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It all started off with the VC introducing a new system of "Grand Viva" which wasn't taken well at all by most of GB. Because of this, he held negotiations with the ARC and agreed to a "negotiated" structure of 20 pre-informed viva questions. Following all deliberations, this was put to batch-wide vote.

However, then came in the faculty emails. All of them strongly disapproved the "negotiated grand viva" scheme. Personally, I think their concerns are totally legitimate. Makes no sense to make us mug up answers to particular questions. But the most surprising part of this entire saga was VC's mail berating faculty members who are opposed to his proposal.

Quoting him, "extremely unhappy with the attitude of teachers" like wow that's some really harsh words to say in public in front of all students

"discussed in the faculty meeting" Truly doubt that he mentioned all the details. Otherwise, we would have never seen these mail wars.

Talking about CAS promotion interviews was also a bit of a stretch. It really seems he is going after the faculty.

His final statement of "do whatever they think right in their judgment" perfectly indicates his new my way or highway attitude to everyone's legitimate concerns.

All of this is the backdrop of first post-covid protests in NUJS. More and more people are dissatisfied by his actions, not just limited to guards and students but now it extends to teaching faculty as well. At the same time, he keeps on doubling down.
Tbh a lot of faculty at nujs esp for senior class electives have no basic knowledge of their subject. A certain faculty member teaching the 4th year infamous for failing a lot of students cannot explain the most basic concepts of his subjects in a manner that can be understood by the students.

As for the VC, his days are numbered. He is trying to gather brownie points to get his tenure extended, but ig is inviting a massive student protest supported by faculty. Regardless of the grand viva, his actions are very chaotic and Tughlaq type
Who is this faculty member infamous for failing a lot of students? Does he teach an elective or a compulsory subject? Don't have to name him but can hint at
I think this in hinting at tax professor. Utter lies is being peddled. Only mediocre students who study night before the exams are failed as tax is something which requires constant practice. Syllabus of tax law is almost same as syllabus of Tax in CS Exam in a reduced version. ICSI module would be enough to score well.
The tax professor knows more about tax law than all 130 graduates from any batch put together.
Who gets to decide whether the faculty may have basic knowledge or not? You, who certainly doesn't?
If only students actually abided by the honor code- administrations would not have to resort to vivas as the only reliable way to evaluate learning. Made your bed- lie in it.
Students don't bother doing even that anymore. They just go to the VC to change the rules of the game and get more marks for themselves.
Students are already getting ready to put pressure on individual faculty members to give them more marks during unsupervised vivas.
Here you go.

Dear All,

I am extremely unhappy with the attitude of teachers who are raising their concerns about the quality of education at NUJS for 10% of the course evaluated by taking Viva on basic concept of each subject. About 90% marks are in the sole discretion of the Faculty members. Moreover it was discussed in the Faculty meeting. The proceedings was circulated but no one raised any concern till implementation is in the process.

I think this process will help students to face interviews in the recruitment process as some recruiting teams opined that many students lacking fundamentals of subjects though aware of current state of affairs. I have experienced in the CAS promotion interviews of few teachers that they are also not known the fundamentals and on enquairy came to know that those fundamentals are not taught in the class. I will tomorrow issue Notice to all teachers to submit me short questions on fundamental concepts of the respective subjects, which may be 10 to maximum 20 questions. I believe that in each subject some sentences and concepts require to memorize and to remember whole life. Those who will think they will not accept the proposal they can do whatever they think right in their judgment. For the best interest of the majority and average students, I will go by my discussions with the representatives of the


My best wishes to all of you.

PS: All typos in the email are made by him XD
Shameful that people are circulating internal emails of college in public domain on Legally India. High VC and admin takes action against people leaking this
Who is the High VC? Have we been dealing with only lowly ones all this time?
They can't suppress their misdeeds. We too have our freedom of speech. Any attempt to crack done on us would result in way more circulation. Good luck figuring out our identities.
Why would he even think this is a good idea? Which viva or interview in the world has a predetermined set of questions? (Modiji's interviews don't count!)
At least 40% of the students agree with him. Goes to show the pathetic student quality that NUJS has now.
Cute that you claim a β€œcertain” professor lacks knowledge because he fails students, but are silent on a β€œparticular” professor who knows absolutely nothing about any subject but doles out good grades. So it all boils down to grades, isn’t it?