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Nope. Hardly some B&F advisory work, nothing other than that. Plus its like Argus Cal, nothing is on merit.
Does it count as a T1 internship in cv for placement purposes?
Only in your dreams. Why comment about the industry when you have got so little idea about it?
KCO Kolkata is located at a very shabby place. Truly regret interning there when I had the opportunity to go for Indus Bangalore. Love my city but Kolkata doesn't make the cut for law.
It's right next to the Calcutta High Court dude!! The Governor's resident is about 500m away. It's right in the heart of Kolkata. What tf are you saying?
Other than select few areas like Park Street and Sector 5, Kolkata infrastructure sucks big time. The High Court area is one of the filthiest places in the entire city. Broken down infrastructure, no good nearby places to eat and lack of proper car parking facilities. All the associates were parking their cars in the MIDDLE of the street.

Compare Kolkata offices to that of any other tier-1 city. Kolkata Khaitan may be T1 but definitely the worst of all T1 offices out there. No one's first preference would be KK (except localities) when Mumbai and Delhi offices are miles better.
It's alright. Kolkata doesn't need spoilt brats. I can get a proper delicious and wholesome meal in the same locality within 100-150 rupees, can actually get a car parking without having to walk for blocks and have got perfectly serviceable infra. On top of that, I, who work at KCO Kolkata, have a decent team, good work-life balance and no toxicity at work. So the more people like you stay away from here with your ostentatious behaviour and entitled judgement, the better for us.
Having interned there for a month, I know who you are. I'll admit that Kol KCO was fairly non-toxic but at the same time there are other developmental issues which cannot be overlooked. The worst part is how so many Bongs can never take constructive criticism positively. The infra is absolutely not up to the mark when compared to other major cities in the country.
Which part of your criticism was constructive exactly? And you as an intern are aware of my identity after being here for a month? Just like your assumptions, your criticism is also without value.
As someone who is currently interning online at KCO Kolkata, so happy that I don't have to go to office. Doing it mostly for CV value anyway as I have got better internships confirmed down the line.
Online interns don't count. They are all completely useless. In fact, when recruiters see non-COVID online internships on a CV, they avoid that candidate, because it shows that the person is lazy and has not learnt anything during such internship.
As per our CV format, we don't have to mention whether the internship is online or not.
Good, which university is teaching you fraud so early in life? It's alright, a few simple questions during interviews will reveal your lack of learning.
From where do you get your meals? While interning at KolKhaitan, had to starve or eat hella oily food half of the days. Such a stark difference between my Mumbai internships and Kol ones. Waiting for the day when I can leave this city permanently.
Same here. This city is not meant for corporate lawyers. I don't get the point of Bengali pride when their state is in eternal decline.
Yet you are the one who has come here. We have not gone a-begging to bring you. Please run away with your tail tucked firmly between your legs. I would rather have a Kolkata life than the pollution and molestation of Delhi, or the swindling home scene of Mumbai anyday. By the way, you are not clearly a good corporate lawyer, since you can't do research properly. In most of the central government development metrics, Bengal is ahead of most states in the country. Certainly in terms of intelligence and taste of its residents.
Guess they are accustomed to eating bad quality food. Might work at a tier one office but their food habits are still tier 4.
The only bad quality stuff that's difficult to digest here is your whining. Nobody asked you to come here, why don't you just leave? Or did nobody else accept you? One wonders why.
Whereas it is clear from your words and attitude that you do not amount to anything nor ever will, hence you are not even worth a tier. The city is also tired of you. Please leave.
If you keep your eyes open, there are literally hundreds of food joints in that area. You can also swiggy from Decker's Lane, the food joints at which have literally won awards for being the most hygienic places for office folks to eat at in the entire country. However, given your attitude, we also hope that you leave the city permanently soon enough.
It's not just me but so many of my friends are extremely eager to leave Kolkata and settle in actual tier-1 cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. We don't voice these opinions publicly as it is way too politically incorrect for most Bongs, but in reality this is how we feel about the city's decline. Thanks to 34 years of communism and continued political apathy. At the same time, the Right in India is too focused on silly religious issues rather than implementing free market capitalistic reforms.
Please leave at the soonest, who is stopping you? Is it that you really lack any skill to do so? The only mistake that the state ever did was to allow ungrateful outsiders like you entry to begin with. Those 34 years that you spoke of have actually allowed people to develop an open mind, get accessible education and healthcare, affordable public transport and a host of other advantages that you clearly lack. Simple solution, leave. Take your friends along too. We will be better off without you and actually use our resources for our own benefit instead of getting it leached off.
Hi- I cannot comment about the rest of the responses, but associate working at KCo Kolkata here.

First things first, yes, the parking is an issue but only if you come post 10 a.m. as the said building, i.e., Emerald House that houses KCo shares the same boundary with the Calcutta HC; that being sad, parking in general is very doable.

Secondly, as for the infrastructure, just because the building is wooden and old-school does not make the overall infrastructure poor. Starting from conference rooms to library to washrooms to e-facilities, at par with any other office. I do not blame you to not know the same as an intern, but what's an issue is assuming things basis the little you see.

Food- as good as it gets; wonder why you did not swiggy in case the options in and around bothered you, as you'd get a couple of 1000 options.

Coming to work, many of us have worked at other tier-1s and have shifted for whatever reason, and we can shift out if the need be as well- just to make you understand, we work on all such pan-India deals as other offices and the work is as good as it gets, mostly in all teams.

We get paid the same, do the same work and at also need to put in the 'n' no of hours needed. My advice to you is work hard, get into a tier-1 of your liking and leave the city if you want, but do not speak without knowing what's what.
Fair enough. I believe it should be up to one's personal preferences. It's not that I had a bad time at KCO Kolkata, but more like not that great of an experience which I had elsewhere.
Dude, you certainly don't have the necessary industry knowledge to comment on that. You have no idea whatsoever and you have at the most barely got a job offer.
Only those who don't have merit whine like that. Both these offices have got a good bunch of people working there on decent deals and good work life balance.
For non-Bengalis, the "chop posand hai" comment is a cheeky comment that actually takes a dig at Mamata. It refers to her Hindi accent ("posand") and to "chop shilpo" (i.e. "chop industry", a term her critics use to mock her for de-industrialising Bengal, after she famously said that those without jobs can sell chops on the street, chops being a type of street food). So the comment means that the work at KCO is also work for "chop shilpo".
My comment was not on KCo Kolkata but the Chop shilpokari culture prevalent in Bengal.
Better than the lawless jungle that is UP or a place like Gujarat where children are dying of malnutrition and the education and literacy rates are plummeting.
Mumbai and Bangalore are the only places in India which are worthwhile for corporate lawyers. Not mentioning Delhi for obvious reasons.
A corporate lawyer at a Tier 2 in Delhi here. I find Delhi to be perfectly safe. More importantly, the people here are super friendly, warm and inclusive.
Yes. Delhi's weather (during non winter months) is bad, and so is the pollution. But the same goes for Mumbai. Extremely humid weather for the most part, humidity just before the monsoon is on another level altogether, and with regards pollution in Mumbai, here you go -

Lastly, coming to people, Delhiites are way more friendly and inclusive than Mumbaikars. Mumbaikars seem to derive some sort of pleasure in being rude at all times. And are always angry and on the edge, especially in the local trains.
I heb a phrend who stodied at IIT khorogpur law skul. Hee tails the otter horribol stories of uaark kaalchar in uest Bengal. Offices uon't open before 11, they break for laanch at 12:30. Resume uaark at 3/3:30. Shit down at 4:30. On top of that there are TMC goons everywhere.
Most states seem to be rife with goons. TMC ones in WB while BJP backed goons in UP.
That is called good work-life balance that people in other cities keep shouting about
Your friend seems to be as uneducated as you. In IIT KGP law school, classes actually start as early as at 8:30 a.m. Rest what you tried to 'write' is of course a lie.
hahahhaha!!! the accent is too accurate! I work in Calcutta, and although the timings may not be on point, the accent absolutely is!
Would love to know how to get to intern in the Corporate team there, like, without contacts.
I am open to interning in the odd months as well, maybe November.

-Final year student here.
From NUJS, got in through individual application along with a reference. Had to sit for the interview though.
One of the best tier 1 offices in Kolkata. Good work life balance and no toxic partners
Kolkata hardly has any tier one offices in the first place. Other than SAM and KCO, can't name any more. Even among tier 2, there's only LKS, Argus and Fox.
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