
There is a difference between single & unmarried.. people might be unmarried but rarely single..
Unless you are from an A-list NLU like NLSIU or NALSAR, working in top firms and making money, you are likely to be pretty poorly paid in relation to MBAs and BTechs. This puts you at the bottom of the dating preference list, hence the odds of remaining single lifelong.
thankfully i had listened to my gut in 2010 and brought bitcoin worth 2 lakh rupees when they were 30 per coin, now i have 400 crore worth of vintage bitcoin in my pendrive, waiting to be transferred to my account
Will live in an ashram (isha yoga centre) and do seva. I have learnt from Sadhguru that truly the whole world can be my family.
Will move to my farm once im 50. Live the organic life. Hopefully ill have a similarly aged companion/fkbuddy.
Just work hard and aim to save 50 crores by 50 years, 60 cr by 60 years etc (adjusting for inflation). You will need money in old age for medical expenses and other assistance.
Ew, why similarly aged? Why not a young sprightly teenager or early twenties girl who can serve all your needs to your heart’s content, and who you can happily pass on a large chunk of your money to once your time is done?
Some of are rightfully single, or should possibly be in supervision
mene decide nhi kiya I' m forced to because of shitty circumstances perpetuated by this shit profession.
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