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Heard that some assault happened and the administration let perpetrators roam free and when students tried to put posters under the alias of 'sevenangrywomen', instead of tackling the guilty - SIEC(?) parties, they were instead trying to find the people who put such posters up?

What is the core issue?

And if anything, we stand in support of the survivors!
While I support the victims or ones who are fighting against the administration, I believe that the page should be a bit selective in choosing what they post.

For example, there was a post about a case of rape in โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ. As someone who personally knows the victim, the accused, and the events that had transpired, let me tell you, proper procedure was followed and the accused was acquitted at the end of the trial. They were dating and the girl had gone into the Men's hostel of her own volition. They got physical in one of their friend's rooms after which the girl left. The girl later regretted it and filed a false Sexual harassment case against the guy. Proper hearing and investigation had taken place as per the SHARIC which is the sexual harassment code and the girl had admitted to filing a fake case during the trial.

Whenever something like this happens, sympathies and support pour in for the girl. However, even after facing the complete process and being acquitted of the charges, a guy will continue to be a convict in the eyes of others. No one will talk about the amount of mental trauma which the guy had to go through, whose parents stopped talking to him, he had to move out of the hostel and unfortunately had to suffer a year loss.

All I am saying is, don't post anything and everything. I agree with the biases that some profs or people have against the victim. However, that should not be a reason to support people who file fake cases and actively try to ruin a life.
ah. do you know the real cases and how effective posh is?

The accused is almost always acquitted and even if "convicted" some months of suspension. I know a real case of a girl being raped by a 5th year in a freshers party a few months ago. the guy later confessed to his friends as well. the girl is my best friend, so I know exactly what happened. I know how she was coerced not to file complaints and "settle" the issue. I heard the guy joking about it with his bros.

All I am saying is, dont comment anything and everything, without any context. I agree that false cases exist and they do affect the accused long after, but that does become a precedent to play the victim card in and put the blame on the women. How did you connect your story with the simple sentence.

"Heard some assault happened". Maybe sometimes victims dont lie? Maybe sometimes men rape women in these prestigious colleges. I dont think you need history lessons on the horrific cases in the fast few years.
3 responses:

1) Read carefully what I have written. I do support the real victims and I did agree that people in the admin sometimes have biases against the victim.

2) I don't see any reason to not callout people who had admitted to filing a fake case during the trial, it happened in the case that I am referring to.

3) If it's as heinous an offense as rape, the victim should ideally file a police compliant rather than go for POSH.
ah! so easy to file a police complaint! and not only people like you but the entire media shaming the victims and saying the accused man is innocent
she did not admit to file a fake case. she was made to. you know how much a women is harassed to death for filing a real case right?

also try reporting a rape case to the police, you ll understand why only 4% rape cases are reported.
I agree with your point about the police reporting and the retraction pressure. However, the alternative can't be merely to take everything that the complainant says on face value and pass a sentence on the accused. It is to give better support to the victim and help her make her case successfully before the authorities concerned and get legal redressal for her grievance, not conduct media trial of the accused as you are doing now and by your own admission did earlier with the accused too in campus.
"She was made to admit?" LOL! By this logic I can say that every convict who confessed just before/after being convicted was made to confess? She admitted to filing a fake case during the trial which is conducted in a private setup with judges who are mostly feminists and the accused. Please try and put aside your biases for a second, if the things which she has written in that post was true then the feminist alliance would have burnt down NLS.
"Convict example..."

Don't you ever read the news? Haven't you heard of like 100 cases where people are tortured into confessing, even killed? Read the Tamil Nadu example. Do you know why convicts confession is checked, rechecked multiple times before conviction. Even then, judges refuse to do so, if under pressure. Please read the crpc.

"Judges who are mostly feminists"

Really? You think those senior professors are feminists? The way they conducted other proceedings like one NLS professor earlier or many other cases, just read LI stories.

"burn down NLS"

unlike male chauvinistic groups, women don't have history of breaking into places or burning down or commiting terror/ war. It's you who is conditioned to imagine that. They want equality. They want the "criminals" to be held accountable and to point out fallacies in statements of people like you where you attach the character of people instead of actually questioning the facts. Please read language classes and fallacies.
So basically what you are saying is that someone is a criminal because another person calls him thus, since the system is rigged against the latter thus not allowing her to actually prove her allegation. That's as dangerous a stance to assume as any, despite your very understandable frustration at the system.
While I agree with everything else you states, please stop this essentialist and stereotypical nonsense. Women are not pure victims. They can, and are, perpetrators too. They're not known for burning? Read what Kannagi did to Madurai will you? They're not known for violence? Please look up Lynddie England.

In sum, there is no essentialist basis. Yes, men are more inclined, and are perhaps, more violent. But women are not innocent and do have a history of violence too.
She is not someone who comes from the fringes of the society. She has enough social capital and has friends who would have started candle marches!
"Social capital"

So? So rich women can be raped? Only disadvantaged victims are victims? Will u say the same for rich people physically assaulted or murdered?

"Candle matches "

Do you not read what you write before making statements? You don't know about solidarity? What happened after the 2012 rape, the 2018 rape, did the state take action in these specific cases? There are rape cases from 2010 pending in trial courts, but the 2012 one was fast tracked in a year. See the power of solidarity?
Even a law student saying that they would rather not file a police case is really pitiable.
"File police complaint"

Do you even know why posh was even notified? Because

1. The police never take the victim seriously unless it is 2012 delhi gang rape level injury (do mind that the case was not registered at first even here, and officers were suspended)

2. Trial never happens. The accused pays like 5000 rs. Bail and walks free to commit another crime.

3. Even after many years, the man is always acquitted. "Where's photo proof" "no witnesses rape victim?" "A single man can't rape a single woman" "such and such prestigious journal man cannot sexually harass a colleague in a lift" "that's her boyfriend, they're just enjoying" "why was she wearing that" "victim card" "a partner at such a respectable law firm will never do this" "he was just adjusting his trouser in his cubicle for 15 minutes in front of that female collegue, so what" "he just touched her for 10 seconds, that's not assault"

Yes these are real cases and 3 of them from posh cases in law firms which resulted in some consequences only because it was posh. Not saying things stopped happening or women are safe. But there's accountability amongst people.

"SHE admitted"

No she didn't. Who told you shd did? The rape accused? Ah nice, what a source, totally unbiased.
hi, kindly remember these are real human being you are talking about.

Do think about the effects of your discussions or if this really does add something to the world or the issue.
This is absolutely rubbish. Neither did the victim admit anything of that sort, nor was proper procedure followed. The SHARIC Committee indulged in grave victim blaming and there was more than enough proof to convict the accused. The accused admitted to have not asked for consent and he didnt 'have to move out of hostel'. He was booted out of hostel because of his indulgence in consuming and selling drugs. He didnt have an 'unfortunate year loss' but voluntarily stopped going to classes without any order asking him to do so. He was acquitted on frivolous grounds and there is no empathy that students at large have with the accused. Even the ones who knew him, stopped talking to him because they believed the victim. The accused and his friends slutshamed the victim publicly and made her life hell. So no, the page does not have to selective about anything, especially this.
Han bhai ladki banja, fir dekhna kaise 10 Sal se 22 Sal ke chapri se 45 Sal ke professors se 60 Sal ke log kaise ghurte hai . Try climbing public transport after this. Then ull realise why girls like real crime doc.
It is disgusting to see that even a thread like this about an NLUD student has been hijacked by NLS students fighting among themselves!
To all the boys make sure a sensible person, don't date a covert narcissist
Nothing has happened. There was a "talk" happened in NLUD, and the major contention of the supposed "survivors" were that a guy calling them "hot" was objectification, another one was that there was a list made by a batch group. This is nothing. Calling this sexual harassment and calling these women "survivors" is an insult to actual SH Survivors. Entitled women coupled with hunger for attention is just what cooks up everything happening in NLUD. It's sad.
Preach. I fail to see how they think that an anonymous form accusing people left and right holds any ground and is ethical in anyway. I have put like 4 fake stories in 7angrywomen page and all got published lmfao, we do love a little trolling.
I have my qualms about anonymous allegations, but I must note what even happens when the victim comes forward to file officially. There was this ex jindal guy at nls, who got called out by one of his batchmates at jindal for serious sexual exploitation. Nls initiated proceedings but the victim quit midway I think. The perpetrator will now graduate in two years, still brags about it
Yeah that fourth year has since been running a perpetrator solidarity group at NLS lamo, all perps hang out and smoke up together bitiching abt their lives at the LC. Disgusting.
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you know doing drugs is not allowed right? and do you not do it. So if you are assaulted by a man in drugs do you make shitty statements like "are you even allowed to have drugs"?

Does her entering the boys hostel give him the license to rape?

"infer" bro what? you are inferring consent? did you not study rape laws and consent?

Even if a boyfriend has sex with you when you re absolutely not onboard with you, it is rape.

"consensual sex, is that not how things had occurred" tujhe toh victim se bhi zyada pata hai bhai about a crime committed against her

And no, there was definitely truth in the story. Maybe the legal system and university support dumb boys like you, but not others, you guys should be publicly shamed for making such statements.
No bro I don't do drugs and it's an offense under the NDPS Act. My question is why did she enter the men's hostel? What was it that could not have been done in the open spaces?
So u can c9mment by saying that she's doing it in Public so anyone can rape her? You men like to make stuff up then find a way to blame women lol
are you for real? your previous comment appeared sensible, but this is literal victim blaming.

she entered boys hostel- boys can have sex

she entered friends room- boys can have sex

and yes, if a boy said that he would be believed. there's a literal case on that in NALSAR. dont worry you still have societal privilege.
So if someone enters the boys' hostel, she deserves to get raped? Because according to you entering boys hostel is a valid defence against sexual assault. 'Clean hands' does not allow you to challenge the character of the victim, because even if the character of victim is adjudged to be as 'socially bad', rape is impermissible under all circumstances.
She entered the boy's hostel in order to have sex. If she subsequently calls it rape, then the burden of proving that rests with her. She failed to discharge that burden in this case. That's how the law still works, thankfully.
Which law of evidence are you reading, read 114A, the burden of proving consent was there when categorically denied is on the accused. Khud chale apna evidence law banana wtf
I can't believe there are still people in law schools with the midset as yours when rape law specifically makes an exception and says the accused has the Burden to prove consent
Accused discharged that burden when he showed that the complainant had illegally entered the boy's hostel to have sex. Please learn to apply the law too, not just parrot the provisions.
didnโ€™t you just say she entered to consume drugs and now youโ€™re saying sex? pick a lane man
I'm trying my hardest to deal with this shit logically. Entering a hostel != wanting to have sex. Consuming drugs != wanting to have sex. You know the only way to infer she wanted to have sex? She telling you in unequivocal (sober) terms.

All you have proven is you're terrible at law, logic and no one taught you basic societal norms. Go watch a sexual harassment video man. That stuff's supposed to be taught in school. I got 0 clue how you got into this place.
Entering boy's hostel illegally to go to BF's room plus planned messages beforehand = strong presumption towards intention to have sex.
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she was forced to withdraw, but she never denied it. Warna procedings hote nahi
Withdrawing a complaint means that you are admitting that the cause of action did not exist.
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