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NLSIU has just increased the batch size of BALLB program to 300 for the academic year starting in 2024 and has also bumped up the fees to 4.13Lakh. Other than the 300 students in the 5year law program, as per the master plan, around 180 students are expected through the LLB course. This, along with the extremely unaffordable fees makes NLS nothing short of Jindal. The only part where, I believe, NLS lacks, is infrastructure. We are absolutely suffocating in a campus that used to house 600 odd people and now will have 500 people entering in one academic Year. Why is everyone still quiet? Have the alumni or students absolutely stopped caring about the University? When will we stop our intra-college fights and talk about the actual problems in the University which, at this point, has become impossible to quantify!
kudos to NUJS students who are not tolerating any kind of BS from the admin. The students in NLS do not have a spine!
You mean the freedom to vote on what viva marks will the GB accept as minimum per student?
Personally, I don't like the entire grand viva scheme and most professors prefer the old system. There was no reason to manufacture this drama out of thin air but here we are.
With the intake of more students and less interaction during COVID, the so called 'protest' culture has died down. These days people typically resort to mail threads alone. People have forgotten how to physically mobilise.
Exactly! And the student body has lost its unity. People are only concerned about how they can lick the admin and get their stuff done instead of fighting this top-down approach
It has friends of Sudhir. Firstly, I don't think anything is gonna come out of the review commission, secondly, even if they expose the truth, Sudhir and his PR say that the Western world is jealous of this University's growth etc
Big mistake getting some alum with a Rhodes who knows nothing about administration in an Indian legal institution. NLSIU is finished. The only reason it’s still considered any good is because of its alumni legacy but at this point, if I were a CLAT kid, I’d choose NLUD or NALSAR over it any day. 300 kids will dilute quality to the dogs.
True. I absolutely regret my decision of choosing NLS. I should have gone to Nalsar! At least I wouldn't have to suffocate within this small campus!
Using NLS as an example, other NLUs will also raise their fees by varying extents, continuing this endless cycle of fee inflation. Then there are those who took a drop after getting brainwashed by social media influencers and coaching centers. They face a triple whammy...first, their cost of UG education just went up by 5 to 7 lacs; second, they lose a year (some even two); and third, they face the confusion of CLAT being held in English and regional languages.
I too was about to post on this topic. I cannot understand the logic behind a 25% fee increase in just one year (from 3.27 lacs to 4.13 lacs). I was flabbergasted. This 4.13 lacs is only applicable for the 2024-25 academic year. It will keep going up every year after that.
Previously till the clat 2018 when the batch size of nls only total 80 due to which it was considered quality as less students and more faculty per student. After that nls slowly increased it to 120 then to 200 then now bull shit also in between around 2021 or 2022 they increased fees by 50%. This is the observation as outsider. Feels like nls is destroying itself
They most likely won't have 180 students in the 3 year course, they're being pretty selective with their admissions. This year also they only admitted 80ish/120 as far as I know.
That shows the quality of applicants in the 3-year LLB program where the college could not even find 120 eligible candidates!
True. Moreover, at this point the way fees are galloping, they need customers not students.
Honey, if they had the chance to be selective with the CLAT kids, this overpopulation thread wouldn't be required.
Nah, once seats are increased in any public institution in this country, they can never be reversed lest it leads to public outrage. The decision to increase the seats should have been taken in a measured manner, but the VC’s inexperience in administration is quite evident.
bruh many of them are overqualified, plus they've definitely got the better faculty so that goes to say something about the program.
The only reason why someone overqualified applies for something is when they could not succeed in their field. On the point of faculty, yes, they get the best faculties but it's very difficult to Mould matured brains. Its easier to improve aan 18yo.
What best faculty? We tend to keep converting academics into rockstars these days without them having shown any real substance to deserve it.
Nonsense . World over law is studied as a graduate degree. The wonderful thing about mature learner’s is their maturity. They know why they came to law school, they know what they want to study, and they have the discipline to actually be good students. Undergrads are usually the harder bunch to teach - in any institution.
People from the top universities of the country with well-paying jobs are pervasive in both the batches of the program so idk what you're onto. Also, the professors themselves admit that they're more engaging and easier to teach due to the diverse perspectives they bring, unlike 17yo kids straight out of high school.
But NLS grads will still delusionally say β€œoffice me Tera baap kaun?” Law school, law school. Lol.
That's true too, recently heard about protests against the administration from all top law schools, NLUD against the assault, NALSAR against the slutshaming and NUJS against the unfair examination scheme posed onto them.
If you think the only difference between nls and jindal is that nls had less students- you dont know the first thing about indian higher education. Increasing seats and increasing access to quality legal education does not turn a university into a money making scam. Thats what JGLS is. If you look at the expansion plan- they will increase infrastructure on campus. Theres work happening everyday to that end. And if youre so bothered about fee increases- you should consider that since the new VC joined the scholarships on offer have also increased. Anyone who wants to study at nls can still study at nls. Theyve hired many qualified facutly with good reputations over the last year in a process thats as different from jgls as possible. Nothing about how things are done by nls admin are in any way similar to whats done at jgls- I say this as someone who has been at both these places.
Not all faculty hired by NLS are good. They are just close to people working there currently. There have been already been sems when a senior faculty had been teaching one section and a very junior faculty teaching another section the same subject. That's not at all an indicator of quality and emits a distinctly Jindal vibe.
Lol Law Schoolites would use this exact stick to berate Jiggles. Only for alum messiah Sudhir to deploy UNO reverse.
Just because someone is a junior faculty does not mean theyre incompetent. Everyone hired complies with UGC norms and is significantly better at research and scholarship than folks in any other indian law school. Even including jgls. And they havent only hired young folks out of llms. Theyve hired a good number of people with phds and poached a very high number of senior professors from other institutions. Sure someone learning under raag might have a different experience compared to someone in sudhirs class. But to call any difference in experience a dip in quality is untrue. The quality of NLS faculty before sudhir came on was considerably worse than other law schools. that much is undeniable. Before sudhir came on- there was no arun at nls, no nigam, no mrinal, no aparna, no atreyee, no arul no ashrita no raag no gauri and no kamala sankaran just to name a few off the top of my head.

All of those people need to be paid- they need students to teach. they need research centres that will make them come to nls. Taking an institution building perspective is hard when you feel like a lot is changing and youre not sure if the only thing you had going for you was the selectivity of the institution. But the institution will be better off for these changes in 5 years time, and would have lost its relevance if this stuff hadnt happened. venkat rao was bad for the institution, its reputation, the capabilities of its graduates- had all slipped.
Increasing seats without increasing infra only dilutes the quality of education. As someone who is currently studying in NLS. There are 4 sections for the batch of 2028 and the disparities among the sections are very high. One section is being taught by the best faulty while the other is being taught by someone who teaches wrong.

Batch size could be increased but that should not be done at such a rapid pace. He could have kept the batch size at 120 for 5 years then expanded it to 180. This way, quality of education would not have suffered so much. In the name of expanding and renovating the library, he has turned it into a cafe with sofas all around and hardly any fans. It's very difficult to study without a fan during the summer and unfortunately, the majority of the library does not have a fan, forget of AC.

Right now, he has closed down majority of the common spaces and the peace or learning environment is suffering to a large extent.
Growing pains. If you want to make up for decades of stagnancy youll have to move quickly and break things. There is always construction going on in JGLS- new hostels or swimming pool or faculty offices or something else. that is the nature of any large institution. I promise youll be okay without a fan in bangalore weather.
absolutely agree with the cafe and fan stuff. We just need tables and comfortable chairs, lord knows why they've installed more sofas than a furniture warehouse. It is uncomfortable to sit in the non-fan areas and most of the times you don't have any other option cus its crowded af
Go and agree before the Messiah. He will take away whatever fans you have got left.
NLS is aping Jindal and sudhir wants to become Raj Kumar.

1. 3 year LLB was no need in NLS. Why started in NLS which wasset up for 5 year law only?

2.ballb seat increase from 80 to 300 seat is horrible decision.
And 300 is not the end. It will continue to increase by 60 every year for the next 4 - 5 years.
I am a mid-2010s graduate. We had 400ug, 150pg total on campus. Now it seems like there are 4 times that. How is campus life even functioning? Is there space for anything?
Honestly, No! Throughout the day, you will have to bear with the construction sound no matter where u r, MHOR/WHOR/Academic Block/Library. If you don't go to the library early, u won't find a proper place to study with a fan. Other than this, there are a hell lot of people on campus, you won't find a single quiet place on campus till 1am.
To be fair, the alumni did everything they could to stop the domicile quota including using malicious and underhanded tactics to make the Karnataka HC wrongfully claim jurisdiction of over the nature of other NLUs. The funny part is Messiah undid all that but still uses the case to justify that NLS shouldn’t be held to Karnataka state guidelines for transgender reservation. Anyway, it’s a mess but I think people get what they deserve.
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