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Two law students have been selected for the Rhodes India Scholarships 2024:

Ayan Gupta (NLU Delhi)

Mohammad Zayaan (GNLU)

Third Rhodes Scholarship for both NLU Delhi and GNLU. Previous Rhodes scholars from NLU Delhi and GNLU:

NLU Delhi

β€” Rishika Sahgal (2016)

β€” Anupriya Dhonchak (2021)


β€” Sameer Rashid Bhat (2018)

β€” Hatim Hussain (2020)
Congratulations Ayan and Zayaan!! Can anyone give us a profile of the two scholars? What will they be studying at Oxford? What kind of work have they done so far? What is their CV like? How many papers have they published, where all have they interned, what extra curricular activities. Did they have mentors and if yes, who? Thanks a lot in advance.
Fantastic work done by both the students, as well as the NLUD and GNLU ecosystem for supporting them, including fellow students, mentors, alum, admin and faculty. Why can't we just be happy for these people and acknowledge their excellence and be proud of them representing country and Indian law schools in the best of global forums? Have we gone that shallow? I really hope that these two go ahead and build upon their success and emerge as future legal scholars to reckon with. Wish I knew both personally, so that I could congratulate them personally.
You must be feeling a bit sad no? NLS didn’t win anything and NLU Delhi did? Just kidding.
GNLU's second Rhodes Scholar was not a Kashmiri Muslim. He was from Nagpur. Get your facts checked.
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Zayaan's percentage is also much lower than what is required for the BCL (not in the top 15)
That's not the case for Ayan tho. I guess Rhodes balanced the two profiles well this year. I think they did right. One is academically and mooting-wise brilliant. Another is mesmerizing in philanthropy and I guess mooting too!
Rhodes requires other things than just a rank I guess. Other people from GNLU who were Rank 1, 2, 3 had applied but couldnt make it even to the longlist.
Ayan’s rank was good. Keep on telling y’all Rhodes balanced it out this year which was good enough.
Aight so

This gives NLU Delhi the edge and seems like it’s on its way to establish itself as the third favourite after NLS and Nalsar.

Congrats GNLU as well who will join the fight between Nujs and NLUJ.

All in good faith and spirit, I am happy the Tier-1 NLUs still and will dominate Rhodes. CLAT matters. Really happy guys.
Gnlu has already surpassed NLUJ! Its a tussle between GNLU-NLUD-NUJS for the 2nd rung.

NLS is 1st rung, Nalsar in between
NLU Delhi is already in the 3rd position. It may surpass nalsar. Time for GNLU to dethrone both NLUJ and nujs
It is already way ahead of NLUJ. Anyday GNLU >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NLUJ
There is a case to say NLUD is arguably the best choice for law in the country now. NLS has a massive batch size with its alumni legacy being the only bright spot now. NALSAR is still going strong but hasn’t really improved much under SKD or FM. There’s also some MBA and BBA stuff there that takes the focus away from law. Plus, NLUD doesn’t have a domicile quota and remains an all-India institution.
In reality, NLS is the only one miles ahead. NLUD, NALSAR and NUJS only differ from each other in terms of resources spent on them by the state government. Faculty and student quality are the same, as are grad outcomes and achievements and research output.
NLSIU is now Rhodes-less for 7 years, despite trying very hard this year. Maybe Sudhir and other alumni should shed their arrogance and collaborate more with other NLUs? For a start, stop arguing in court that NLSIU is the only National law university and not withdraw from CLAT again?
NLS is the only national law university in genuine terms. Just because we had a bad year, doesn't mean we ain't the best.
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Legal aid doesn't necessarily mean human rights. Even if it means, it doesn't give anyone any edge. Stop with your jealousy
NLU Delhi is a young university, it's been around for about 15 years and has already produced 3 Rhodes Scholars (that too 3 in 7 years!) They are definitely on the way to the number one spot. Big ups to GNLU as well!
May I ask why everyone (including those praising GNLU/NLUD) are still ranking NLSIU as #1??? They haven't won Rhodes for 7 f--cking years in a row and it's possible that it could extend to a decade.
Because winning a Rhodes in the last 3 years is not the only criterion for being the best law school to study at. NUALS had won one long back, are you saying that's now the best too?
If you lol NUALS despite their Rhodes, then clearly you don't respect the scholarship as much of an achievement either.
Lol your argument seems fallacious. What else to expect from nuals anyway?
NLS just has the head start advantage these days. But one cannot deny the contributions of its initial batches to making legal education a worthwhile endeavour. That’s why they can still be said to be one of the best, if not the best. But otherwise, I agree, other places like NLUD have caught up quite well in recent times once you take the head start out of the equation.
There are other universities that have produced similar results, including getting 3 Rhodes scholars in the last 6 years. This does not really reflect on the overall conditions of the university. NLUD is still a really great place to study at though.
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But i believe Rhodes is compromised atleast for Indian constituency,instead of merit based they are becoming more inclusive based. It chose not to even short list an Indian studying law in top most rankin Uni and he topped that Uni. He was world topper in A levels from India.
congrats to both of them! However, somebody somewhere in the system must ponder about how these scholarships reinforce shackles of NLU-based elitism and reward the closed-circuit opportunities, that perhaps a non-NLU student, might never have.
Nothing to ponder. tier-1 NLU students have a way better research output than that of non-nlu researchers. Simple.
If the other law colleges refuse to upgrade themselves, get good faculty, pedagogy, curriculum, infra, and above all, the best set of the students in the country to join them every year, then you can't expect them to produce equally good students on a regular basis as to make something like this happen.
Are we now measuring β€˜best set of students’ from the yardstick of CLAT ?
Only objective criterion that level. Other students can be equally good, but they are not getting the necessary atmosphere during the next 5 years, so they don't turn into equal or better graduates barring a few exceptions. The numbers prove that over the years.
Done! Now go and complete your assignments and try doing it without GPT!
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This thread is absolutely disgusting as to how dissecting and disrespecting Zayaan’s achievements, he has written extensively, have been published by Oxford, has been an absolute all rounder, mooter and moreover has proved how much he deserves this against all odds, his internships from day one have been research oriented and
He has bagged both corporate and research opportunities and currently holds a PPO offer from a tier 1 firm, he was one of the first people in the batch to intern with tier 1 firms, just take a look at his linkedin its an extensively well rounded CV, some of us cant even do half of this stuff.
may i life long enough to see a corporate oriented fellow bag rhodes

one day
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Winning the Rhodes is very much the attribute of the student. The NLU they're studying in matters only so much. Students studying at IISc have won rhodes but not recently. St. Stephen's? too many recently. But IISc is better than Stephen's. As long as the uni they at are comparable, specific winners should get the credit. Rhodes is very tough, and NLSIU is not a Rhodes factory. I'm sure there were very competitive applications from nlsiu. The winners won. It's clear there won't be many winners from lower ranked law schools, credit to winners again, they got into top NLUs
Do we have info on non-law rhodes scholars for India 2024? Please share