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On my last day of internship at a T1 IP firm, the admin bitched about me to a co-intern that I used to stay late so I could use the firm's cab service. The same admin on the first day had said that she needed 2 interns to stay late. I was also often made to stay late by Partners (whose names I mentioned on cab slips).

I was surprised and upset by the cheap remark especially because this firm is supposedly India's most sought-after IP firm with top clients.

What's the worst internship experience you've had?
I interned at a small firm whose MP has a penchant for classic cars and suing their own lawyers.

The experience was terrible, as the MP's brother, who was not even a lawyer, but just some admin grunt, involved all the interns in a file-reorganization project. The only expectation and work that was given to interns were to come, pull out dusty files from cabinets and categorize them. For a whole month.
touchstone bangalore, gave only shittty work and most of the time asked interns to download mca data
SAMVAD, Mumbai (Corp) - Admin didn't allow us to meet the partners and told us to never "go" and ask for work because "if there will be work, the associates will come and delegate"
I sat for their internship interview, it was crappy as fuck and they didn't select anyone from my tier one college lmao
they have kept NALSAR and NUJS winter slots on hold and have been entertaining walk ins from GLC and NMIMS lmao. SAMVAD, Mumbai is screwed.
probably because GLC and NMIMS kids are available long term, throughout the year.
Tier-3 NLU students have pathetic quality and so as NMIMS/UPES but GLC students not so much. I had interned with one GLC student at JSA. Dude was a beast. You have to understand GLC is some sort of an internship factory as it’s their only final financial goal.

I have also met someone from HNLU who was quite successful in making it to the top. So there are some tier-2 colleges like HNLU/GLC (although it can fall under T-1) which have shown exemplary performances on various occasions. You will usually notice a Tier-1 dominance, but some colleges are quite underrated.
Have seen a few NMIMS kids doing phenomenally well in the office as well as GLC kids. More to do with their constant exposure throughout the year especially the Months when NLU kids are not there to intern in Mumbai, that is when they get slots.
No, there are good and bad quality students in NLUs and these places alike. I have seen multiple NLU interns who have got no business climbing above first year, so shoddy is their knowledge and skill level and so high is their entitlement level. On the other hand, I have seen plenty of bright kids from GLC who are very quick on the uptake and work really hard, a pleasure to work. I myself am from an NLU, but don't get this meaningless stereotyping or favouritism.
I would say GLC does not have academic rigour like the NLUs but I think they fairly do well at work with what I have seen since they have been interning continuously from Sem-1. They also have a good alumni base and PC for it. Now NMIMS ain't some pretty nice college, but the only benefit they have now are updated course outlines and the location. 70% of the batch is messed up, but a few good kids doing well even in alumni batches only because of their constant exposure and internships. GLC is better than NMIMS eod because of their internships and opportunities, but won't say they are the best either. Have seen ppl fuckin up moots with half-baked knowledge and prep.

I still remember how some T3 NLU kids messed up stuff in my old internship place. It was so pathetic did not even know the basics. So ig burns down to the individual too.
Please don’t put GLC and NMIMS on the same footing. NMIMS can be better than colleges like DSNLU,NUSRL but not GLC
NMIMS is not the best but is pretty well recognised in the local Mumbai circle. GLC kids are better than NMIMS for sure. But they also fall behind in acads and basics sometimes which the NLU kids may be slightly better with.
Yes and they know very well that T-1 students won’t accept their offers
An individual's internship performance has very little to do with their law school. Only law students with little to no real-world experience are obsessed with judging others on the basis of their law school.
My post was in reference to the firm that touches stone, no one from NUJS wants to intern at SAMVAD
ghosting you after internships when you ask them for callbacks, inspite of good feedback. like bro agar nahi dena hai callback toh batado na HR ko, why keep tinkering the possibility
A senior counsel office in Mumbai. It was filled with Sexual Predators who legit kept it within themselves (For protection also). Rumour has it that the receptionist had a thing going on with the IT guy(predator) who keeps touching around and playing innocent. One horrible experience.
Heard this from my friend too.
Is he the guy who shut his office and is now associated with his wife's office?
People talking about uninteresting work is funny because atleast y'all by got work. Didn’t get any work for 22/30 days at Trilegal Mumbai lol
But u did work for 8 days right? Trilegal gives callbacks liberally these days, they are allotted most of the work
3legal- cause no work allocated

CAM- cause expectation on interns is of an A2
there is this small firm called SB Partners in Gurgaon, terrible place. the boss is a literal tyrant, weird work. the only associate he had left him shortly after. stay aware boss
One t3 boutique Technology media firm gave me very simple work back in my second year to prepare one document but when i wasn't able to prepare in 10 minute , she publicly shamed me for not completing it and she said that she did herself in 2-3 minute. Thats was my worst experience first she didn't explained me properly what all is required in document and then berated publicly. The main problem i saw in majority of law firm that they( Associate/ Partner ) have worst skills in term of delegation of work. Adhi law industry ki problem khatan hojegi if they delegate work with properly.
Maybe if you wrote better, comprehensible English in that assignment, she wouldn't have yelled right.
I was a female intern. This male Associate would start his work very late during the day and used to make me sit besides him till 2-3am. I don't know why I tolerated this. On the hindsight I realise it was a borderline sexual harassment.
Exactly. He wanted to hit on you, but he was scared AND you showed no signs. Plain & simple.
Sit beside him without doing any work? Can you write properly? The time doesn't matter. If your team works late, so are you expected to unless you excuse yourself off early.
Citadel law chambers, one of their high level associates is totally NUTS. Really regret doing my first corp internship there
Most tier 1s I intern with. The recent 2023 batch associates are insufferable to work with. They are so condescending and treat interns like shit. They praise you till the work is done and then vanished.

Also these people barely know the work theyre doing but benefitted from the 2023 mass hiring, but act like partners. There's a lot of difference between the 2022 batch and 2023 batch associates. Can even seniors agree to this?
Full agree. I am 2017 Batch. I like Batch of 2017/2018/2019 and 2020. I feel that crop of 2020 and after batch is dry.
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