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I'm a disillusioned student from NUJS. A grand majority of woke students coupled with SJA and Academic Reforms Committee have asked VC and Faculty to do away with viva exams and have asked for a negotiated, grand viva, meaning each teacher would give question bank of 20 direct questions and ask any 2-3 of them. Shockingly students are dictating teachers on how evaluation should be conducted and what questions shall be asked. Education at NUJS has been in shambles. Current sja is worst in history. It's high time recruitments start getting down.
We wanted to get rid of the grand viva in the first place. VC didn't agree and chose to implement this 20 question bank structure. Now he 's mad at faculty for not supporting his silly proposal. Nothing was wrong with the old system where faculty had full autonomy.

Also, stop calling anything and everything "woke* when it got nothing to to with politics and social justice. Unnecessarily makes all conversations toxic as fuck. This is coming from someone who is totally opposed to a mug-up system of negotiated grand viva.
Why you wanted to get rid of grand viva in original form where a panel of faculty would ask anything from the syllabus just like recruitment interviews or competitive exams interview? If anything it would have prepared students for future interviews and 10 marks wasn't a huge tradeoff where hardly anyone would have scored less than 5.
The problem is what we mean by woke. Meghan Markle’s definition is that it is a positive value that fights discrimination and injustice. The right wing mocks it as an excuse to shirk work and promote mediocrity over merit.
There's no fixed definition of woke, I see it being used for almost everything. The word has completely lost its meaning. Besides, this isn't the right forum for political / societal debates.
You want to just get the grades without putting in any effort. Be honest with yourself at least.
Kid, I have always been in the top 1% throughout my student life, not that I consider it a matter to brag about, unlike you.
It's clear that recruitment is a function of alumni clout plus the time spent on internships, and not the academic rigour of the place. It's a known fact that NUJS students intern way more than other tier-1 NLU kids, even skipping exams/classes for doing two internships in one semester break. So, recruitment figures won't be going down since the great firms anyway prefer folks who can slave it out and are committed to the cause.
Recruitment is pretty much the only reason why most people are studying here in the first place.
Despite most of them not being employable. Of course, you are using 'studying' in the loosest of senses.
That's because the law firms need warm bodies and your alum take pity on you. No other reason whatsoever. Get a CLAT 11000 ranked kid into NUJS and he will be treated the same. You are not anything special.
Despite most of them not being employable. Of course, you are using 'studying' in the loosest of senses.
And despite that, most of them do not make themselves worthy of getting recruited and staying recruited in five long years.
No one had suggested negotiated grand viva at all. It was the vc who came up with this when he daw students didn't want the grand viva which is not followed in any other nlu and is against the idea. A majority of students have rejected the grand viva even in the negotiated form because it is silly and stupid to conduct things in that way. If you are so disillusioned then atleast get your facts right before commeting something on a public platform.
If practice followed in other NLUs is the benchmark, let us have the academic rigour and discipline of other top 5 NLUs. No attendance exemption for college fests and OC work.
Menon or MP Singh would never stand up for this shit. No doubt the wokes would cancel them for their conservatism and moralism (Menon removed benches from NLSIU to prevent PDA and MP Singh criticised the striking down of 377) but it’s much better to have such conservative, old-fashioned VCs than those who are populist and let standards drop. As the saying goes, β€œSpare the rod and spoil the child”.
Yeah, because a stalwart scholar like him is just waiting with bated breath for validation from an anon troll with no qualification whatsoever to judge his thoughts.
Just because he is a "stalwart scholar" does not mean he cannot be criticised for holding extremely bigoted views. Throughout history, plenty of "visionaries" have turned out this way.
Your opinion would have had any merit had you actually bothered to read what he had written on this subject, instead of behaving like a mad bull in a china shop after coming across a casual, incomplete and anonymous reference to the same.
Dude, MPS is more worthy of terms like progressive and liberal than you and your seven previous generations combined. You have no clue about what he actually said or why he said it.
He is a great scholar for his time but is very much of his time. That should not be so hard to handle. It's possible to respect and learn from people without idolising them in this infantile way.
So calling someone progressive and liberal for their thoughts is infantile idolization? One wonders where you learnt these words from.
Same source that teaches you to make assumptions about people? This confidence must make life very interesting.
It was not an assumption. It was based on your comment. Now if you make comments that belie your education and self, then that is really on you. People will have their opinion of you based on your words.
"more worthy of terms like progressive and liberal than you and your seven previous generations combined"
I'm sure they do.
Hats off to this young student for going against the trends of Gen Z and standing up for what’s right.
And the trolls will says NUJS is better than NLUD to misguide student preferences. Lol.
Only area? How many Rhodes scholars has NLUD produced till date again? Or entrepreneurs? Or pretty much graduates in any field where they have an edge over NUJS? How many moot wins? How many references to their flagship journal papers? The only place where NLUD has got an edge is that they have more money courtesy to the Delhi government and their own scam of an exam called AILET.
Enough Rhodes considering we’re some 8 batches behind. And we have as many if not more international moot wins than NUJS (Man Lachs, Ox Price, OxIPR, ICC, nearly every national moot). Clearly, you don’t know much since you’re the one asking such an obvious question. I don’t think you’d find even a single person at NUJS who has cracked AILET unless it’s someone from WB who wanted to stay near home.
Enough Rhodes? Please cite the number. In fact, you will find that 4 out of 5 Rhodes scholars from NUJS have emerged in the last ten years, after the first batch of NLUD graduated, so the 8 extra years argument falls flat. More international moots? Again, please cite the comparative stats. Like all NLUD claims, these are completely hollow too. You have got no data to support your claim of superiority, just rhetoric and tall claims. And NUJS students don't have to crack any other random exam, they know that they are at a better place.
Wait wait what?! Some random exam. You know logically it’s more random to get a 190+ rank in a clat and then bask the mediocre success than to even crack ailet. Pretty sure very few people in your college cracked ailet or rather who did ended up at nlud. I have seen folks dropping Nujs for nlu Delhi as well but the opposite is never the same. And the OP is correct. We did have way less alumni and still our college has overtaken you in all fronts.

Just because some person won Stetson(lost in all other moots btw) doesn’t mean Nujs is doing well. Nlu Delhi has been performing superior to Nujs in domestic moots as well.

And placements? It’s because nlu Delhi students are more inclined to do research compared to being corp slaves. That’s why our alumni is pursuing quality LLm everywhere. And what about Nujs? Wait first beat us in the UPSC field.
You think more NLUD alumni are pursuing foreign LLMs than NUJS alumni? In your dreams, pal. Truth is that NUJS grads are doing better than NLUD grads in every field other than UPSC in the real world. Always did. Which front have you overtaken NUJS exactly other than fake placement data? As for your exam that's only a scam to extort extra money from aspirants, the less said the better.
Fake placement data? Dude y’all are in every thread of LI hijacking quality conversations and stating that β€œoh see we have given the best placements all across NLU” - the reports aren’t even out yet and the truth is that NLIU has delivered much PPO rates than you guys have.

Also scam exam? You couldn’t even challenge my argument of noojies retaking ailet and then even not getting it. Ask anyone in Nujs who hasn’t cracked ailet. Literally everyone will be in the same boat.

And look at the number of students who genuinely sit for the placements. Literally we have a research based model. The project 39A is enough to defeat Nujs’s pathetic research journals lmao
Research based model. Lol! Your students aren't even good in research, which gets revealed everytime you open your mouth. Please show these threads where NUJS claims to have given best placements. We give better placements than you and that's a fact, and even that we bring up only when you start claiming superiority. As for our placement record, it speaks for itself. We don't have to shout that we are the best, like you keep doing everywhere.

About AILET, everyone knows it is a scam and unethical attempt to bleed aspirants. It did the same to you too. I'm sure you sat for CLAT and AILET both. But you have been brainwashed into thinking that it is necessary. Everytime people point that out, you start shouting about how difficult the exam is, without any rhyme or reason.
Better place? Really? You guys have a domicile quota for Bengali students and a batch size of 180+ for UG with some BScLLB where people with much lower CLAT ranks are easily getting in. The faculty is hardly superior either as this thread itself clearly proves. NUJS is still tier-1, in my opinion, but NLUD is hands down better now.
Most of us were opposed to this BSc LLB course but the VC initiated it single-handedly. A student from my batch was handed a literal show-cause notice for opposing the course.
He did not oppose the course, he sent spam messages badmouthing the university to prospective students and their parents after getting hold of their number illegally. It's a miracle that he did not get prosecuted for his actions.
The same exam that you wrote but didn’t get selected in? Yeah, I can smell the sour grapes. Much rather not have domicile than justify that the β€œkids are doing well”.
We don't have to justify, our students prove that by achievements, unlike you. And I didn't sit for AILET. Didn't need to. Wouldn't have wanted to get into a university that's greedy enough to conduct a separate exam just for the money. Unlike you who gave CLAT and AILET both.
NUJS has won both the Vis moots twice and has won Stetson and ELSA. A good record, no doubt. But two of those Vis wins happened before NLUD even existed. So in the past 15 years, we've won more international moots, since you want to get so nitty-gritty. I've already cited the moots we've won. And let's not forget the ADR and debate wins from Warsaw Negotiation all the way to MukMem and NLSD. Not that NUJS doesn't have few of their own, but we're easily on par if not ahead.
NLUD has got 2 Rhodes scholars out of 11 graduate batches. NUJS has got 5 out of 19 graduate batches. Out of these 5, 4 came out of the last 11 batches contemporary to NLUD. Maths would say NUJS is ahead at present, not that this is any institutional competition. Personally speaking, I'm happy that all these 7 have been women scholars. Would love to see more from both the places in the days to come.
Students are not exactly the brightest at that age. They’ll regret it later if they choose a place merely for placements when one can get literally the same opportunities at NLUD. I would guess the only reason we’re even behind is the lack of an older alumni base.
NLUD's grad outcome even in the past 10 years has never even come close to NUJS in any field other than UPSC. So don't keep harping on the older alumni excuse.
Lol, doesn't even come close? Apart from some corp slave placements where I'm sure numbers will rise as the alumni base gets older, NLUD's outcomes are as good (if not better) in terms of scholarships, LLMs, judiciary exams and hell, even litigation and things like the AoR exam. If you don't know facts, atleast don't live in delusion.
You are the one who doesn't know facts. In none of the fields that you have stated are NLUD grads doing better than NUJS grads at present. As for your supposed derision of placements, that's a clear sour grapes syndrome, since your students keep trying to get those very corp internships throughout the year. When you don't get the jobs, you start acting holier than thou.
Lol, not everything is sour grapes. I didn’t have any difficulties getting a job from NLUD at a tier 1 firm even though it had its fair share of challenges and competition, and I had a middling CGPA. And I would choose NLUD over NUJS any day if I had to do it all over again. The slightly higher chance of getting some job after doing double the number of corp internships at NUJS is not worth it compared to spending five years in a place that’s actually better administered, more has better infrastructure and faculty, is more focused on academic discipline and generally, gives us better exposure.
You keep saying what you would have done and passing judgment on other places about which you have got no real clue. Goes to show that regardless of your claims, you really haven't received any quality education.
If the choice is between NUJS and NLUD for a β€œquality” education, I would pick NLUD any day. And I know enough people from NUJS to realise the place only attracts people due to its alumni legacy and apparent placement numbers. In the present era, the place is hardly in the same league as NLUD.
Even in that area nlu Delhi is just a β€˜bit’ behind because a lot of students don’t sit for placements. Check your facts straight. I wonder why your comment isn’t contested yet!
Students don't sit for placements is an old lie by now. Your students keep trying to intern in all corp firms every year. You don't get the jobs, that's all.
Buddy, we don’t intern half as much as the Noojies. Our academic rigour alone doesn’t give us that much free time. Let’s not deny that NUJS is the only so called top NLU that worships these tier 1 firms jobs that treat people like crap. But even then, when people here do work for these jobs, they generally get them quite straight forward. We just don’t think it’s anything to write home about so much unlike the older NLUs.
Most of us want a well-paying job, and only tier one firms can provide us an upper-middle class livelihood. I'll never understand why anything corp is looked down upon when we are the reason why global economy is afloat. Professors hardly make anything in comparison to us.
Say this to those nlu Delhi and even Nujs grads who are earning more as a JGLS professor with flexible work hours. Lol didn’t know that noojies love to diss on their own alumni haha
Might want to stop embarrassing yourself with your petty jealousy now that you’ve been marked trollish. NUJS doesn’t hold a candle to NLUD today, yours is literally a glorified placement college, not even worth being called a real university.
Have seen the academic output of your grads. Rigour, heh. We are not ashamed of the fact that we do internships and get jobs. There's no job that you get that we don't and we get more of those all. So clearly we are doing things better than you.
Hardly better. While you spend half your college lives interning just to get PPOs, we're simply not that desperate for jobs. That's been a trend since the early batches. Oh, and we don't have as many students as you guys. The superior academic exposure does tend to change people's views on life, rather than slave it out for money.
You keep all that as if it's true. It isn't. You guys keep trying to intern and get the same jobs, fail and then spin these narratives to make your sorry selves stop crying. Yes, we have a bigger batch and we still get everyone do whatever they want to do in life. You have not managed that till date.
Oh enough, it’s pretty obvious that the only reason you guys even have more numbers is because of alumni connections and the fact that academic rigour in your college is literally foresaken for students to keep interning while skipping classes and exams. That’s almost impossible at NLUD nor do the kids here want something like that.
At least NUJS faculty voice their thoughts on things that matter. When has NLUD faculty ever protested about submitting fake NIRF data or swindling people every year by holding extra entrance exam?
You're all fighting over nothing. Professors should come up with broad compound questions such as 'state your core argument, why it is original, how it is vulnerable to criticism and why you think you are right". That will expose all shabby research. It would be in the interests of students to allow professors follow up questions to allow them to explain properly. If they object, then the very articulate will be privileged.

This is a profoundly stupid exercise but allows the professors to skip reading the papers and gives the students no meaningful feedback. Professors should be celebrating.
You do know that there are professors who actually care about what their students end up learning and are willing to make the effort to influence that in a positive manner? Not many, but certainly some?
But why should they waste time raging against the machine. The questions will allow them to grade fairly and their energies may be better spent on students who actually want feedback.
From what I've been told, they have already started getting disillusioned with both admin behaviour as well as student entitlement and quality.
I was a noojie many many moons ago. At that time, the education was absolute trash and the faculty were irremediable dotards. Totally uninspiring and useless but with egos that belied their complete lack of capability. Who knows - if students get more involved in course structure maybe that's a good thing. Disclaimer : I have no idea how the faculty is now.
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