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Hi weve got an excel on law firm salaries, any idea what in house salaries are like and how they vary based on sector and years of experience? Any in house lawyers here willing to share their pay package and company?
How accurate is the excel sheet on law firm salaries? Does Touchstone actually offer 19.5 LPA?
Yes please, it would be really helpful, and any other important information on in house too, thank you!
I would really appreciate if any experienced person could provide insight as to how the CTC is divided and what’s the general in hand pay like along with perks etc that a company is offering. Thanks in advance.
Assuming you get a CTC of 13 to 13.5 lakh, you would get approximately 90-95 thousand per month in hand after tax and other deductions.

This is also assuming that u utilise all (or most) tax deduction/ exemptions possible such as 80C, HRA, etc.

Some amount gets deposited to EPF (which builds up a nice corpus over time) and gratuity (which may or may not be paid to you if you leave before 5 years). Also imp to check policies about leave encashment while leaving, leave carryover, mandatory working hours, etc.

Cognisant that it’s not possible to get to know everything if a fresher, but best to be aware of.
It differs but usually, in-hand is around 70% of CTC. The rest would ESOP, insurance, a few memberships among others.
ITC: 23.7 CTC

Dr. Reddy: around 12 LPA CTC

Axis Bank Mumbai: 20LPA CTC

ICICI Bank: 18-20 LPA CTC
Don’t read out numbers out of your mind. ICICI pays 16L for Mumbai office which is its max payout all other cities have a relative (less) pay. Now I’m doubting your other numbers too
Exactly, and this 16L includes a 4L payout at the end of the year if you stick with them
Is Axis Mumbai on par with ICICI? I heard their name for the first time while ICICI is synonymous with the leading bank package
For experienced real estate lawyers (PQE 5+), usual inhouse salary ranges from 15-22 LPA. Some companies offer more than this too, but it all depends upon the position you are being hired for. Someone with 5+ PQE is usually hired at the position of Manager. Companies that fall herein:

Max Estates;


Pacific Developers;

Reliance Retail (they may lowball you too);

Sadly in-house salaries have no real benchmarks. All the reports that legal recruiters post trying to post a salary level range for a said no of years of PQE is more or less bullshit and a desperate attempt to have salary charts similar to law firms. To have a salary range chart equivalent to law firms is almost impossible.

In in-house what you negotiate is what you get. Of course if you are a great lawyer and a Tier 1 grad and T1 law firm you will get a good kickstart if not you will start at much below. An inhouse lawyer at say 3 or 4 years PQE may be earning as little as 40 or 50 k to as high as 1 lakh. The range becomes even more miserable at say 8 years PQE. It may range from 15 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum (ball park, of course there are outliers) depending on what background you are from and what you bring to the company and which sector you are working on. This sheer range makes it difficult to have any set data. The typical in house team is so small that it makes no sense to compile a company wise list of salaries, something which is much easier to do when you are just compiling a Big 7 law firm list.
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