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To all car enthusiasts, what cars do lawyers at lawfirms drive? At all levels, A0, SA, PA to Partners?
The Polo GT . Even when pre-owned, the Polo GT is more than just a car. It's an invitation to adventures and offers a preview of the finer things life has in store for you.
The partners generally have the big 3 Germans along with a Mini Cooper and a few RRs thrown in here or therefrom what I have seen from my experience interning at a couple of tier 1 law firms, when you move down to the tier-3 partners cars like XUV700, Creta etc also make an appearance.

The lower rung of lawyers gave generally modest cars like your sub 4m hatches and sedans with the exception of a car enthusiast here or there who buy a few segments higher.
Obviously Sir, can’t get the Greater RRs unless you run a business and use all the deductions
A0 here. Driving WagonR. Kabhi kabhi office se aate waqt ola bhi bna leta hu.
I drive a pink Porsche through the streets of Okhla. Yaar mileage nahin deti lekin.
For CAM and other T1s, a high-end Merc/BMW/Audi sedan must be the bare minimum for a partner, plus a hatchback version for the wife and kids.

For SAs, hatchbacks of the above are ok, Mini Cooper is acceptable. A Honda City or Corolla is the bare minimum (that too will get you ugly looks and you have to give a good justification like paying back LLM loans or family crisis).

For Associates, a Honda City is fine. If you wanna impress girls, go for a Mini Cooper or Audi hatchback (cheapest one, else your bosses will not like it).
Wow. I don't want to work whatever firm you work in, and if join the firm where I work, please tujhe rabb ka vaasta, don't join my team.
Lol, what a troll. Spent three years in Max Towers - five years elsewhere, haven't seen a single mini cooper parked
Dude, I’m a PA at a T1 firm, I drive a Creta. I don’t think anyone in my office judges me.
If this is from Luthra's Barakhamba office then that is because 3 of the 4 senior partners used to sit in that...and they had the big luxury cars.
I interned in 2022 when the firm had just seen a breakup..even then all (i repeat ALL) the partners had a merc or a beamer. Don't know what brought them money for this
I think in Mumbai many PAs and junior partners manage without cars by relying on cabs and nobody judges them for that. It's more like kaam karo, revenue laao aur Ghar jaao.
why are alot of comments these days marked as trollish? Is there an objective list where you all crosscheck and decide if a comment is legit or not or is this just the new moderators being unable to understand light-hearted sarcasm and want every comment to be straightforward AI-like?

Even then, why specifically this one?
With the way costs are escalating and law firm not being as glorious paying a job as many people make it to be, don’t be surprised at the lack of fancy wheels at your office parking whenever/wherever you join in
A0 here, take my bullt to work and got a rapport with the partner just cause he's a bike enthusiast too
If just want a car to show off or act as a p***y magnet, then go for a BMW. Else even a desi small car is fine. Our roads are rubbish anyway and you can rarely go beyond 30 km an hour.

Also a warning: do you really want to date girls who judge you by your car? I once met a girl who made a comment saying that she is only impressed with guys who drive BMWs, Jags and Mercs, and considers Audis to be downmarket. Maybe she made the comment in jest, but I took it as a warning and decided against asking her out.
People are car enthusiasts too not everything revolves around girls. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

And while you are at the point of showing off if one is motivated solely by creature comforts and don’t know jack shit about the engine and driving dynamics then merc is the best bet as they do the best interiors and have the most comfort features among the German Trio.
Also with all these expressways coming up you can always take a weekend drive to flex the muscles of the car, and the roads are decent outside the peak hours (Delhi NCR) if you are in Mumbai that’s a diff ball game
i recently joined the Nelk boys in editing and marketing, i get payed 350 k dollars a year, and also the nice guy steve gave me an audi rs7 2022 edition, which costs around 2.5 crore
Being a car enthusiast does not equal to being a law enthusiast. The car you drive does not matter but the work product does. I remember a renowned managing partner being driven in the oldest car for the longest time.
Noone is a law enthu who eats, sings and hears the law, except maybe fali s Nariman. It's all paisa paisa
When I was interning at AP and Partners all the founding partners had a BMW. Also sat in APji ki 7 series one time.
Why so much enthusiasm for such a superficially thing... Ever heard of mba graduate, btech graduate talking about what car does founder of Infosys, ey, Deloitte drive. Stop this bs behaviour, this show superficial of lawyers
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