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It would be very helpful if anyone could tell about ALMT Legal- Bangalore office

1. Work culture

2. Pay

3. Growth aspects

4. Internship and PPO policies
They mostly do capital markets work. No clear internship route though, have friends from Christ who got through via contacts. Can someone please shed some light on the same?
1. Work Culture - Not uniform, and pretty ordinary generally. To explain, different partners do different levels of work, for different levels of clients. Some partners practice in diverse practice areas. So, it depends on the partner. Generally, the culture is MNC like + very conservative (nothing even close to a tier 1), at least in Bangalore. Only two partners - one lady partner from NLS and one from ILS are decent to work with.

2. Below average, and varies between the partners. Higher for NLU grads, next Christ and then the rest.

3. Growth aspects - no transparency, and therefore good to gain minimum required experience and move on.

4. Internship & PPO - free work is always welcome. Hiring criteria and expectation like a tier 1, but starting salary like a litigation law firm in Bombay.