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kudos to NUJS students who are not tolerating any kind of BS from the admin. The students in NLS do not have a spine!
You mean the freedom to vote on what viva marks will the GB accept as minimum per student?
Personally, I don't like the entire grand viva scheme and most professors prefer the old system. There was no reason to manufacture this drama out of thin air but here we are.
With the intake of more students and less interaction during COVID, the so called 'protest' culture has died down. These days people typically resort to mail threads alone. People have forgotten how to physically mobilise.
Exactly! And the student body has lost its unity. People are only concerned about how they can lick the admin and get their stuff done instead of fighting this top-down approach
It has friends of Sudhir. Firstly, I don't think anything is gonna come out of the review commission, secondly, even if they expose the truth, Sudhir and his PR say that the Western world is jealous of this University's growth etc
True. I absolutely regret my decision of choosing NLS. I should have gone to Nalsar! At least I wouldn't have to suffocate within this small campus!
When there aren't enough colleges, you people have a problem. When the existing institutes increase capacity, still you have a problem. Your hypocrisy is startling
I too was about to post on this topic. I cannot understand the logic behind a 25% fee increase in just one year (from 3.27 lacs to 4.13 lacs). I was flabbergasted. This 4.13 lacs is only applicable for the 2024-25 academic year. It will keep going up every year after that.
They most likely won't have 180 students in the 3 year course, they're being pretty selective with their admissions. This year also they only admitted 80ish/120 as far as I know.
That shows the quality of applicants in the 3-year LLB program where the college could not even find 120 eligible candidates!
True. Moreover, at this point the way fees are galloping, they need customers not students.
Honey, if they had the chance to be selective with the CLAT kids, this overpopulation thread wouldn't be required.
Nah, once seats are increased in any public institution in this country, they can never be reversed lest it leads to public outrage. The decision to increase the seats should have been taken in a measured manner, but the VC’s inexperience in administration is quite evident.
bruh many of them are overqualified, plus they've definitely got the better faculty so that goes to say something about the program.
The only reason why someone overqualified applies for something is when they could not succeed in their field. On the point of faculty, yes, they get the best faculties but it's very difficult to Mould matured brains. Its easier to improve aan 18yo.
What best faculty? We tend to keep converting academics into rockstars these days without them having shown any real substance to deserve it.
But NLS grads will still delusionally say β€œoffice me Tera baap kaun?” Law school, law school. Lol.
That's true too, recently heard about protests against the administration from all top law schools, NLUD against the assault, NALSAR against the slutshaming and NUJS against the unfair examination scheme posed onto them.
Lol Law Schoolites would use this exact stick to berate Jiggles. Only for alum messiah Sudhir to deploy UNO reverse.
Go and agree before the Messiah. He will take away whatever fans you have got left.
NLS is aping Jindal and sudhir wants to become Raj Kumar.

1. 3 year LLB was no need in NLS. Why started in NLS which wasset up for 5 year law only?

2.ballb seat increase from 80 to 300 seat is horrible decision.
And 300 is not the end. It will continue to increase by 60 every year for the next 4 - 5 years.
I am a mid-2010s graduate. We had 400ug, 150pg total on campus. Now it seems like there are 4 times that. How is campus life even functioning? Is there space for anything?
Is it just me, or do I feel like a bunch of 2nd and 3rd years in this thread feel like they can run a university better than a dude whose job it is to run?
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